By Cairns News contributors

Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has been calling for more doctors in the bush. So has the KAP Member for Hinchinbrook Nick Dametto.  Mr Katter has been leading a campaign for several years to offer general practitioners more baubles for setting up practice in regional areas.

Federal MHR Bob Katter calls for more doctors in the regions

We say we don’t want them. We want natural medicine practitioners and naturopaths who don’t push the deadly jab that so far has seen 33,000 excess deaths across Australia, overseen by doctors and their treacherous member organisations such as the Australian Medical Association and regulator AHPRA which has threatened to prosecute doctors for criticizing the mRNA clot shot..

Lying doctors posing as Chief Medical Officers in every state have been responsible for the devastating Covid vaxx rollout and more than 200,000 reported serious injuries from Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca inoculations forced upon Australians by the Labor, Liberal duopoly and cheered on by the duplicitous Greens.

Thank God at least Astra Zeneca has been banned and the other two concoctions should go with it before any more Australians are killed and injured.

Recently Townsville Hospital was forced to cancel elective surgery because 10 heart attack victims fronted the emergency ward in one day, a previously unknown situation prior to the roll out of mRNA vaxx.

Now Deep State is coming for the food supply, namely cattle and sheep to ensnare those who religiously refused the toxic shot get it through the back door.

In the last senate session the courageous and astute South Australian Liberal senator Alex Antic presented disturbing data revealing the excess nationwide death rate was more than 33,000, apparently victims of mRNA vaxx.

For his valiant effort he was kicked off Youtube.

By his continuous campaign against further jabs,  Alex has inadvertently condemned the Liberal Party for introducing the Covid campaign in 2020  which devastated Australian small business, tore families apart, killed and maimed thousands of adults, young children and teenagers who will be forced at an early age to depend on Liberal Tony Abbot’s NDIS for life support.

Queensland Labor also continues its disinformation campaign with more and more TV ads pushing the jab in shades of a heroin addict desperately looking for a hit.

Then there are the ABC news bulletins questioning the reason for ‘long covid’ which researchers claim is simply mRNA vaxx symptoms or Influenza A..

Today the ABC claimed there were more than 30,000 long covid victims suffering from ‘Covid infections.