More massive wind towers have been planned by the environmental vandals of the Queensland Labor Party to be built right alongside the iconic and unique Porcupine Gorge National Park in the Central West.

This unwanted and unnecessary project will forever alter the surrounding, majestic landscape of the gorge and become another festering eyesore that will kill thousands of Wedgetail Eagles and other native birds which breed in the area an hour north of the historic township of Hughenden which is bisected by the beautiful Flinders River.

Wedgetail eagles breed in the area and will be devastated by the 300 metre high monstrosities

A vast spider web of transmission lines will intersect hundreds of klm’s of beautiful black soil downs country surrounding Hughenden which is recognised as some of the state’s best cattle and sheep grazing country which remains in a similar state to when the first explorers stepped foot there. These massive power line towers will effectively disfigure and ruin some of the best livestock production properties in Australia as well as the amenity of this beautiful gorge.

Porcupine Gorge is known as a sacred site for local Aboriginal and European stockmen with over 150 years of occupation.

There are only three days left to lodge a submission, so it would seem the ALP is continuing with its subversive tactics when it comes to public opinion.

Comments are invited but only ‘on whether the proposed action within a referral is a ‘controlled action’. A ‘controlled action’ is an action that the minister decides has, will have, or is likely to have, a significant impact on a protected matter.

A ‘controlled action’ is assessed further before the Environment minister decides whether to approve it. Terms are described in the Glossary of terms for regulatory activities under the EPBC Act – DCCEEW.

Not sure what this means but it doesn’t sound like they want real input and only 3 days left to respond Table 1-1 Key Generation and Turbine Specifications Feature Statistic Estimated Proposed development generation capacity 1,400 MW *

Turbine electrical output 6 MW-8 MW

Number of WTGs Up to 175, Hub height Up to 200 m

Tip height** Up to 300 m

Rotor diameter** Up to 200 m

Theoretical capacity 1.4 GW, effective production ~30%?

Or 0.4 GW from an area roughly 20 km squared =~ 400 sq km

In comparison a gas-fired power station of 1.4 GW would produce 1 GW and cover a couple of sq km of land and would be sited close to where the power will be used.

And when the wind farm has reached its end of life in say 30 years – what then?

From Howard Dewhirst