The Liberals are bemoaning the loss of their long-held seat of Aston in Victoria to the Labor Party.

“We don’t know why the people won’t vote for us anymore,” the Liberals lamented.

Liberal leader Peter Dutton: “Woe is me….there’s no one left in the Liberal tree”

The mRNA elephant in the room they are falling over is Scott Morrison and Greg Hunt’s deadly jab that so far has seen 33,000 extra deaths across Australia in 12 months.

Leader Peter Dutton might have been a super sleuth when he was a Queensland cop but his efforts at investigating the demise of the Liberals are hopeless.

As more and more people die from the jab, the Liberals, exponentially, will suffer death from a thousand cuts.

How then did Labor win the Aston seat? They didn’t. There was no other suitable candidate according to the voters. As usual the ALP took the seat by default with the help of a few bogus voters.

PM Anthony Albanese, the second worse choice

The ALP has been complicit in the Covid bioweapon just as much as the Liberals. Voters considered Albanese as the second worse choice.

However this result does not exonerate voters who by and large should not be forced or even allowed to vote while their passive, political prowess continues to deliver the country more mortal blows.

Now the ALP is in the process of importing 1000 migrant voters every day of the year, the dodgy AEC won’t ever need to cleanse the roll of its 400,000 unverified voters.

Bogus voters could become a distant memory by the time Albo’s apparatchiks appear at the 2025 poll and give him a President Xi-styled tick of approval for the next 50 years.