Terrifying Twitter montage of Covid vaxx deaths across UK and Australia


Pfizer Comirnaty jabs do not discriminate – rich or poor – young or old – fit or unfit, this Twitter grab, thanks to Elon Musk who also describes his adverse reaction to the mRNA poison covers massive protests in the UK and at the BBC office over jab mandates and media blackouts

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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    What, your not into into beautiful Asian woman walking on your back then handcuffing you to the keyboard for some tickle torture?

    What’s wrong with you 😀


    Yeah, thanks, I didn’t look at the sites, just the Google results. There’s too much BS and subterfuge to wade through on Government sites. I’m not a masochist like some.




    Phillipines Statistics Authority website figures?

    I had a chuckle, not at the death of 20,872 Phillies in 2020 but the reason given.

    “Covid-19, virus not identified”

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  4. 40. Just by way of interest. I did a google search on the number of deaths in the Philippines and Australia.
    Years: 2019 2020 2021 2022
    Phil: 620,000 616,000 880,000 hidden
    Aus: 169,000 161,000 171,500 196,500
    I hope these line up in the post. There are the numbers, not some vague 5000%+ increase; no need for the casual reader to look up and analyse a link. By the way, I’d like to thank all those Platonic Philosophers who gave me such lengthy sagely advise on how to click a link to work out what numbers a 5000%+ increase in Excess Deaths article recently. I know where to go for help with some university level differential calculus for my daughter. I can do it myself but I might make a mistake.


  5. re: “Safe and effective, a second opinion” by Oracle Films”

    It would appear that the MSM, the politicians and the medical witch doctors forcing this injection on the unsuspecting and trusting public have been less than consistent with their “duty of care”.

    It must surely be their turn to “take one for the team”. So why are there no cases before the courts?


  6. “Safe and effective, a second opinion” by Oracle Films on YouTube

    Remember, the Northern Hemisphere are 6 months ahead of us.
    Prepare now.



    Gates sets up CEPI in 2017 with private investors, ours and other country’s taxpayers dollars, to help fund companies researching promising new medicines in case of a pandemic. 😉😉

    Moderna was one of the recipients.

    Moderna is obliged to grant Gates a non exclusive licence to their covid19 mRNA vaccine, being a primary funder.

    Gates was, maybe still is, the primary funder of the UK’s Medicines Regulator that gave emergency approval to Moderna and allowed the poison to be given to children.

    Moderna’s top executives were sell sell sell sell sell two to three months after the plandemic became a WHO pandemic. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

    There are losers in all forms of gambling, but not many are insiders.

    Trieu Vuong held 612,716 (MRNA) shares, then on 30/09/2018 he sold 500,000 for 50 US cents each, worth a total $250k.

    500,000 (MRNA) shares at their pandemic peak were worth $231.5m

    Brandon has announced Covid19 National Emergencies will end on May 11 and FDA announced healthcare providers on receiving a negative covid test result, can lie to their patient, mate the good news is your negative but my bad news is your positive.


    Pssst, Daviddd2, it’s said Isabel Maxwell when talking about Master Gates, jokingly talks in a southern belle accent.

    h ttps://www.weforum.org/people/isabel-s-maxwell


  8. Dandy
    I believe you are 100% correct. Vitamin D supplementation is another con, if it weren’t for the climate engineering going on, if nature had been left alone and they never started the bullshit SSS campaign I remember as a child, I don’t believe skin cancer would even exist, let alone a myriad of other chronic and terminal diseases/illnesses. I had relatives (6) aunts and uncles live well in to their nineties, (born in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s) I think one died of cancer ( probably from some modern day drug). Vitamin D is an essential to a healthy immune system. Sunscreen (ignoring the chemicals and cancer causing effects)) blocks the Vitamin D essential to build up your immune system, in addition to so many other things in the body. Sunglasses just as bad for your eyes, the window to your soul. I don’t require a whole bunch of stupid letters at the end of my name to know that our health and society has deteriorated as a consequence. Even the sea water isn’t the same (and that is not climate change).

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  9. To Davidd2,

    Vitamin D is described as the ‘conductor’ of our immune system.
    It’s important at a time like now and I’m assuming that is the message you are wanting to convey.

    The speaker you posted however, Dr. David Campbell admitted recently that he got it wrong because he was telling his listeners the mRNA ‘vaccines’ were probably okay.
    He has now changed his mind.
    Given his influence on many to take the shot, I’m surprised he still has a trusted following.
    Dr. Campbell is a retired Nurse Educator (with a PhD) from the UK, where the sun barely shines, and it’s true, the people in the UK need their Vitamin D somehow and especially now.

    He talks about Vitamin D ‘supplementation’ in typical allopathic terms of finding a medicine to do it with when those of us who live on this side of the world get it for free.

    Vitamin D is converted from the sun through our skin.
    Cholecalciferol, the synthetic vitamin D ‘supplementation’ can be used as a rat killer at high doses.
    I know which one I prefer.

    Telling people to slip, slop and slap to the extremes of not getting their natural Vitamin D in a Country like Australia was more like a sunscreen promotion or an advert for people who don’t know how to use common sense.
    Some people have taken these protective measures to extremes, and to their own detriment.
    Their Vitamin D levels are probably low.

    Skin cancers are on the rise, from what? The sun or the toxic sunscreens? Or something else? Why do we blame the sun? A melanoma on an area of the body that never sees the sun, do we blame the sun for that too? It is an allopathic assumption that has more questions than answers.

    Australians should not need to worry about Vitamin D supplementation if they get sensible, non burning sun regularly.
    Doctors used to check Vitamin D levels for people, and it was free, but that service has now been stopped. You have to pay for it yourself and it’s not cheap.

    When I slip, slopped and slapped for many years my Vitamin D levels were very low.
    After advice from my GP and sensible sun exposure the levels rose, all by themselves.
    That’s all it takes.

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  10. College drop out talks about c-vid and vaxxines! It seems there’ll be no mandatory vaxxines on Epstein Island until the vaxxine problem is fixed.

    ” Bill Gates Is Sh*tting On COVID Vaxx After Cashing In Stock!”


  11. Outrageous!

    For the benefit of those who are concerned.
    It’s all over Europe and elsewhere but not in Australia, Canada, US and Britain.

    Vitamin D, now conclusive …

    What Australian MSM and authorities won’t tell us! We’re being snowed big time.

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  12. To Pat from Vic,

    “this is a military operation run by the US DoD (Department of Defence), has been from the start, and ALL our governments and the entirety of the Western corporatocracy have been willing accomplices”

    Yes, I have also heard that claim.
    That it is a military operation.
    The claims are that the Country most in their sights is the USA.
    The goal is to get down to 99 million. From 300 million people. Preferably white ones.
    Then UK and Germany.
    To what extent, Australia?
    Even NZ gets a mention at 25% of their population to be gone.

    Injections may take too long.
    Any other suggestions?

    The background to how the DoD could be involved is somewhat sketchy.
    Is there any truth to their role in the hydrogel used for the injections?

    Now WHO comes out to warn Governments about Radiation and Nuclear threats and to prepare by stockpiling.
    The military know all about Radiation.
    They have been testing it’s capability for years.

    The dumb ones amongst us think 5th generation (5G) is so they can download Netflix.
    Because MSM said so.

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  13. As low as is the horizon of our Marxist State, and their standard issue Communist genocide, it is good to recall the wonderful miracles that were worked by our Saviour and our King, the Lord Jesus Christ behind the iron curtain of the Soviet Union with its WOKE schools, man-made famines, genocides, gulags etc.

    This wonderful account from the journal of one Fr Norbert in Hungary, Christmas 1956.

    True Story 1956 Infant Jesus Appears in Classroom. Communist Hungary. WOKE Teacher flees

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  14. NHS Worker: “This is genocide”.

    Sue did basic nursing as a Health Care Assistant during the Global ‘Pandemic’ 2020 – the overflowing ICUs and morgues. She was working in a West Country hospital when the chronic morbidities, influenza patients / influenza shot patients were labeled ‘covid’ and killed with Midazolam / Remdesivir in the two virtually empty wards. This is an Inside story.

    She nursed during the vaxx-roll out of 2021 and saw the casualties.

    NHS Worker Who Witnessed Vaccinated People Suffer


  15. @aapkoning……

    Do Not include i in your Citizen count;
    I am not any type of Chattel for Government and neither should you be;
    If you want to continue accepting that you are a Citizen then you will NEVER be free of Government control
    Wake Up FFS



    What was in Master Gates envelope and folder that he had tucked under his tentacle in Albo’s damning photo op from a previous CN article?

    A blank cheque from Australian Gov?

    The guide to strategies and plays for the next plandemic?

    Mom’s shopping list from the WHO’s latest horror movie?

    Last Thursday the obsequious MSM ushered a new fear campaign based on a very real and 77 years old one.

    A Bulletin of mad Atomic Scientists and a handful or two of Noble Lorikeets under the spell of Global Warming’s mutant offspring Climate Change and the more pressing Zelenskyy Curse, moved a Doomsday Clock forward 10 seconds, to 90 seconds to the midnight hour.

    A global catastrophe they say….understated, Zelenskyy has insanely urged his puppeteers to preemptively strike Russia and like the rider of a red horse, they’re as keen on people killing each other as he is….would be CATACLYSMIC.

    On cue the WHO’s Dr Maria Neira released a press statement presenting the document below, for Member States to consider updating National stockpiles for radiological and nuclear emergencies and policy advice, General Disclaimers included, ‘….Dotted and dashed lines on maps, ra ra ra….The responsibility for the interpretation and use of the material lies with the reader. In no event shall WHO be liable for damages arising from its use.’

    The document includes more recent ‘information on the pharmaceutical elements of stockpiles and additional information on medicines recently approved for clinical management of radiation injuries in several countries.’

    Could be pointing us in the right direction, like when big pharma took advantage of processes that just happened by chance of government deregulation, to fast track poisons to market with pollies blessings; those poisons turning out to be serial killers.

    The medical countermeasures listed in table 3 could be a good investment, given the surge in share prices of covid snake oil manufacturers after WHO called the plandemic a pandemic in early 2020.

    Partner Therapeutics at ~ USD 0.25 looks a fair bet, as it seems they have the only FDA approved GM-CSF product on the market in the US, Sargramostim branded as Leukine; a multi purpose drug that has shown promise in trials with Alzheimer’s sufferers and billionaire Joseph Edelman named it a top 10 investment in 2021.

    My money’s not on…yet, might have to make a call to Master Gates for some insider advice.



  17. David said – “Bring back the kurdaitcha man…”

    That kurdaitcha man is going to be mighty busy – and awful lot of bones to be pointed here in Australia (100,000 plus, I reckon – that’s a lot of rope and a lot of lamp posts).

    BTW, when are people going to wake up – we already KNOW the reason the so-called “regulatory agencies” have done NOTHING to protect the people. This is a military operation run by the US DoD, has been from the start, and ALL our governments and the entirety of the Western corporatocracy have been willing accomplices.

    They want us DEAD – and they’ve been PAID to DO IT, and they’re NOT BACKING DOWN now because they CAN’T – it’s TOO LATE for that, they have to KILL US ALL or DIE TRYING.



  18. The truth hurts? Generations of parents have swept aside paedophilia and sexual abuse, political corruption, abide by the law, don’t question the police? f.ing blinded by TV. Unless you get in the real world like basic kid’s sport then you hear a whole lot more. I am half heartedly encouraged, some I spoke to a year ago are now seeing what’s truly going on. Perhaps there is hope.


  19. And yet the people stand obediently and even at the point of death obediently comply with the commands of their killers…


  20. You might like to share these after checking. Premeditated murder charges are being prepared by Dr David Martin in USA.

    Died Suddenly in Australia

    Safe and effective vaccine – no need for mask!

    Doctors speaking out against C19 injections

    Fauci, Gates, WHO, CDC, FDA, TGA, ATAGI, APHRA and Australian Heath Ministers and Health Officials knew and got paid extra for Mandates, lock downs and hospital admissions, patients on ventilators and Death Certificates for C19

    Bring back the kurdaitcha man


    How Does the Aboriginal Executioner ‘Kurdaitcha Man’ Avenge the Dead?

    Kurdaitcha (known also as Kurdaitcha man) is a ritual ‘executioner’ in the culture of the Australian Aborigines,…


  21. We have plus 25 million citizens, will we revolt? Or are we again going to be used as Guinea pigs, for Bill Hell Gates private enterprise the W H O? New mutants created by Pfizer are currently being trialed! So we can tune the new vaccines against the new man made virus, that’s is around the corner…
    Here is More info from Pfizer:
    EXPLOSIVE: Pfizer ADMITTS they DESIGN covid viruses.
    It’s hard to put into words how big this story is. This is a scandal of epic proportions. This is THE biggest news story not just of the year, but of the decade. Guess what? Complete silence from the mainstream media. But that’s okay. We are now the media, writes Peter Imanuelsen .

    You see, Pfizer issued a statement yesterday admitting that they DESIGNED covid viruses . I know, this is absolutely insane.

    It all started with the Project Veritas undercover video, in which a Pfizer executive admitted that they are doing gain-of-function research and deliberately mutating covid to make new vaccines.

    The video has of course since been censored on YouTube, but can still be viewed on Rumble

    The video has of course since been censored on YouTube, but can still be viewed on Rumble.

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