Letter to the Editor

The Danish government reported the Russian nuclear fleet left port months ago and is now dispersed worldwide. China has its military and population on a war footing, their warship tried to ram-slice a US warship recently to start the conflict.

UK, French, Canadian, Japanese and US defense forces are on alert and widely dispersed, Japan, Indonesia and Philippines have welcomed US Fleets and control as the only defense they have against China. For a full understanding see: – https://fb.watch/lFAwu-K6WQ/?mibextid=2Rb1fB

So why are we disarming Australia with our already insufficient defence forces, by giving away our defence machinery to Ukraine? The PM is a person who has spent all his political life in an artificial protected environment with little displayed understanding of the seriousness of the pending WW3, has given away 120 of our crucial defence ‘Bushmasters’ and over $710 million that should have gone to our military on this side of the world, the European countries can look after Ukraine it is their ‘back-yard’ not ours. 

In time of war, they will not look after us, they will be saving their own skin, we are an expandable pacification gift to the Chinese. We question the visits to China by ALP ministers, for what benefit, was there a deal to weaken our defence via ‘acceptable means’, by gifting to Ukraine to save themselves if a future invasion occurs.

The people need to ask why the $710 million was not used for our defence — and why we have no citizens militia like in Switzerland where the Nazis were afraid to invade. Albanese is big noting himself at the UN – Why wasn’t the Foreign Minister there, was she considered too incompetent?

Sincerely G J May

Forestdale Qld