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Minor parties united can break the political duopoly on Saturday

Senate candidates address the Gold Coast forum held in front of a packed Croatian Club last Friday night. Speaking is Jason Miles (Great Australian Party) with Debra Yuille (, Campbell Newman (Liberal Democrats), and George Christensen and Senator Malcolm Roberts (One Nation).


THE preferential voting system, which is designed to benefit the Labor-Green/Liberal National political duopoly, could finally work against the establishment parties this Saturday.

That’s because of unprecedented unity and preference swapping as the minor parties put the majors last in the 2022 federal election.

While preferencing is ultimately In the hands of the individual voter, the minor parties are showing more unity than ever and presenting a united front against the Canberra political duopoly.

In Queensland, from Cairns to the Gold Coast, the minor parties have not only worked out mutual preferences but have gathered together

at several forums to rally volunteers and lay down the essential issues, which mostly revolve around the freedom agenda.

An example is the gathering at the Gold Coast Croatian Club on Friday 13th where representatives of One Nation, United Australia Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Great Australian Party, the Australian Federation Party, Australian Values Party and appeared on stage together.

On the following Sunday most of the same local candidates for the same parties were invited to a local church where prayer was offered for their campaigns. The “scandalous” congruence of “right wing politics” and religion apparently escaped the local media, although the church invited all candidates regardless of party affiliation.

On the Saturday the freedom coalition gathered at a Put the Majors Last rally at a rain-drenched Broadwater Park on the Gold Coast.

The common theme at the gatherings was freedom, hence the tag “freedom parties” for the small parties standing up against the political establishment. This freedom coalition clearly represents a threat to “safe” Gold Coast Liberal seats like Moncrieff, held by the leftie Angie Bell, and McPherson held by Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews.

Bell and Andrews have been busy dishing out money to local community organisations as part of their vote buying strategy. Andrews has also been seen doing the rounds of pre-polling stations in her ministerial BMW, followed closely by an armed Federal police security team of three and a campaign bus.

One of her polling support team caused an uproar during the week when she threatened to take “Federal Court action” against a woman representing Senate candidates Len Harris and Debra Yuille. The woman moved Liberal election signs out of the way to put her own ones in to the limited space.

The threat instantly raised a loud chorus of rebukes from all the other parties (UAP, One Nation, Liberal Democrats, Australian Values Party, The Greens, ALP) represented at the site as the embarrassed Liberal lass jumped on her phone for backup.  

The threat was seen as symptomatic of the power games played by entrenched mainstream parties.

Meanwhile the ABC is giving special coverage to the so-called Teal Independents, the leftist group of climate alarmists funded by Climate 200, a group funded by woke West Australian aristocrat Simon Holmes a Court.

While the Murdoch media has been relentlessly slamming the Teals because of their direct threat to sitting Liberals, almost all media has basically ignored the freedom parties led primarily by One Nation, UAP and the Liberal Democrats. They have been mentioned but only occasionally and reluctantly by mainstream media. However, patriots can be encouraged by the fact that ABC’s election guru Antony Green and others have actually raised the possibility of a hung parliament.

In a recent ABC appearance, Green ran with a poll claiming Labor would win but conceded a hung parliament was a “possibility”. If the freedom parties gain the mass protest vote seen during the plandemic, it will be more than a mere possibility. We can only wait and see.

The Great Australian Awakening shakes LNP’s political wasteland

Part of the crowd at Broadbeach on Saturday. A rally in May at the same location attracted a fraction of this crowd.
Placards like this brought cheers from those looking on as the march moved through Broadbeach.
The Croation community proudly flew their flag at the rally.
A profound and pertinent message at the rally.

THOUSANDS of anti-vaccine mandate demonstrators flooded the Gold Coast on Saturday, filling up a local park and causing a traffic jam reaching into nearby suburbs. The Millions March Against Vaccine Mandates and Passports attracted an estimated 10,000 or more to Broadbeach – ten times the size of similar rallies midway through the year.

The local MPs and their supporters from the LNP heartland were noticeably absent. It would have struck terror into them and their political handlers when the thousands cheered speeches by One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts.

The senators ripped into the Labor-Coalition political duopoly of Canberra that had recently united to vote against Senator Hansen’s constitutionally-based bill to outlaw vaccine mandates and passports, in sharp contradiction to Scott Morrison’s claim that he did not support mandates.

Gold Coast is the home of some of Scott Morrison’s pet federal MPs – Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews (McPherson), Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business Minister Stuart Robert and backbenchers Bert Van Manem (Forde) and Angie Bell (Moncrieff).

Some months back Andrews, one of the many Liberal lefties along with Bell, bragged about deporting so-called “far right” UK activist Katie Hopkins from Australia after Hopkins joked on social media about greeting workers delivering food to her room “naked with no face mask”.

Andrews called Ms Hopkins’ comments “appalling” and a “slap in the face” for Australians in lockdown. “Personally, I’m very pleased she’ll be leaving,” she told her friends at the ABC. Strange how Andrews wasn’t able to see the dirty backroom deals between her boss ScoMo and the premiers to viciously lock down Australians on the basis of so-called “medical advice” they have hidden from the public.

And then there’s the collection of ten state LNP seat warmers from Currumbin to Coomera and one very junior Labor MP in the seat of Gaven, who in her first term miraculously inherited a double ministerial portfolio – Environment and the Great Barrier Reef and Science and Youth Affairs.

This complacent political establishment and their media cheer squad want Australians to believe that the mandates are simply what’s required in “the new normal” and Aussies can just get on with life and take part in the usual two-party election charades.

But these career politicians had better be watching their own butts and thinking seriously about their future jobs. Hanson and Roberts had the bulk of the crowd behind them. “An incredible day on the Gold Coast for the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccines protest. Moving to see so many in a crowd all united against government control and abuse,” Sen. Roberts commented later.

A few days earlier Murdoch’s local LNP cheer squad at the Gold Coast Bulletin reported police as threatening $4000 fines against protesters going out on the streets. As it turned out, the cops had a great day out, chatting among themselves in the background, enjoying the cool sea breezes while one of their own in a fiery address, related his reasons for quitting the service.

An initial police refusal to allow the march on the streets was dropped. Even they could see the writing on the wall.

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