Ms Gillards head is not in the same ballpark as the Islamic game. She should have rented out the Blue Room and summoned all of Australias Islamic leaders to attend.

Then, with 20 Hells Angels bikies, with arms folded standing behind her and in her best sternest strine, she should have looked each of those bearded Barbarians in the eye and declared: We will not tolerate this type of behaviour in this country. If it continues you will all be escorted to the first flight out of here. She should not have taken questions and simply walked out, leaving them to reconsider their new position.

What happened instead was that these Clerics, Mullahs and Imams were given a TV stage to state their case: Oh, its a tiny minority. Those ruffians are not representative of us!, they pled with straight faces.

What rot! It is the Clerics themselves who incite the hatred. If not so, why is it that the worst of Islamic violence, World-wide, occurs invariably after Friday prayers?

Islam preys on weakness and cowers from strength. Unless that is understood, dont bother to deal with it.

If any doubts linger that the actions of these ruffians are orchestrated by these very same Islamic Clerics, then watch Undercover Mosque, a UK Channel 4 docco exposing their horrific objectives of Caliphates of Sharian bastardry.

UK Clerics regularly visit here and Australian Clerics regularly visit there in a merry-go-round of sermons preaching different versions of the same vile philosophy.

I will give you more money, then surely you will want to be nice to us, wont you?, is Gillards approach.

Western appeasement will lead to its defeat. While Obama grovels to the Sheiks the lying Saudis continue to plot our demise. It is they who finance Al Queda. It is they who bore and supported Bin Laden.

They have the oil and they already have a Trojan Sharia horse banking system designed to further weaken the Wests economies. Sharia banks are expanding at 15% a year and the Wests banks are now opening Sharia facilities in order to compete. Already we are unknowingly eating Hal Al sanctioned food.

The Gillard Government allows these international Clerics visas while refusing visas to those who hold alternative views.

Why did Rudd, and now Gillard, pursue a policy of Islamic appeasement? The answer is simple. The Australian Left wants a seat on the Security Council of the Islamic dominated United Nations as part of their One World Government fantasy. And Gillard leans so far left she needs a specially constructed bra.

The West buys favour with the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt with billions of dollars in the forlorn hope they will suppress terrorism.

It took until today for the US to agree to label the Libyan Embassy horror a terrorist attack. The treacherous Pakistani Government is allowing autonomous Sharia States in its north.

The stupid Yanks believe they can change hearts and minds by dropping 10 million instructional pamphlets prior to smart-bombing the shit out of a country. Bombing the bastards only makes them angrier. It can only ever prolong and worsen the confrontation. If you wish to confront an angry lion make sure you kill it… dont injure it.

NATO assisted to overthrow Gaddafi and a bunch of rag-tag, trigger happy cowboys took over. At least we knew who Gaddafi, Hussein and Mubarek were, but they are all dead, with the Wests assistance. The Arab Spring will become the Wests winter of discontent.

President Obama throws Islamic nations an olive branch. So now they giggle in their beards at such a show of unrestrained weakness. Now they know we are rattled.

President Obama should peruse that old copy of the Koran in his schoolbag. It clearly says why appeasement is a waste of time.

The one rule of engagement with Islam is to show strength. Appeasement simply excites a predatory instinct. from Larry Pickering