Qld Labor ‘inhumane’ for removing Covid remedy hydroxychloroquine from market and jailing anyone who uses it

Senator Malcolm Roberts questions, is Australia the New World Order’s testing ground? He discusses this and more with Maria Zeee on the Alex Jones Show.

Download video – https://rumble.com/v28glmi-wake-up-world-senator-malcolm-roberts-exposes-death-squad-duopoly-governmen.html?mref=qnz9d&mc=6f8oi

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Ivermectin is a poisonand Roberts is a Freemason. Zee is a grifter.


  2. We seem to be in the phase of educating the population as to why governments cannot be trusted to act in the interests of their citizens.What is the next phase, ie. their removal by humane methods, by dissolving their authority? How long do we let them carry on their charade?


  3. “I was wondering what you will do when you find out that C19 is caused by 5G?”

    Ah, the wonderful effects of EMFs have exploded in our faces. But nobody seems to be interested.

    ‘Hard evidence proves US gov’t lied about 5G. Navy research report confirms numerous health dangers.’


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  4. 30 years of Pauline Hanson. Nothing changed. Same with all opposition… Controlled… One big club.

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  5. Antic, Latham, Rennick, Roberts and Hanson are Freemason pedophile protectors. They are not on our side. Controlled opposition (pretenders). Petitions, emails, letters, and marches are a waste of time. There is a way to end it all and these politicians and the so-called freedom leaders will not go there because they all work for the enemy… Release the 90 year Parliamentary Paedophile Protecting Suppression Orders unredacted . Tell the truth about what happened at Port Arthur. Admit that there is NO such thing as contagion. Send the millions of marching protestors to stand at the Governor Generals’. The first and/or the last one alone will end it.

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  6. @Dee

    Yah for Politicians!

    I don’t know what to say to you political tards anymore……

    I suppose you still think that “voting” matters

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  7. @ betty-mac

    Australia has been the testing ground since the 50’s…….have a research into how many “atomic bombs” were set off at Maralinga……

    The British and the Americans have used this land as a test bed for all manner of poisons

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  8. Thank goodness for Pauline, Malcolm and One Nation which has the best informed, bravest Pollies with the most guts when telling the truth and exposing the weak, evil cowards trying to steal our great country for the WEF, CCP, BigTech & BigPharma. Pauline, Malcolm and team you have our full support to lead us out of this great deception and bioweapon genocide promoted by ALP, Greens, Libs, Teals etc and back to our God given freedoms and lucky country status. BTW no-one should call it a vax when it is a bioweapon designed for death.

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  9. Here is why Amandha Vollmer does not support Ivermectin

    “Ivermectin is basically an antibiotic = anti-life. It is suppressive, which means when you have DETOX symptoms aka a cold or flu, this type of drug STOPS the body from doing so, giving the ILLUSION you are “better” when really it buries the expression deeper into organ tissues causing long-term damage and shortening of life (if the person is lucky, it will express along the same pattern, which means the mechanism has not been broken). Then people claim it is “miraculous” because their symptoms went away, but really they just killed their own pleomorphic microbes (who arrived at the scene of the toxicity to clean it up and remove the wastes aka to help the body heal) and caused more damage.

    The worst part about this drug currently is the propping up of FAKE COVID, and the FAKE COVID PANDEMIC: helping to support the lie of a virus that doesn’t exist, the germ theory, which is false and supporting a pandemic that never happened while encouraging people into actually doing self-harm… staying in ignorance (and also supporting the Rockefeller medical cartel that persecuted natural practitioners who carried the knowledge of the methods of proper prevention, healing and cleansing with vibrational therapies, natural remedies and nutrition).

    It kills parasites and heartworm, malaria, river blindness, which means it kills life. In Countries where people are starving and dying of malnutrition and exposed to greater amounts of parasites due to wastes in the environment and in their bodies, nor having the nutritional capacity to cleanse the body properly, suppressive, poisonous drug like ivermectin are often needed, as there is no education or support for proper healing or the use of the thousands of natural medicines available to us.

    The trade off is a shorter life or other health losses (intelligence, coping skills, fertility, resilience, youthfulness, etc). This is why they use other suppressive antibiotics like methylene blue (originally designed as a dye for cotton), for example, which I found in most poor Countries when I was traveling. I was alarmed seeing young babies and children with dark blue tongues, my own intuition was telling me this was not the way. Ignorance is truly the greatest disease.

    These are chloride based drugs that are pro-oxidant. If you want a gentle pro-oxidant for emergencies that will not suppress, try MMS/chloride dioxide therapy or hydrogen peroxide therapy, these methods support cellular communication via electron donation and do not kill per se, they upregulate the detox mechanisms to hasten the clean up, without killing everything in sight. If you want these to work even better, pair it with DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide, to increase blood flow and manage run away inflammation aka further tissue damage).

    Our goal is not to kill these organisms in the body who are only there because we have food inside of us for them, usually metals. The goal is to chelate the metals and upregulate the organs of elimination (emunctories). Of course ignorance and disease states plague this world, so suppressive drugs and antibiotics are considered “heroes” by those who are still wandering through the germ theory illusion, but when these life forms are killed, the toxins they were eating spill out into the body, increasing the toxic load. Ideally, you wish to starve them, so they leave with all the toxins they ate from you still inside them.

    Again, the symptoms may temporarily decrease, but this is an illusion as the toxins are still present for “reinfection” of more parasites inviting new disease states that ignorant people and doctors seem unable to figure it out: there is nothing new, just deeper damage with a new constellation of symptoms. I do understand the emergency need for suppression, but keep in mind, in these situations you have to then recover TWICE: once from the suppressed disease state that will re-emerge AND secondly from the drug damage…and as a holistic practitioner my oath is to first do no harm. So I must speak the truth of this situation, teach people how the body works so they can heal and thrive, stop supporting the imposed Rockefeller/NWO medical cartel false germ theory and associated killer vaccines, and rather than just “get by”, truly thrive to produce the next generations of children that will also thrive and overcome the evils of this world.”

    With careful considerations,
    Amandha D Vollmer

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  10. Western Defector

    The head of TGA is a murderer and needs to be tried by a jury of educated people and hung.

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  11. This says what they are ??😡


  12. Neville Thompson

    35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide will cure what ever covid is so says medically qualified experts and it can be used to disinfect everything you touch .

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  13. I have been saying that we are a testing ground for the last 2 years!
    Why is it we are still pushing Covid and the vaccine when the rest of the world isn’t?
    I know someone who travelled to Europe last year with his wife and family…they were NOT jabbed.They travelled with Emirates who did not require vaccinated passengers….HEAR THAT, QANTAS?
    Everywhere they went …no jabs were mentioned…all was normal.
    Again I ask….why is Gates paying such great attention to Australia?

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  14. When I came back early to Brisbane, from an Australian Volunteer assignment in Vanuatu, I still had 6 months supply of anti malaria tablets. I didn’t know they were banned in Queensland, so I was handing them out to friends who got C19.

    In my opinion, what Qld Labor did was premeditated murder. They knew, and if they get away with this action, there is no deterrent for them or who ever controls the purse, to prevent them doing it again for the next pandemic.

    Australia does seem to be dumping ground for poisons and waste. The 47 tonnes of Thimerosal (Organomercury antiseptic and antifungal agent) sprayed over Brisbane last year, is just one recent example.

    I was wondering what you will do when you find out that C19 is caused by 5G?

    All the media fear porn, the daily case numbers reported by the health authorities, the queues for the PCR tests, the relentless barrage to get injections! The lock downs, the travel restrictions, the mandates for injections, the job losses, the schooling disruptions just to name a few of the dramas.

    What if you knew this was the cause back in May 2020?

    Click to access FRENCH_MILITARY_DOCUMENT.pdf

    Read the Analysis and the Conclusions sections first.

    Fact Checkers – Welcome!

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