Letter to the Editor

Optus Outage

The senate inquiry into the Optus outage did not seem to show much brilliance in understanding the problem, no one knows what electrons will sometimes do in electronics, the science is to get them to do as we direct, but that does not always work as there are still unknown factors present is electron and sub-particle activity along with electron particles generating fields with positive charged attractor force particles and repulsive negative charges that do not always do as directed by program controls and unknown variables we are still learning about.

Electrons will always have unknown reactive factors we cannot control but have to deal with, and there will always be unpredictable factors and problems beyond our best effort of control.

It would appear Senator Hansen-Young needs to read a few books on computer electron forces, movements and functions. They need to stop blaming people for their own ignorance on these matters, electrons will always misbehave beyond the best of control functions — That is the way they function, get used to the fact that every so often problems with atoms will arise, beyond blame.

The Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, understood the unexplainable factors involved but others did not, Telstra has had their share of close calls but being monolithic they have error by pass systems. It is pathetic that when errors evolve some dullards appear compelled to blame someone instead of the rouge electrons.


Gil May

Forestdale 4118