LNP prevents councils and farmers from removing flying foxes


Thursday, 01/11/201

A vaccine to protect horses from one of Australia’s most lethal viruses will be available from today.

The vaccine has been developed to fight against hendra virus, the bat-borne disease that’s killed 81 horses and four humans since 1994.

The vaccine has been manufactured by Pfizer Animal Health and is available immediately, with priority given to risk areas such as Queensland and NSW.

Pfizer veterinarian Stephanie Armstrong says it’s exciting news for the equine industry.

“The vaccine has been manufactured specifically for administration into horses,” she said.

“The reason for that is because it’s been found as the most effective way to disrupt the transmission of the virus, which occurs from flying foxes and then into horses. It replicates in horses and then can be transferred to humans.

“So, by vaccinating horses, we’ve got a really effective way of breaking that transmission.”

The Australian Veterinary Association is recommending the hendra virus vaccination be considered for horses across the country. It will be up to local vets to decide the cost of doses of the vaccine.

Meanwhile the LNP government continues to pander to the fringe animal rights groups such as RSPCA, PETA and Animals Australia by not allowing local authorities or farmers to get rid of bats carrying the lethal Hendra virus.

Whilst there is provision for councils and farmers to apply for mitigation(kill) permits, few have been issued and the conditions so onerous that according to on one farmer,makes permits “not worth applying for…”