Meanwhile, there is a second consideration.

In 2018, the researcher working for the local MLA, Yingiya Goyula, discovered an online conversation between Ratheon Technologies, LockheedMartin, and the Australian Department of Defence, about a missile site at Gulkula. Although DEAL, ELA, NLC, the NT Govt., and Gumatj Association denied military involvement, claiming this is to be a civilian aerospace project run by Equatorial Launch Australia, it is now undeniable that this is military and American.

Contrary to media reports, the US squandered its research and development funds on the Afghan War and is now $2.5 trillion and twenty years behind in missile development and, by collapsing its industrial sector, is out of ammunition… literally. US missiles are notoriously faulty, which creates the likelihood of premature explosion. Moreover, when China gets a whiff of attack by the US, the eight US military installations in the NT will be struck by reprisal or pre-emptive missiles which all military experts now acknowledge are manoeuvrable-to-target and therefore cannot be intercepted.

Solid fuel and warhead materials at Gulkula will be vaporised and will drift across the Gove Peninsula possibly causing injury and death. The main toxins are chlorine and heavy metals, which is why the 1987 Federal study banned all rocket launchings as too dangerous for local populations. This is not a sound defence policy.

Finally, it was stated at last Gove Future meeting that a Tasmanian aquafarming project at Muthamul Aboriginal Homeland will go ahead, without mentioning that the 81-year-old traditional owner/caretaker was not consulted; that his daughter’s burial site is threatened; and that a seven-year homeland programme of development nearing completion, has been placed in jeopardy, which indefinitely extends his forced exile since Cyclone Lam nine years ago. Yet DEAL and NT Govt want us to trust in their integrity. Not on this evidence.

An offer was made to resolve these issues under Yolngu Law, which is specifically equipped to identify land ownership and also to install traditional consensus protocols that will enable the entire Aboriginal community to have a say.

Evidently, the Australian Government considers a better idea is to appoint urban people with no language knowledge, no comprehension of consensus protocols, no concept of clan land ownership, no knowledge of songlines, no knowledge of Aboriginal Law, and no knowledge of the Gove Peninsula, to make the decision for us.

They then have the temerity to name this august group, the Voice. Meanwhile, mainstream Australians are quite rightly seeing the Voice as a Trojan Horse to damage Aboriginal/Mainstream relations forever. We can hear those Trojan wheels rolling from here.