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A Labor, Greens duopoly will stop all animal production, sports and make you eat insects

Letter to the Editor

They’re coming for our farm animals, horses & pets, dogs, cats, all pets under the guise of animal-related sport.

This is an attempt to move all animals above human lives. Think about it. Is it right that they put chickens above the lives of the farmers that own the chickens?

The government’s duty is to protect the life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and “the property” of each person against any advances, infringements and restrictions that another person and/or group may attempt to impose on the individual. And that is where we run into the communist policies of the United Nations Agenda 21.

UN Agenda 21. A non-governmental organization called the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives, ICLEI control Local Government, Local Councils & is tasked with carrying out the goals of Agenda 21 worldwide.

Agenda 21 and Animal “Rights” are however, political agendas that affect your family, your health, your job, your dogs, and how you perceive the world.

Maurice Strong advocates using Non-Government Organizations like the HSUS to institute the policies of UN Agenda 21 in every country worldwide.

Now you are seeing the connection between the push for “animal rights” and the umbrella organization of the HSUS which is the Humane Society International (HSI), one of 983 Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) created to push the policies and ideology of UN Agenda 21. The HSUS’s role is to demonize and vilify America’s farmers, ranchers (and breeders of companion animal species) and to institute the policies of UN Agenda 21 in America. The Global plan is well under way. Count the initiatives; to attack our animal agriculture industries, drive up the cost of animal production, criminalize our animal agriculture industries

Cartright observes PZP is owned by the HSUS. PZP contraceptive research {Ref #3}. To stop the BLM from castrating horses instead of using PZP owned by HSUS, wild horse activists are suing the United States’ government over its plans to castrate hundreds of horses in eastern Nevada, hoping to block the implementation of a precedent-setting plan to regulate wild-horse populations.

I think you will agree that your neighbor, the HSUS, the local police or animal control people have no authority to deprive you of your God-given dominion over the animals, fish or fowl that you own.

Google Scholar has many articles on animal rights. Disturbing.

from Gaber 2


ALP cancels regional sporting events but allows 50,000 to attend football matches in Brisbane

by Jim O’Toole

The Labor Party’s decades-long, regional culture busting offensive stepped up a notch last week when the state government closed down sporting events and large rodeos in rural areas allegedly due to Covid restrictions.

It is quite acceptable for 50,000 people in Labor’s spoilt homeland to attend a Brisbane football match but any event attracting more than 1500 spectators in regional Queensland will be shut down by an urbane Premier and her boss, Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young.

The outstanding Laura Rodeo and Races will be another victim of the culture busting Labor Party closing down regional events

Ridiculous conditions such as having a toilet for every 20 spectators and having them cleaned every half hour or to ban camping for out-of-town competitors is not economically feasible for volunteer sporting bodies.

Australia’s second largest annual rodeo held at Mareeba has been cancelled for the second year in a row followed by the hallmark Cape York rodeo and races held at Laura every June, then Weipa, Bamaga and the outstanding Mt Carbine event held every August.

The enormous financial benefits local communities will lose from these events will have a long-lasting impact. Never mind top level rodeo competitors and camp drafters with valuable horses or stock contractors with special rodeo cattle who will have to turn out their animals.

By the time rodeos kick off again much of this expertise and special animals will be gone and perhaps not ever regained.

While the ALP has always held Far North Queensland in contempt, their culture busting warfare started by the Goss government against northerners and the sparse rural Queensland population has taken another devastating turn.

These community events are run by volunteers and committees are finding it harder to attract workers, some of whom dedicate weeks of their time and expertise to create spectacular events. The cancellation of these community gatherings has broken the morale of rural districts particularly in some Aboriginal communities.

Rural people are even more disillusioned by the inaction and agreement of the Liberal National Party to the ALP’s ideological sanctions on community events naturally applauded by their socialist partners in crime such as Animals Australia, the World Wildlife Fund, Greens and their agnostic ilk.

After two years of inaction it is doubtful some committees will restart should the United Nations planned, influenza epidemic restrictions ever be lifted.

WHO, in conjunction with vaccine manufacturing companies and compliant governments world-wide, plans to continue annual Covid vaccinations provided sufficient numbers of the population survive after the first experimental jab.

If regional communities want to remain afloat perhaps it is time for civil disobedience such as we have seen in Victoria against unconscionable and unnecessary Covid lockdowns of healthy people.

Run the events and let the Covid cops act if they will. We outnumber the ALP Marxists 1000 to one.

As we have reported the Communist Premier Dangerous Dan got what was coming and ended up in hospital badly injured after a well-deserved bashing.

Too many scams-RSPCA to lose its royal patronage

A courageous and straight-thinking Victoria Senator has asked Queen Elizabeth to withdraw royal patronage from the justifiably maligned RSPCA.

Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie wrote to the Queen requesting the RSPCA be stripped of its royal entitlement because of its socialist political agenda.

Senator McKenzie accused the animal protection group of getting into bed with the extreme, feminist, anti-human animal activist mob People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA and Animals Australia aided and abetted by national broadcaster, the ABC destroyed the $2 billion live cattle export trade three years ago when the ABC ran footage of stage managed cruelty to animals at an abattoir in Indonesia.

Revelations aired in Federal Parliament described how abattoir workers were paid to mistreat cattle while being filmed.

Senator Bridget McKenzie

Senator McKenzie wrote: “At the present time the RSPCA’s focus is spread far and wide and it is now opposed to animals in sports and entertainment, hunting, horse racing and farming including Australia’s $2 billion a year livestock export trade.”

She said the RSPCA was trading on the royal family’s status to attack Australian industry, sports and legitimate hunters.

“Equally our live export trade, which generates around $2 billion a years and 10,000 jobs has positively influenced animal welfare conditions in our export countries, particularly those in Asia,” Senator McKenzie said.

“Australia has put in place measures which lift the welfare standards in these countries where only 0.16 per cent of our exported livestock face a potential adverse animal outcome.”

RSPCA CEO Heather Neil

RSPCA CEO Heather Neil said the group “will not turn our backs on any group of animals including those used in farming where there are more than 850 million animals that need a voice.”

A Mallee farmer, Mr Dick Worthington said Mrs Neil and PETA were “suffering from a terrible delusion, that animals are more important than humans.

“These poor misguided ‘feminatzis’ are taking public subscriptions under false pretences and there should be no taxpayer funds given to these anti-social groups whatsoever,” he said.

“There are only 22 million cattle, 75.5 million sheep, about 1.2 million horses and 4 million goats nationally, so the misinformation continues to harm the farming industry.

“There are about 102.7 million farm animals in the country so Mrs Neil’s 850 million animals, unless she counted cane toads and rabbits, is just like most of their propaganda, deliberate lies.”

Animals Australia feminazi Lyn White, almost single-handedly wrecked the $2 billion live cattle export trade in 2012 with dodgy video evidence and in doing so destroyed hundreds of farming families and caused the suicide of at least 12 farmers.


RSPCA faces huge $2m + bill over Framlingham cattle cull

Judge Bowman ruled otherwise and said Jason Nicholls “hastily and negligently” put down the animals which included two bulls and three calves.  This is the same RSPCA inspector  Jason Robert Nichols who hounded Victorian  farmer Finlay Glynn Robertson until in June 1999 Glynn shot Nichols and it would seem the bullet wound did not change his attitude here.

The Ruth Downey RSPCA Inquisition

You need to read this factual inquiry of 70 year old farmer Ruth Downey who has her cattle slaughtered by the RSPCA and the nursing calves left without their mothers, NO FOOD. Click the picture to download the disgusting story that is far from a first time event, there are many, many more prosecuted by the private law firm of the then NSW-RSPCA president and a fellow director.

Click to access the-ruth-downey-inquisition-1.pdf


RSPCA’s court attempt to double £300,000 left in will of animal lover slammed by judge 


Muslims, Halal slaughter and the Qur’an

The Drum

By Ruby Hamad

Posted 4 hours 37 minutes ago

Photo: Few are aware that Islam sets a detailed and rigid set of rules regarding animal handling. (Animals Australia)

It is impossible to reconcile the abhorrent images of exported livestock being abused in Gaza with the concept of halal slaughter as proscribed in the Qur’an, writes Ruby Hamad.

It resembled nothing so much as the Running of the Bulls. Large, terrified animals bucking as excited youths shouted in a showdown between “man” and “beast”. But this time the tradition was taking place not in the name of sport, but of religion, as yet another egregious example of animal abuse in the live export trade was uncovered by Animals Australia (AA).

This time it was Gaza during Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice), where heartbreaking images included steers shot in the kneecaps, kicked, stabbed in the eye, and having their throats repeatedly hacked with blunt knives.

But before cultural superiority has us crowing about “those” countries abusing “our” cattle, Australians must acknowledge that those animals suffered immensely long before they arrived in Gaza.

AA, for all the good work they do, is often guilty of glossing over the abuses suffered by animals on the cargo ships in favour of the graphic images of their slaughter upon destination. As Australians, we need to examine our own relationship to animals and the role we play in exporting cruelty to the world.

But as someone who was raised to believe in a compassionate Islam, I am also dismayed at the unwillingness of Muslims to reconsider their religious obligations towards animals. That the people of Gaza are also subject to daily trauma in what the UN has described as a “humanitarian crisis” probably has much to reveal about the cyclical nature of violence.

Nonetheless, it is impossible to reconcile the images coming out of Gaza – and indeed, all the live export destinations – with the concept of halal slaughter as proscribed in the Qur’an.

While the Qur’an is neutral on the subject of meat eating, in that it neither encourages nor forbids it, it is anything but silent on how animals are to be treated.

Most people would be aware that Islam mandates animals be conscious at slaughter. Less known is that it also sets a detailed and rigid set of rules regarding animal handling, the violations of which renders the meat haram, or forbidden.

These include: not tying or bounding the animal as it is slaughtered, not killing an animal within sight of another animal, not kicking or beating the animal, and using a sharp knife to minimise suffering.

Anyone who saw AA’s “Gaza Files” would see that all these conditions were flagrantly ignored, meaning that Muslims have an obligation not to eat meat from those animals. Al-Hafiz BA Masri, a leading Muslim scholar on animal welfare writes:

If animals have been subjected to cruelties in their breeding, transport, slaughter, or in their general welfare, meat from them is considered impure and unlawful to eat (Haram)…Even if these animals have been slaughtered in the strictest Islamic manner, if cruelties were inflicted on them otherwise, their flesh is still forbidden (Haram) food.

Some scholars, such as Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, have gone further, arguing that the rules of ritual slaughter were so designed to encourage a gradual shift towards vegetarianism. A slaughterman is required to “look into the animal’s eyes, he has to watch the tears of the animal, and he has to watch (its) eyes until it dies,” he wrote. “Hopefully, his heart will change.”

While most Muslims would disagree with this interpretation, there is no doubt that the condition of conscious slaughter continues at the expense of those rules designed to minimise animal distress.

Mohammed himself, who ate a mostly (but not completely) vegetarian diet, is known to have abhorred cruelty to animals. “Fear God in regards to these animals who cannot speak their will,” he warned his early followers.

One tradition or hadith has it that upon seeing a slaughterman sharpening his knife before a sheep, Mohammed admonished him, “Do you intend to inflict death on this animal twice? Once by sharpening your tools in front of it and once by slitting its throat?”

In another, the prophet, getting ready for his prayers, found a cat sleeping on his robe. Rather than disturb the animal, he cut the sleeve off the garment.

Regardless of whether you believe these stories to be true, that they (and many others) exist indicates that early Islam was greatly concerned with animals, holding them in far higher esteem than Muslims do today. The Qur’an even promises a reward for those who treat animals kindly: “He who takes pity even on a sparrow and spares its life, God will be merciful to him on the Day of Judgement.”

Here’s something many people might find surprising; there are more Qur’anic suras or verses advocating kindness to animals than there are calling for female “modesty”.

As someone who firmly believes there is a co-relation between how humans treat animals and how we treat each other, I often fantasise about what modern Islam would look like if Muslims were half as concerned about animals as they are about what women wear.

And as science reveals more facts about the “hidden” lives of animals, surely it is time for Muslims to reclaim that part of our heritage that recognised the inherent value of all life. We now know that dolphins and whales suffer terribly in captivity, that elephants mourn their dead, and that wild parrots name their young. Science has taught us that chickens feel empathy, that cows form maternal and social bonds, and rats – for no reward – will free each other from a trap.

Animals in their emotions and their will do not differ from us as much as we’d like to think. On this matter too, the Qur’an was a revelation:

There is not a creature that lives on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings but forms part of communities like you.

Ruby Hamad is a writer and film maker. View her full profile here.

Comments from a NQ cattle breeder:

Like the extortionists of Animals Aust, you have depicted an isolated case of on-board cattle cruelty. This is not the norm. However most of us cattle producers take the view that positive animal welfare up to the ship departing Australian waters is an integral facet of commercial reality and practice. What happens after the ship berths at its destination is out of our control. And so it should be. I must also correct your assumptions that 40,000 processing sector jobs are lost to the Aust industry. This assertion seems like a normal trade union myth, something we would expect from the mouth of an intellectual pigmy like Paul Howes. Northern Australia, which produces the greater majority of brahman cross export cattle cannot produce cattle in sufficient condition and numbers suitable for processing. That is why northern store cattle are largely exported, essentially to Indonesia and other Asian destinations. Unless the huge areas of northern Australia have another five Ord River type water storages built, and sufficient arable irrigation land to grow enough forage crops to graze some 50,000 ha per dam from Kimberley to the the Lower Gulf, then we cannot produce slaughter cattle. Feedlotting situations are out of the question due to numerous factors , one being the wet season and another the high cost of labour thanks to industry anarchists such as Mr Howes. Taking the cattle out of the north will result in its depopulation. Indonesia or China will be only too willing to move into the void, without paying us one cent and whether we like it or not. These are the realities, and really man has dominion over animals!

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