From Jacinta Price

The ABC is meant to be YOUR broadcaster.

Everyone who works there is well funded by your taxes and tasked with providing journalism and entertainment content for ALL Australians.

Earlier this year the ABC promised journalists would be reminded there’s no place for bias when reporting on Labor’s Voice referendum.

But the activists at the ABC can’t help themselves.

They give more airtime to ‘yes’ campaigners, interrupt them less and – compared to me or anyone else making the case for a ‘no’ vote – rarely ask them tough questions.

Last week, the bias of some ABC presenters was on full display.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, three of their highest paid personalities provided quotes on a book all about promoting the Uluru Statement and the Voice.

In her quote, [Patricia] Karvelas called the book “a profound piece of work that asks us to consider a future where First Nations people … are placed at the heart of our country.”

[Laura] Tingle called the Uluru Statement a “truly transformational gift … if only we take it”.

In his quote, [Dan] Bourchier said the Voice was “a powerful reminder of the gift from the Elders and a call to action to all Australians.”

They’re meant to be impartial reporters presenting Australians with the facts, but they’ve openly taken positions that compromise their positions of trust.

We need journalists, not activists.

The ABC should be committing themselves to presenting all sides of the story as equally as possible.

They should be encouraging Australians to look at everything we know about this proposal and use that information to make their own choices.

They should NOT be promoting the side of the debate they happen to support.

But with every cheer of encouragement for the ‘yes’ side from those at the ABC, one thing becomes clearer and clearer: this is the Voice of Canberra elites.

This is the Voice of those who have spent their whole careers on the taxpayer gravy train making sure there’s plenty more to come.

If those at the ABC and in the media really thought this divisive Voice was the best way to help vulnerable Indigenous Australians, they’d present the facts as they are and trust Australians with the outcome.

But they know it’s not.

Despite what they say, they know as well as you and I do – this Voice is a dangerous, divisive and costly mistake.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Senator for the Northern Territory