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Bill Gates with the New Zealand trannies

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (centre) is a graduate of the Klaus Schwab / Ernst Blofeld WEF ‘young globalist leader’ school. Easily the most vomit inducing young globalist of the year and recognized for outstanding achievement with the whole tranny thing. In public office ‘she’ will wear those tight dresses just to p… off the Kiwis. At least when she does her prayers in Arabic she will put on a hijab. Islamic dress should be required of Jacinda at all times. – from Lindsey Symonds

Jacinda ‘Jack’ has been reading from Michelle Obama’s script


Most readers by now would accept it is difficult to shock hardened Cairnsnews editors and contributors but this Youtube clip says it all.

A more difficult question arises. How did she have a baby? The NZ Prime Minister is not only a modern Marxist, but wears the crown of a medical miracle.

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