Letter to the Editor

It’s in major media that US authorities ‘knew in advance’ about the Russian ‘coup’ events, and were briefing some Congresspeople on it the week before.


Prigozhin’s Wagner was regularly receiving Ukraine troops who were surrendering.

It is a common suggestion now, that under a ‘white flag’, Prigozhin was approached by Western intelligence services, and offered more than a billion dollars in cash, to run a coup against Moscow, with the majority paid when Wagner was halfway to Moscow.

The suggestion goes on to say, that Prigozhin informed his old friend Putin, and after the money was delivered, the ‘coup’ was called off … and Prigozhin & Putin have split the money.

Also to note, that with Prigozhin and perhaps some Wagner people stationed now in Belarus, they will possibly be less than 200 kilometres from Kiev … Russia’s most effective fighters, ready for a final move against the Zelensky government.

Photo on Rostov streets of Prigozhin departing for Belarus … totally happy look on his face.

From Phil