EXCLUSIVE direct from the Cossack Colonel via our interpreter

By Cossack Colonel Yuri Komonyiski

Dark clouds gather over Ukraine particularly in the southern regions of Bakhmut where the NATO Hoard has gathered an estimated 800,000 strong force to confront Russia and its allies China and North Korea. The RF is estimated at 650,000. The NATO Hoard has depleted Europe of its weapons in its obsession to destroy Russia. Funnily enough the Hoard did not expect the Russian numbers or the wet weather that is moving in. As mentioned previously their Abram tanks will sink and the Marder’s will bog down. The Hoard is now wondering about what to do.

The NATO Hoard is populated largely with Poles, some Ukrainians and their standard issue western mercenaries. The much talked about counteroffensive has been mobilised. Many of our battle-hardened men are located at the front, we expect this battle to eventuate in the coming days and to be hell on earth. Belarus is ready to act if required, this has turned into a historic turning point. Russia’s Pacific Fleet has mobilised particularly as the Japanese have started making a noise on Russia’s periphery.

Russia has prepared its fortifications and supply lines; an order has been issued to ensure defensive readiness for the entire front. The North Koreans could number up to 50,000, the Chinese number possibly more. Our readers should be aware that when an aggressor attacks a fortified position his forces need to be 3 times larger, the NATO Hoard does not have the upper hand. Following the Bunker buster (Kinzhal) delivery in western Ukraine (Lvov) where approximately 300 members of the hoard are still buried, the NATO command control centre has relocated it to the US.

Following this decisive battle Ukraine as a country will no longer exist.

Bakhmut is essentially surrounded, the Ukros are lying when they say they are still holding it. The RF has the remaining 5.5 klm of access road under complete fire control, anyone using these roads are targets that have a high probability of being destroyed. Any attempt to traverse these roads at night thinking they won’t be spotted because our night vision works extremely well, artillery is the weapon of choice followed by drones.

In Bakhmut 1200 Poles were killed within a 1–2-week period, the bodies were gathered and offered up for collection to the Ukro/Polish forces. They showed no interest in their fallen, hence they are being buried in mass graves mostly for reasons of hygiene. It will take at least month to gather and bury all of the bodies scattered throughout the city this is a massive task.

The Polish forces no longer bother to swap out or hide their Polish military chevrons. There are mounting corpses scattered along the roads the RF has the impression that it is fighting Poland as the Ukrainian numbers are dwindling. RF has had some losses too. Poland continues to receive weapons from across the world, that they then introduce into the Ukrainian conflict along with Polish operators.

The assumption is simple since the Poles are fully integrated into the Ukrainian war and they are a NATO puppet then NATO is at war with Russia. Perhaps this is Poland unofficially declaring war against Russia. It is assumed Zelensky has promised Poland the western territories of Ukraine in exchange for participation in the counteroffensive. Zelensky is in a position where he must at any cost find funds to settle monetary issues with the US and the EU.

In Bakhmut the RF are moving forward slowly. The Ukros have built strongly fortified positions. These positions are taking a significant effort to grind down but 500kg bombs seem best suited for this task. There are many Ukro-Nazis and Romanian mercs trapped in the city.

Many choose to surrender; most will state they will reveal all as long as they are not sent back to the Ukraine. The POW’s refuse phone calls to their families as the Ukros will then put pressure on their families.

They bring in men at night (only Russian-speakers) including border guards from Lviv, many from Western Ukraine. The PoW’s state there is no organization, no command structure, no information flow, the Ukrainian army is disintegrating from within. Most of the apartment blocks within the city are controlled by the RF. The Ukrainian command is trying to rule from the suburbs. In Bakhmut, the retreating Ukrainians are collapsing multistorey buildings. The Tax Office and a residential building (Pershina, 20) are two examples.

We estimate approximately 1000 mercs are trapped within Bakhmut, they are a mix of Canadians, UK, Poles and Romanians they are presumed to be mostly officer class, special forces soon to be captured or dead time will tell. In the Kharkov region our drones spotted a group 80 strong carrying out wounded so our artillery was redirected. The men dropped their wounded and fled. It turns out this was a group of Australian militants. The RF continues to straighten out the frontline, with focus shifting to the Kherson region.

The Ukros are publishing their war crimes once again. A group of Ukros advertised their acts of violence against Russian PoW’s mutilating the men by cutting off their penises while making bullet holes in them. They filmed this event and sent the footage to the RF; this forced the RF to act they ended up catching and killing some of these monsters. One of them was decapitated and his head was delivered to their Azoz commander. These Ukro’s were trained by the UK and Polish military.

The Ukrainian military is aging the majority of fighters are 50+ year olds, many were literally snatched off the street while carrying home food supplies straight into the back of the truck and to the frontline. The Ukros lack sufficient numbers to man the trenches.

A fresh batch of leaked “secret” Pentagon documents claims Russia is suppressing (jamming) American-guided bombs rendering them useless. The GPS signal is being interfered with by Russian jammers.

The Ukrainian forces are becoming fractured many are sending social media hate messages directed at Zelensky and his puppet regime. The Ukrainian armed forces in social networks are discussing Zelensky’s death. It is becoming a common theme on social media; Ukrainian soldiers are convinced they have been betrayed. In the Rostov region the Wagner group is assembling numerous battalions comprising Syrian, Koreans and former Ukrainians and the commanders will be Wagner personnel. Zelensky’s forced conscripts are now uniting against his oppression. Many of the Ukros are on battle drugs, these US drugs destroy the blood and kidneys. Following the fighters standard 3-month rotation some are dying from withdrawals when on rotation.

Putin has stated that he will not settle for less than the return of all traditional Russian lands including Odessa and the Nikolaevsk regions. The Odessa region will be extremely problematic for Ukraine as it will landlock Ukraine permanently. Considering the threat of Poland reincorporating a large chunk of the Ukraine there will be very little left of Ukraine. The Ukrainian war is approaching exhaustion the question remains “what will NATO do” considering the absolute destruction of Russia is their end game. Will they send in the NATO/Polish army next? Apparently, the US initiated the preparation of a draft version of a peace plan, something they’d only do if they believe there NATO hoard is failing to achieve their ambitions of global domination. In the meantime, the US globalists control the perfect presidential puppet hence US foreign policy.. The US Congress passed a conscription act capturing ages 20 to 45, including aliens wanting to become US citizens. It is whispered that the deliberate inflow of illegal aliens will be drafted for World War III.

While Macron was threatening China “Any nation planning on assisting Russia in its ongoing military campaign in Ukraine should be aware that it will be treated as an “accomplice””.

30 kg of drugs was being shipped in the coffin of a Polish mercenary who died in Ukraine. Similarly in the coffin of a UK soldier. It became clear that an entire system of drug trafficking to Europe has been established. The SBU and the Polish counterintelligence were tasked with hushing up the scandal. Curiously are they being produced in Ukrainian labs or delivered with US arms shipments and subsequent distribution via European mercenaries. The containers are moved at high speed by special vehicles as the corpses receive minimal if any inspection.

The Ukrainian defence director General Valery Zaluzhni reports the equipment supplied by the West is of poor quality. Several Leopard tanks failed on startup and the supplied artillery shells are of poor quality as they are 30+ years old. Kim Jong-un announced the readiness of the country for a nuclear clash. The new Hwaseong-18 solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) will increase the country’s readiness for a nuclear counterattack.

Editor: The Colonel said he has has difficulty getting the precise number of North Korean and Chinese troops reinforcing Russian forces.