The Opposition Leader-in-waiting, Malcolm Turnbull (pictured), has thrown his weight behind the takeover of Australian farms by Chinese companies.

Speaking at the recent Sydney-China business forum, Mr Turnbull said Chinese officials or businessmen rarely explained their policies or strategies in the media.

He said this lack of publicity caused anxiety and distrust with Australians over investments by foreign state-owned corporations.

The China Investment Corporation is negotiating a stake in Australias largest dairy operation, the Van Diemens Land Company.

Turnbull said foreign investment is vital for Australian agriculture, as the sale of the nations largest irrigated cotton farm, Cubby Station, amid a huge groundswell of opposition, was about to settle…

He urged China to be more patient when buying Australian land.

Notably foreigners are not allowed to buy any land in China.

Turnbull said foreign investment in agriculture is essential, parroting the same lines as the Labor Minister for Resources, Martin Ferguson who believes agriculture has suffered for years without foreign investment.

Ferguson said although international investors overpaid for land, “prices over time would revert to a more rational mean.”

Neither politician seems to care about young Australian farmers being denied land at affordable prices to produce food for our country.

Foreign investment is not necessary for Australian agriculture to survive. We have billions of dollars tied up in mineral, gas and property assets, against which Treasury can create its own currency debt free.

Yet Australian farmers continue to support the Liberal National Party Coalition on the one hand while the farmer’s friend rips the guts out of the primary industry sector with the other.