Minor parties united can break the political duopoly on Saturday

Senate candidates address the Gold Coast forum held in front of a packed Croatian Club last Friday night. Speaking is Jason Miles (Great Australian Party) with Debra Yuille (TheSilentMajority.org), Campbell Newman (Liberal Democrats), and George Christensen and Senator Malcolm Roberts (One Nation).


THE preferential voting system, which is designed to benefit the Labor-Green/Liberal National political duopoly, could finally work against the establishment parties this Saturday.

That’s because of unprecedented unity and preference swapping as the minor parties put the majors last in the 2022 federal election.

While preferencing is ultimately In the hands of the individual voter, the minor parties are showing more unity than ever and presenting a united front against the Canberra political duopoly.

In Queensland, from Cairns to the Gold Coast, the minor parties have not only worked out mutual preferences but have gathered together

at several forums to rally volunteers and lay down the essential issues, which mostly revolve around the freedom agenda.

An example is the gathering at the Gold Coast Croatian Club on Friday 13th where representatives of One Nation, United Australia Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Great Australian Party, the Australian Federation Party, Australian Values Party and TheSilentMajority.org appeared on stage together.

On the following Sunday most of the same local candidates for the same parties were invited to a local church where prayer was offered for their campaigns. The “scandalous” congruence of “right wing politics” and religion apparently escaped the local media, although the church invited all candidates regardless of party affiliation.

On the Saturday the freedom coalition gathered at a Put the Majors Last rally at a rain-drenched Broadwater Park on the Gold Coast.

The common theme at the gatherings was freedom, hence the tag “freedom parties” for the small parties standing up against the political establishment. This freedom coalition clearly represents a threat to “safe” Gold Coast Liberal seats like Moncrieff, held by the leftie Angie Bell, and McPherson held by Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews.

Bell and Andrews have been busy dishing out money to local community organisations as part of their vote buying strategy. Andrews has also been seen doing the rounds of pre-polling stations in her ministerial BMW, followed closely by an armed Federal police security team of three and a campaign bus.

One of her polling support team caused an uproar during the week when she threatened to take “Federal Court action” against a woman representing Senate candidates Len Harris and Debra Yuille. The woman moved Liberal election signs out of the way to put her own ones in to the limited space.

The threat instantly raised a loud chorus of rebukes from all the other parties (UAP, One Nation, Liberal Democrats, Australian Values Party, The Greens, ALP) represented at the site as the embarrassed Liberal lass jumped on her phone for backup.  

The threat was seen as symptomatic of the power games played by entrenched mainstream parties.

Meanwhile the ABC is giving special coverage to the so-called Teal Independents, the leftist group of climate alarmists funded by Climate 200, a group funded by woke West Australian aristocrat Simon Holmes a Court.

While the Murdoch media has been relentlessly slamming the Teals because of their direct threat to sitting Liberals, almost all media has basically ignored the freedom parties led primarily by One Nation, UAP and the Liberal Democrats. They have been mentioned but only occasionally and reluctantly by mainstream media. However, patriots can be encouraged by the fact that ABC’s election guru Antony Green and others have actually raised the possibility of a hung parliament.

In a recent ABC appearance, Green ran with a poll claiming Labor would win but conceded a hung parliament was a “possibility”. If the freedom parties gain the mass protest vote seen during the plandemic, it will be more than a mere possibility. We can only wait and see.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi periguinfalcon, re: “All Klaus Schwab bitches”. Has never been any doubt.
    It’s also a huge ‘tell’ that Albasleazy is essentially already giving his victory speech. Oooops.


  2. Seeking to restore the true constitution –

    “A Commonwealth of Australia Democratic Cooperative (CADCO) Press Release”

    Independent Parties unite under a Commonwealth of Australia Democratic Cooperative (CADCO) to walk together as Australians for the restoration of the Commonwealth – 26th August 2021

    On 5th August 2021, Independent parties agreed and executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to return Australia to a democratic society by forming the Commonwealth of Australia Democratic Cooperative (CADCO). CADCO is a proactive initiative undertaken by passionate people to take back Australia under law and our Constitutional Guarantees as a matter of ‘right’.

    According to Rod Culleton, Leader of the Great Australia Party, “this is a critical step required for the restoration of the Commonwealth. Politicians are elected to govern for us, not over us and bringing back our laws and Constitutional Guarantees will protect the rights of all Australians now and in the future”‘.

    Michael O’Neill, Leader of the Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP), states, “CADCO is a wonderful vehicle for minor parties to unite and to work together collectively. We have been listening to you to form a Cooperative (Coop) to take on the major parties and once again let the people have the opportunity to let their voice be heard”.

    Glen O’Rourke, Leader of the Australian Federation Party (AFP), adds, “It has been a long time coming, where a growing number of parties have started to see the benefits of working together to represent not only their members and supporters but also a combined, much larger cross section of the Australian People. CADCO provides the independent framework for all non-major coalition parties, to come together to give Australians back their Government”.

    The parties agreed that Rod Culleton is appointed as Chairman, along with Jason Miles, Senate Candidate, Queensland, as appointed Secretary. Executed MOU’s have been received by other parties for their perusal and consideration. Furthermore, MOU’s have been sent at the request of other parties for consideration to enter CADCO and fortnightly meetings programmed with party leaders and delegates.

    Rod Culleton adopted grass-roots principles to invoke CADCO whereby each party retains its individual ‘pedigree’ and will continue upholding their individual commitment(s) through their policies to all Australians. CADCO does not fit the coalition model as adopted by the major parties. CADCO will strengthen its networking and walk alongside real Australians to reconstitute its Commonwealth Parliament pursuant to law.

    CADCO leaders proudly enter this arrangement on behalf of its members and followers and see this as a perfect fit for the combined restoration of the Commonwealth to uphold all our rights and protections.

    Rod Culleton, as CADCO Chairman, added, “the aim is to collaborate to represent Australians who are concerned about the totalitarian actions of the Liberal/National and Labor/Greens parties and their affiliates. CADCO’s goal is to reinstate democracy, basic human rights and restore freedom to its rightful place in Australian society”.

    Source: Commonwealth of Australia Democratic Cooperative (CADCO) Press Release (greataustralianparty.com.au)


  3. I’ve seen two live viruses, crisscross.
    They are: Daniel Andrews and Scott Morrison.
    And they are both highly contagious and wreaking havoc throughout this fair land.
    The sooner they get hit with the old Pea Beau the better, and hopefully via their respective electoral defeats.


  4. crisscross767

    “The problem is, no one alive today has ever seen a live virus”.


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  5. Hinch has been a poor joke for decades. Ed


  6. There’s plenty of people at Derryn Hinch’s (Justice Party) FB page prodding him about the suppressed 28 high profile pedophile names but he only responds to people who talk about average Joe pedos. Most readers here know what a gatekeeper is, don’t you?


  7. periguinfalcon

    Did you know there are 28 high profile paedophiles in Australia who’s names have been suppressed due to the positions they hold/held. Epstein’s island

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  8. I haven’t seen any men in the Teal Candidates, I may be wrong and I stand to be corrected. The other day when I saw a mass photo of them and Simon A’court, my first thought was,”What a huge concubine he has”


  9. The truth about nation debt and the credit side of the ledger.
    For any debt there must be an equal credit-so where is the credit to match our alleged national debt?: http://annavonreitz.com/annavonreitzshares.pdf


  10. If the groundswell of support for freedom parties is a bit higher than those unreliable forecasts say, then it is quite realistic that HOR seats can fall to minor parties. The trick is to be in 2nd place after preferences. In seats such as mine, considered safe Labor, it gets realistic if freedom votes are above 25%.


  11. Actually, subjecting the entire population of Australia to the authority of a foreign power must be, by any intelligent definition, an act of TREASON!


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  12. periguinfalcon

    The system is designed to keep them in power! D days you had one vote !

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  13. For goodness sake do not fall for this ‘vote saver’ crap. If you do, then lots of votes will exhaust, meaning they won’t flow to other freedom parties, which is what the majors want. And a major who you’ve put second last can only get your vote if no other earlier preferences can mathematically reach 50% – get your heads around this. It is important to preference all freedom parties, meaning do number further than just 1-6 (ATL) or 1-12 (BTL),


  14. pipipops,

    Vote Saving Provisions According to the AEC!

    “The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Electoral Act) contains specific requirements that must be met by voters in marking their ballot papers to be included in the count for a federal election. When casting a vote it is important that voters follow the instructions specified on the Senate and House of Representatives ballot papers to ensure that their vote is able to be included in the count. If voters do follow the voting instructions then there is no risk to their vote being classified as informal and not being counted.

    “There are vote-saving provisions in the Electoral Act that allow some ballot papers to be included in the count even though the voting rules have not been fully met.

    “For House of Representatives ballot papers the requirement for a formal vote is that every square must contain a consecutive number for all candidates on a ballot paper to be a formal vote (see section 240 of the Electoral Act). This is the instruction that is printed on these ballot papers. However, there is a vote-saving measure that can operate where one square is left blank and where preferences for all other candidates have been marked with a consecutive number (see paragraph 268(1)(c)).

    “For Senate ballot papers the requirement for a formal vote is that when voting above the line, at least the numbers 1 to 6 shall be marked in the squares on the ballot paper (see subsection 239(2)). For voting below the line, the requirement is that at least the numbers 1 to 12 are marked in the squares printed on the ballot paper (see subsection 239(1)). However, there is a vote savings measure that can operate where only one square is marked above the line (see section 269), or where voting below the line, at least six squares have been marked 1 to 6 using consecutive numbers (see section 268A).”

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  15. Hi crisscross767, THANK YOU! And there it all is, just as thought.
    An excellent, thorough and candid commentary.
    Hah! And he sees right through Roberts as well…”Don’t trust him”, he says. There ya go.

    The powers that be are utterly terrified of AC. He has sooo much dirt on sooo many of them.
    Good on Bosi for his support. He has always had AC’s back anyway.
    And good on him also for outing that dirtbag ‘Mack’.
    Several months ago I posted on here a photo of his Freemason lodge number and heard… crickets.

    Thank you again for posting this.
    Maybe things will now finally sink in for the misguided.


  16. crisscross767

    UPDATE: Aussie Cossack – Riccardo Bosi – KIIS FM

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  17. crisscross767

    Global debt – which Bank owns Australia? Hint: it’s an enemy of China and Russia

    The Merchant of Venice – William Shakespeare

    I’ll have my Bond!

    When Shylock the Usurer got ready to cut a pound of flesh nearest Antonio’s heart, he parrots time and again, “I’ll have my bond!” waving his legal contract, formally enforceable under the laws of Venice.

    One will never understand a Usurer’s mindset if you believe that Shylock loaned the money to Antonio in order to get it back. Oh, no!! Shylock was betting on NOT getting it back!!

    You see, rich, sovereign creditors who cannot pay back loans are music to bankers’ ears! What good is a sovereign creditor who CAN and will actually pay back a loan? That undermines the very essence of usury! It thwarts parasitism forcing usurer bankers to have to work to find new victims to loan all that money to…

    Jesus! Do you expect a banker to work!?!? Banker Business thrives on refinancing debt, rolling it over year after year, exponentially ballooning it through compound interest…

    When a country can’t pay its debts, then our modern Shylock Banksters demand their “pound of flesh”: full control of the country turning it into a Financial Colony of the Global Power Masters, who impose their Trilateral Commission brethren in key positions of power: Papademos, Monti, Cavallo, Geithner…

    It was never Shylock’s goal to recover his 3.000 Ducats. No, Sir! He only wanted his pound of flesh. The loan and the bond were just the mechanism to get to that flesh. Shylock’s Model was to legally indebt Antonio under the laws of Venice, so that those laws would then enforce his immoral outrage of executing the collateral: a pound of flesh.


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  18. crisscross767

    @ daviddd2, Scomo licentiously disregards section 44 of the Constitution in that his signing of the WHO agreement would be another instance where politicians would be subject to a foreign power and therefore ineligible to sit in parliament.

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  19. You want the AEC’s Scrutineer’s Handbook, page 38, and Topher’s video this publication put up. Top Notch.
    The Scrutineer’s Handbook: https://www.aec.gov.au/Elections/candidates/files/scrutineers-handbook.pdf
    As Riccardo says, there are thousands of scrutineers who are not Aussie citizens, which does not instill confidence-maybe they are being underpaid?

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  20. As there was a fair bit of rain in the region and access to town and voting is still hanging in limbo I rang up the “AEC” to inquire if I would be “fined” again for not voting – if I don’t make it. After the usual automated 3-5min Govermin BS of what no one really needs to know, finally I was connected to a typical middle aged female (who would have had real problems in real life to work anywhere else to make a living) working for the mob and explained my situation of uncertainty to vote or not. After much research (slow computer/can’t find any pages concerning floods,etc,etc) and wasted time I was told that because of no availability for telephone voting (unless blind or vision impaired or impacted by Convid) and no online voting (at this stage) I should receive a letter of non voting with the request to explain and that a flood/restricted access should be reason enough for not being fined.

    The uselessness of the govermin system roundabouting itself through bloated bureaucracy while no one on all sides actually gets anywhere (apart from employing the unemployable teaching others of a governmental surreal life), besides a mandatory vote for an election to vote for an “illegal” sold out government that representatives sooner or later are bribed or are blackmailed into submission fits all nicely into the SET UP of never ending maze that keep the Aussie hamsterwheel spinning and the Aussies occupied.

    To a successful rebirth of a free and independent Australia a lot of “SACKING” will need to happen beside the controlled culling of the herd/subjects. The “well fed” useless eaters of bureaucratic surreality that also vote for their “employer” will make it hard to change anything in the sh..show of sell out politics.

    After the “election” food scarcity will be convincing a lot of angry citizens that the same old “department of peace” is the right choice for survival. When starving neighbors come for ones cat it will be to late to act peacefully. Why wait that long?


  21. crisscross767

    Fall Of The Cabal: How Hospitals Are Engaged In Mass Murder

    These 24 mins lead you to THE meeting of 22-28 MAY 2022


    Albanese turns around when asked THE question

    And Morrison says:


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  22. crisscross: “Gawd struth, this man is bloody stupid!”

    More rotten and treacherous than stupid. Stupids are those who believe the crap he spouts.

    He’s selling us out, he’s telling us he’s selling us out and we REFUSE to believe it and turn around and vote either for him or his pal Albanese.

    How is THAT for stupid?

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  23. crisscross767

    Gawd struth, this man is bloody stupid!



    Don’t want to repeat what more informed readers have commented on, BUT haven’t found this ‘Vote Save’ info anywhere else
    So tune in to Riccardo Bosi VIDEO BELOW at the following times….

    16: GENUINE independents who will serve community, not the party.
    18: Aussies- take responsibility…..Our job is to “reveal the truth” about what’s really going on so that THE PEOPLE will DEMAND change.
    58:30 AEC system of Compulsory Preferential Voting designed to deceive.Party preferences ensure votes trickle down to the majors.

    VOTING in the SENATE
    AEC Scrutineers Handbook page 38 sez they try to SAVE as many votes as possible.

    EXAMPLE: Put # 1 in ONE BOX ONLY, ABOVE the LINE .Nothing else. Under the ” vote saved provisions of the AEC” this is A VALID / FORMAL vote.
    Because you don’t put #s 2,3,4,5,6 the preference vote ‘EXHAUSTS’ so IT CAN’T TRICKLE DOWN..
    OR If you choose to vote for INDIVIDUALS, BELOW the LINE you can vote for SIX individuals ( NOT the 12 stated on the ballot paper )

    Bosi SUGGESTS voting above the line # 1 at J for FIN ( Federal ICAC Now ) The reason – they want to get rid of ALL CORRUPTION. It makes sense. Corruption,paedophile networks and far worse evil is what PERPETUATES THE STATUS QUO. Until we face up to this, nothing will change.
    KEEP listening…. This is POWER TO THE PEOPLE.
    1:10: 40 Moves behind the scenes to not grant person-hood to children till age of 2 years ie NOT PEOPLE…chilling when you know what agenda that plays into.
    !:13:15 Organ ‘harvesting’ .. and where is our ‘moral compass’ (some impassioned language here! BUT wussies don’t win wars.
    1:25:34 Majors count on that preference – adds up to MILLIONS of dollars….

    TWO COMMENTS from Viewers::
    Sean Ambrose:- I challenged the AEC on this the other day and they confirmed the vote saver. They weren’t happy about me asking about it either
    Michelle O’Connell Use BIRO take a photo of your vote card and send it to your number 1 choice

    To Recap*****
    Put Independents / Freedom parties FIRST (Check their preferences)
    More about “VOTE SAVE”


    1. What do you think about the ALP helping you purchase your property?
    2. What’s this about taxing driving?
    3. Why are Blacktown city up in arms?
    4. How is the election going?
    5. How should volunteers behavior at the booths?
    6. WHAT IS THE AEC’s VOTE SAVE ? Starts at 19 : 40 —-> 27 : 45
    7. Is there going to be vote fraud?


  25. Hi Plutonium, Yeah nothing like some graphene hydroxide with a campylobacter chaser for a good Saturday arvo.


  26. If you need any loot for the rope let me know, pcwwp.
    Baseball bats, anyone?

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  27. Get your death jab at the same time from Bunnings then capped off with a sausage sandwich


  28. Dear God – I hope so..


  29. ***Hi Editor and Readers*** This is a must watch, which I’ve already sent to aapkoning.
    Especially in regard to the impending (May 22) WHO assembly vote in Geneva.
    Chilling interview by Steve Bannon with Michele Bachmann.


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  30. periguinfalcon: “Labour have been selected to win! Voting will not make any difference”

    Probably, but I’m still going to trash them and the LNP and the Greens in the Senate nevertheless.

    If they’re trashed by enough people they may at least end up having to kiss somebody’s arse to get their treacherous Agendas 21 and 2030 through. 🙂


  31. I agree .we need a hung parliament,. I,ll even go to Bunning,s and pay for the rope . then . HAPPY DAY,S.

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  32. O yes they are very sure of themselves, Just look at this Pfizer — Criminal, — Bourla. For me it is time those people eat their Shit…

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  33. Tony, “Minor parties united can break the political duopoly on Saturday,” If we want this bad enough, I THINK THIS IS POSSIBLE”

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  34. Does anyone know, in the case of a hung Parliament, whether Australia’s vote at the International Health Regulations voting jamboree in Geneva will go ahead?
    I would not be surprised if Australian agents are already in Geneva waiting for the vote to go ahead and ready to go.
    Any clues, anyone, because I think they will be champing at the bit.

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    We are all in the fight of our lives for our lives against vile and heinous State and Federal Government Tyranny.

    DO NOT vote for Liberal/National Labor or Greens or you will certainly doom us all to Permanent Government Tyranny/Totalitarian Regimes.

    It is too late afterwards to say ‘We wished we had listened to the warnings of grave urgency and total Destruction of our Democracy.’

    Please study this website and Information Paper to give you an insight of what has and is really going on and the entire system is totally corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest a brief insight into which you will find throughout this Information Paper. It is disgusting !

    See Information Paper > https://fluorideinformationaustralia.wordpress.com/election-2022/

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  36. There has never been a time in my life I have so wished I am wrong about the impact of the freedom parties. I think that the mass media’s diminishment of non-majors will influence swinging voters to lean towards big, but there is growing evidence that disenchantment with the ALP and LNP is more widespread than previously suspected.

    Another thing upon which nobody has commented, is the revolving door membership of the Greens. As a one time Greens member, and then requested to manage the Central East Coast campaign, my research showed that teenagers joined the party brimming with zeal, but angry and disillusioned adults later stormed out.

    When I investigated deeper I found that The Greens was no longer a grassroots party. In several ways, it was actually violating its own charter by inflicting its ideology on young members. When they realised this they objected and were ignored. Hence the departure of older members.

    I wrote to the party hierarchy drawing their attention to the violations and was studiously ignored. That is when I realised that Bob Brown enjoyed open-door access to the Murdoch media. I resigned.

    While there has never been a more poorly educated new generation, leading to young voters believing the unbelievable about climate change, increasing deaths due to the mRNA jab is opening even their eyes.

    As I said, I so hope I am wrong about the impact of the mass media.

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  37. The independents seem the only choice we have that’s at all possible currently – in the end “sack em all”..


  38. periguinfalcon

    Labour have been selected to win! Voting will not make any difference

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  39. Love to see it happen, but duopoly voting fraud/rigging has not been addressed.

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