Trump to resume Presidency after election

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  1. Those figures will change – depending on how convincing Trump is or if the people of the US have long or short memories.


  2. even here in australia, we hope this happens


  3. The reason some very savvy and resourced people do not move in and rescue

    Australia is that there are simply not enough informed realists in this country to support a coup. Anybody who thinks Trump is equipped to resurrect democracy and a government of integrity has forgotten how he: (1) supported Israel’s apartheid takeover of Palestine/West Bank, (2) Launched the mRNA poison; (3) cancelled the first major rail safety initiative in 140 years (thus enabling the East Palestine/Ohio disaster); (4) gave the tick to the US military occupation of Australia.

    At no point did Trump grasp geopolitics. It took 3 months for the Khazar bankers to put him in his place. He entered politics on the correct platform of restoring protective tariffs and ending free trade, but in the first year this faltered. He successfully negotiated a temporary detente with North Korea, demonstrating that 70 years of US aggression against that country was entirely unjustified. That’s it. He did two things right and everything else wrong. We do not need yet another yank in this country. We already have 5000 here running the country into the ground and destroying our armed forces.

    Trump was an elitist, unilateral, egomaniacal ignoramous when he entered politics and he is now also delusional. Until more people in this country turn the TV off and get fully informed, and then grow a set of balls, we are fucked and nobody will risk everything to rescue us.


  4. Have you been watching the fake news again wontbedenied ?


  5. So now we have Trump Tards in Australia as well as the severely indoctrinated Americans;

    The man who initiated “Operation Warp Speed” to roll out “Vaccines” that he himself forced the FDA to move on; Let us not forget who the Commander In Chief was when the Military (DoD) was ordered to “oversee” the distribution of the Bio-Weapon in a Needle World Wide; You know, the Bioweapon that was first created by the US DoD and then smuggled to China so they could finish the job and the very same BioWeapon that you lot are so seemingly against; Trump did that;

    I guess Millions being Murdered worldwide is acceptable to some of you?…..Trust The Plan ey? Had to happen to wake up The People did it? Americas entire food supply, water ways, infrastructure, Skies and Land are all under attack….must also be part of the plan to Starve more People and force them off of the Poisoned Land created by Soros and the EPA….Lucky Trump is the REAL Commander in Chief i suppose or the Biden Cartel would be running riot all over America…..oh hang on a minute, Biden is running riot all over America;

    FFS, i honestly never thought that Australians were every bit as DUMB as their American Politic Loving, War mongering “mates” across the pacific ocean;

    We really are screwed

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  6. Hahaha


  7. RAY l O’BRIEN said – “if the USA doesnt want DONALD……………… THEN CAN WE HAVE HIM HERE IN AUSTRALIA”

    An admirable sentiment.

    However, they BLATANTLY stole the election from Trump in the USA.

    What hope would he have here in Australia, where the electoral corruption is just as bad IF NOT WORSE?

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  8. Trump threw the last election to wake up the normies. They have had their fun now it’s President Trumps turn. Checkmate 💥🇦🇺🇺🇸

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  10. those polls are insanely way sleepy is anywhere near P45.

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  11. If the Democrats dont cheat again!

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  12. Good news, but what a mess he has from the Demorats

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  13. if the USA doesnt want DONALD……………… THEN CAN WE HAVE HIM HERE IN AUSTRALIA [ he would run this place properly ]

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