Letter to the Editor

Noted plans for de-sexing our western world and thought this may be a viable idea.

But, on a lighter note, as we consider the current insanity swamping the world, with this sexual confusion, I am suggesting that all public facilities, (once known as toilets) be re-named “IT’S-LOOS”, (copyright applied for) rather than male or female t——-), which will prevent any confusion amidst both sexes, which are now to become a banned word, as we no longer have males and females, as a means of identification, in this final stage of Western madness!

Remember that we now no longer have public toilets, but ‘IT’S-LOOS’, (copy right applied for 19/4/23 John R. Nolan), and this will surely bring world peace!

Spread the word amongst your local councils, who will have to change the identification mark of all public facilities, and, being a copyrighted name, “IT’S-LOOS” will make me a billionaire over night!

Have a great day!

John R. Nolan