Permits are now available for hunting drones released by Animal Liberation to snoop on livestock producers.
The loopy group’s NSW spokesman Mark Pearson said this week his mob bought a six propellor Hexacopter from German company Cine Star for $14,000. The Cairns News’ consultant armourer recommends shooters use the following weaponry for bringing down a drone:

Under and over 12 gauge shotgun, modified and full choke, shot size 4 to 6
or for those good shots or higher altitude drones, any .30 calibre rifle preferably with open sights. For example a 300 Winchester magnum or 7mm Remington would be effective to 300 metres.
Alternatively mini-blimps or weather balloons filled with helium gas fixed by fishing line braid to ground stays can provide permanent protection over cattle yards.
Email Cairns News for free permits.