Steve Bannon and Kari Lake discuss her groundbreaking Supreme Court win on his War Room channel.
Democrats like the carefully coiffured comrade Katy Hobbs know how to “win” elections.


WHILE tornadoes and the bogus Trump indictments dominate media headlines a state Supreme Court intervention in the crooked 2022 Arizona election has been played down and largely ignored, very likely on purpose.

In the ruling, the Arizona Supreme Court found that a lower trial court erred in dismissing a challenge to signature verification procedures by Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake in the state’s most populous and second biggest US county, Maricopa.

In their appeal filed earlier in March, Lake’s legal team cited whistleblowers conducting signature verification at Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center who said the county disregarded Arizona law and allowed tens of thousands of uncured ballots with non-matching signatures to be counted. “Curing” ballots involves contacting voters whose ballots would be rejected due to errors in order to confirm the voter’s identity.

The Democrats’ coiffured comrade Katy Hobbs allegedly won the governorship by 17,000 votes. She was so confident of “winning”, she declined to debate Lake in public, which would normally be the death knell of any political candidate. What the Democrats and McCain Republicans didn’t count on was the gritty determination of Lake, a former TV news anchor, who knew she had been robbed.

The county is run by four anti-Trump McCain Republicans and one Democrat commissioner. It has a massive bureaucracy that overlaps the state legislature in power and influence and links to globalist organisations such as the International Leadership Council. Counties are tasked by the Secretary of State’s office to run elections. Hobbs was the former Secretary of State but declined to stand down during the election. The commissioners have repeatedly claimed the election processes are legitimate despite an audit that revealed dubious practices.

Last November, after the county again promised its election system was 100% working and fail safe, dozens of vote counting machines in about a third of the booths failed to accept ballots on election day, fueling suspicions of foul play.

Election day is when most Republicans traditionally come out to vote. Voters were forced to wait in long lines for hours and then had to leave their ballots in “special bins”. County officials repeatedly lied that everything was OK and results would not be affected.

Lake has fought relentlessly in the courts, despite knockbacks by lower court judges who are apparently too loyal to their Democrat backers or simply too scared to upset the political apple cart. But thankfully, the state’s Supreme Court stuck to the law, crucially overruling the lower court decision that backed the county in not releasing ballots for signature verification.

Lake told Steve Bannon that the ruling backed “the smoking gun part of our lawsuit”. “We know the signatures don’t match. These mail-in ballots, hundreds of thousands are just bogus, fraudulent ballots and so the Supreme Court has said to the lower court ‘hey, you gotta take this back up,” she said.

Lake said it was outrageous for the county to deny access to envelopes with signatures on them and to claim in a letter it was “for the best interests of the people of Arizona not to release this information”. “Our elections are a joke, signature verification is a sham and frankly (County Recorder) Stephen Richer and those folks down at Maricopa County in denying to give us evidence have proved what we have been saying all along – the signatures don’t match and they want to prevent us finding that out.”

As reported by The Western Journal, media outlets were quick to spin the Supreme Court’s March 21st as a near death-blow to her chances of overturning the election because six of the seven counts were ruled as “insufficient” grounds to overrule the decisions made in trial courts. But “the one ruling that went Lake’s way was huge, not only for her chances, but for election integrity as a whole”, the newspaper reported.

The matter has been sent back to a trial court for consideration and that could offer Lake’s legal team a review of how the signatures were verified. Previous county and appeals court judges invented a mind-boggling legalistic twist to dismiss Lake’s signature challenge.

The judges applied the signature issues raised to the policies themselves, not how the policies were applied in 2022, and then dismissed her claims based on grounds that she filed her legal challenge too late. But the Supreme Court graciously ruled that this was “an error” and noted that Lake could not have brought this challenge before the election. Well, hello.

But according to mainstream media including NPR, Newsweek and Arizona-based news outlets, the potential rejection of these mail-in ballots is no big issue and ballot rejections are largely the result of relatively minor voter errors.

But tens of thousands of ballots with non-matching signatures being counted without curing is a major issue, particularly given that mail-in ballots tend to favor Democrats by a significant margin and that Hobbs won by only 17,000 votes.

US Democrats and their Republican-in-name-only (RINO) allies know that once you rig and win election, courts will almost certainly avoid stepping in and calling for a recount, except in a few close and largely irrelevant seat contests. The Arizona Supreme Court bucked that trend.

Lake told Bannon the media was continuing to avoid this story. “They want people to think the election interference, the election cheating is not true … so they are concentrating over here, look at this shiny object, and so they’re concentrating on this bogus indictment.”