Why have we not noticed effects of the carbon tax?
– they planned it that way.

It was foolish of some politicians to give the impression that there would be dramatic consequences on Day 1 of the carbon tax era. The Green Coalition now governing Australia is dangerous and destructive, but they are not stupid. Their goal for this session of Parliament was to entrench the carbon tax quietly onto our law books and into our psyche. So they planned carefully to have no dramatic consequences for carbon tax opponents to latch onto. The method was to over-compensate most consumers with handouts, exempt most producers from tax liabilities, provide free emission credits liberally and then back off from some of the extreme demands and high tax rates. Nothing can be allowed to rock the boat until the next election is over. Then the screws can be tightened slowly.

All of the jobs losses, industry closures and deferments, and increasing costs for power and food will occur, but slowly so no one will notice that they all have a common cause. And in electricity costs, many of the costs of the climate change policies occurred BEFORE the carbon tax was introduced.

And it is not just the carbon tax we should fear. For example, the Twitter Generation will blame Climate Change for the coming food shortages. Climate change has always affected food production. But droughts do end, floods do recede and farmers always recover from natural weather extremes. But Climate Change Policies will cause a continuing food crisis. And unlike real droughts and floods, this crisis will not end with a change in the weather. The destruction of our ability to produce food by ethanol subsidies and mandates, Kyoto scrub clearing bans, carbon credit forests and the creeping paralysis of protected land, heritage and habitat will have a far more insidious effect.

Listen to the story below of how the Yuppie Clothing Corporation, R M Williams, is benefitting itself at the expense of struggling Qantas by destroying our ability to produce beef. Ask yourself Can we continue this foolishness forever?


The alarmists are still alive in Parliament. We may even see Rudd in the red corner and Turnbull in the blue corner, supported by their ranks of academic mercenaries, all promoting an emissions trading scheme. We are pawns in this battle. But anyone who plays chess knows that you cannot stop an attacking pawn, and he never retreats you can only kill him. We and a few other lonely skeptic pawns will continue to oppose these destructive and pointless climate policies. Please help us spread the word. If you do nothing else, copy and distribute The Last Word with the link to this hard hitting video clip. from Viv Forbes Phone 0754 640 533