Byron Bay greens soon buckled under to Covid hoax

Letter to the Editor

Saving a tiny piece of land and some very self centered people of all ideologies and colors screaming: “ME, ME, ME” will not bring ANY change. Lived for years in the “green” Byron shire which became a “national” multi million dollar industry selling the beauty of one of the most remarkable spots of nature in Australia. Once the forced vaccination started many of the opposed greenish locals complied without to much fuss because of “self preservation”. Opposition became muffled permanently under their new masks and the rulers of the “greenest shire in Australia” complied very quickly like the rest of the nation. And now “they” want to break free (again) from the authority they are part of?

Freedom will not be achieved by dreaming about or by claiming a few hectares of land somewhere on a already “barbwire” fenced property that is owned by the “crown”! Today’s Australia is and Australians are very different than four decades ago. Becoming “Un-Australian” was a not much noted process but worked as a charm in decade long greenish/rainbow colored ideology of political correctness and that says a white wog who once migrated here as a useful idiot approved and sanctioned by the almighty FIRB.

To become Australian should be the first priority before starting to dream of “ME” in a made up fantasy of Australia where milk and honey flows freely and without any tyranny of foreign authority. To become Australian should happen rather soon before it only will be remembered in some forbidden history books that have not been “burned” during the coming purge and for cleansing the opposition to the “natural” rule. But who or what will decide who is worthy to be part of a new Australia will be a challenge for both opposing sides.

From Jo