By Lyndesy Symonds

In their ‘Make Them Famous Monday’ Series of this week (May 29), Guru Dave and Riccardo Bosi of Australia One have hosted business owner Gideon Jacobs on their video conference.

Riccardo Bosi

This material they are publishing and its potential for Australians to take action against the vaxx mandates will make the Senate [not going to happen] Inquiry irrelevant.

In line with his responsibilities as a business owner, Jacobs has put together a road map to the Queensland Work Place Health and Safety Act 2011 and its key duty of care and risk assessment provisions. He has an excellent case that any mandating of experimental vaccines on employees comes under these provisions.

Because the National Cabinet and Operation CoVID Shield mandated the experimental gene therapy / covid vaxx by proxy, this action brought the employers into conflict with the WPH&S Act and their obligations to their employees. The employers who coerced employees to get the vaxx with a ‘no jab / no job’ dictate could very well discover that such a policy comes under the civil and criminal penalties of the WPH&S Act.

In the two Australia One videos of this week, Gideon Jacobs outlines the roadmap to action against employers who mandated. The A1 Party is calling for Australians to take action against mandating employers. They will supply the Jacobs roadmap.

In terms of the experimental mRNA vaxx, we are talking here about excess mortality from all causes for 2022 up 5,000+ %. This is rolling.
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