Albo meets today with the ALP’s pin-up, demented, octogenarian President Joe Biden who has crucified America in three short years with climate hysteria, a stunning performance Albo has promised for Australia. Here he receives his marching orders from jumpin’ Joe at the G7 Hiroshima Conference on how to Bidenise our borders just as Democrat Joe has done with Mexico where hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are flowing across the US border. Mexico is reported to have emptied its jails and sent their hardened criminals into the US to create anarchy.

Albanese promised there would be 1.5 million migrants entering Australia over the next five years but he conveniently omits to say where they will be housed, how they will be fed, who will pay the bills, will they get a job and most importantly from what countries they will emanate.

His comments are reminiscent of those describing the implementation of the Voice referendum. It is just a minor change to our founding document, he says, do not worry about the details we will deal with them after the referendum is passed.

Joe asked (demanded) Albo if Australia would send more armoured cars to Ukraine because the last 23 we sent were destroyed before they got off the train at Odessa.

Albo makes used car salesmen appear to be saints.