John Adams (left) is a fanatical researcher and is pictured as he usually appears with Martin North on Interests Of The People. The ball exposing Australia’s biggest ever corruption scandal is now in Canberra’s court.

FEDERAL politicians have been asked to use their parliamentary privilege powers to expose what has been called the biggest corruption scandal in Australian history and a “Mr Big” at the centre of it.

Investigative journalist and economist John Adams passed his 608-page corporate crime investigation on to the Federal Parliament on January 30th in the hope that it will be exposed under parliamentary privilege.

The report has been sitting in the lap of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) for the past seven months. It was handed to them in April 2022 after Adams spent an astonishing $50,000 on the investigation into serious corruption involving Australia’s “political and business elite”. It was formally acknowledged in July and again in December, but ASIC has had no correspondence with Adams.

That may be because of two possibilities: Adams’ investigation was so thorough that ASIC can find nothing to query and decided to just get on with investigations, or, that ASIC is simply too gutless to challenge the powerful figures involved.

Adams’ investigation was framed in such a way (with the help of some leading lawyers) that ASIC could not give it the flick, as they do to 99% of complaints. In fact Adams has concurrently produced another investigation into ASIC itself based on the shocking statistic that they only pursue less than 1% of complaints. That particular report has also been given to some 30 MPs.

Adams airs his work mostly on a YouTube program called Interest Of The People, hosted by Martin North, a financial analyst and media commentator.

Cairns News is not privy to the details of Adams’ 600-page investigation because he has kept it under tight wraps. All we know is that it involves serious high-level corruption in sport and media businesses and as North says, “Australia’s governing elite”.

In a recent video Adams and North noted ASIC had started 2023 with “an extraordinary attack on the Federal Parliament” on the eve of a major inquiry about to examine ASIC’s investigation and enforcement performance i.e. Adams’ smaller report into ASIC itself.

Both outgoing Commissioner Sean Hughes and ASIC Chairman Longo  attacked Parliament’s oversight as “inefficient and waste of time”. ASIC will  appear before Senate Estimates either on the 15th or 16th of February 2023.

Martin North updated the situation in a video on January 31, which features a misleading, supposedly funny heading. To save time, go to the 2m 52sec on the video to hear North’s comments re the document which he says contains “highly damaging information about Australia’s ruling elite”. it was previously referred to on a broadcast the pair did on September 21, 2022 and called “The Package That Will Shock Australia”. North says the package “is unlike any other investigation in Australian history”.

“Many people within this audience believe that our system of government is compromised and protects the rich and powerful,” North said. “The Adams document goes to the very heart of this proposition, thus I can confirm that Adams today submitted his confidential document to the Senate Economics Reference Committee Inquiry into ASIC, where he names one individual within Australia’s ruling elite who posses immense power.”

North went on to state that the report includes a series of “compromising photographs and images of this individual”. He said the report goes to some length to explain the significance of the photos. “Adams has provided the inquiry with a series of questions which he suggests the committee should explore about this particular individual and whether this individual should retain their power or not,” Adams said.

North says Adams was advised by legal professionals within his camp he shouldn’t take this course of action and they would disassociated themselves from him. But North says such threats and ultimatums “never have worked with Adams, and never will”.

North says the report will put the Senate inquiry to the test and deal with the allegations or just sweep them under the carpet. Cairns News urges readers to share this report and let their MPs and media know that they will be watching.

He said if Adams produced this inquiry in North Korea or some other dictatorship he would certainly face summary execution.