The Tweet posted by Frank Hoogergeets three days before the tragic earthquake has been strangely denied by US government seismic organisations.
Romanian senator Diana Lovanovici-Sosoaca speaks to her parliament.


VIDEO surfacing from the Turkey-Syria earthquake showing extensive flashes of lightning is being cited as physical evidence of the event being triggered by tectonic weapons related to HAARP technology.

But scientists say this phenomena has been observed for centuries and involves electrical discharge from the earth’s crust. A Rutgers University physicist Troy Shinbrot, quoted by the US establishment media channel National Public Radio, says the phenomenon of so-called earthquake lights has been recorded historically and occurs fairly regularly.

“Some scientists believe the eruption of light, or luminosity, is caused by the friction of rock near Earth’s crust, which releases energy into the atmosphere. The flash of light is produced near the planet’s surface,” NPR reported.

So the HAARP claim has plausible deniability unless hard evidence of the technology being activated can be provided. It is also noted that earthquakes often cause electrical wires to clash and transformers to blow up, hence the appearance of flashes during earthquakes.

In another development Frank Hoogerbeets of Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS), a private research institute for monitoring geometry between celestial bodies related to seismic activity, issued a warning on Twitter on February 3rd of a possible seismic event in the exact area hit by the earthquake. Planetary alignments, full moons and other astronomical phenomena are said to increase stresses on the earth crust, just as moon phases affect tides.

Hoogerbeets provided a map with his post highlighting the area expected to be affected and just three days later the prediction was fulfilled. The tweet attracted more than 54 million views and more than 47,500 retweets when last seen by Cairns News.

But official channels such as the US Geological Survey (USGS) and Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) strangely claim “there is no scientific basis for earthquake prediction. There is always a chance for earthquakes in places with active faults, but specific forecasts perform no better than random when tested. Claims of predictive utility from planetary alignment have been disproven”.

The statement was quite calmly rejected by SSGEOS researcher Frank Hoogerbeets, speaking on India Today. The claim also contradicts the existence of long-used seismic data gathering techniques, such as those used to monitor volcanic activity or fault line activity. But the government scientific bodies say that in order for an earthquake prediction to be legitimate, the date, time, location and magnitude must be correctly defined. In that respect, Hoogerbeets’ prediction qualified, apart from the exact magnitude.

But if such predictions can be made, then why wouldn’t insurance companies and governments use them in order to at least avoid widespread deaths and damage to moveable objects like vehicles? Or are they covering for the military use of tectonic and weather weapons during critical geophysical periods?

Romanian senator Diana Lovanovici-Sosoaca openly accused the US and NATO of using tectonic weapons to trigger the pair of major earthquakes on February 6. She suggested the attack was to distract from failing support for Ukraiine’s Zelensky regime and to punish Turkey’s pro-Russian stance.

In an address to the Romanian Parliament, the so-called “far right politician” said that 24 hours before the quake, 10 countries removed their diplomatic staff from Turkey and five days before it the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning for Romanians travelling to Turkey, despite no danger being cited. No doubt the “fact checkers” will be falling over themselves to explain that. Or will they?

Similar allegations of HAARP being used were raised in a flurry of Twitter posts by Turkish people a few days after the February 6th quake. But the posts were shut down after Twitter was apparently leaned on by someone. The shut downs were detected by

The senator said the Turkish secret service was investigating a possible “criminal intervention”, which suggested the involvement of another state in triggering the first earthquake. “It is very clear President Erdogan is being punished for his courage, dignity and honour and for his closeness to the Russian Federation – in fact a position of neutrality and mediation for peace.”

Turkey’s Erodogan has a long history of clashes with western powers. In a BBC video from 2021, when he ordered 10 ambassadors out of the country, he accuses his jailed opponent Osman Kavala of collaborating with George Soros in a coup attempt. He also walked out on Klaus Schwab at a WEF conference and more recently, blocked the bid by Finland and Sweden to join NATO, raising various concerns.

The Romanian senator said there has been “a real campaign of mass killing worldwide” through “alleged pandemics” and “untested vaccines”, or through wars that reduce the world’s population and “rearrange international politics”.

“We have lived to witness the production of earthquakes on command, which is actually an attack on Turkey by the greatest of the world who totally disliked being set up by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Turkey,” she said. “Moreover, his position of neutrality and mediator in the Ukrainian-Russian war deeply disturbed them, especially since Turkey is the second great power from a military point of view within NATO.

“His position to block Sweden’s accession to NATO, his speech in Davos, as well as the gesture of leaving in the middle of the press conference defying Schwab, did not remain without an echo in the cold world of leaders of the world. But no one thought that people would have to die — so many people and in such a terrible way.”

She said “geological weapons”, which have existed and been experimented with for a long time, were now being put into practice. She further claimed that Turkey had managed to turn off its network of gas and oil pipeline only 10 seconds before the two quakes hit.

The senator also suggested the quake also served as a distraction from western problems with Ukraine after “representatives of many countries began to shout against the despotism and corruption of Zelensky” who was “acting as if he is ruling the world” and everyone was obliged to send weapons to help him.

The senator has campaigned for Romanian neutrality but was attacked for her stance. But now, more than a year into the Ukraine-Russia war, she said her detractors had changed their tune while the great powers were attempting to turn Romania into a servile state and its people into cannon fodder for wars.