Pressure on Senate now to reveal ‘biggest corruption scandal in Australian history’

John Adams (left) is a fanatical researcher and is pictured as he usually appears with Martin North on Interests Of The People. The ball exposing Australia’s biggest ever corruption scandal is now in Canberra’s court.

FEDERAL politicians have been asked to use their parliamentary privilege powers to expose what has been called the biggest corruption scandal in Australian history and a “Mr Big” at the centre of it.

Investigative journalist and economist John Adams passed his 608-page corporate crime investigation on to the Federal Parliament on January 30th in the hope that it will be exposed under parliamentary privilege.

The report has been sitting in the lap of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) for the past seven months. It was handed to them in April 2022 after Adams spent an astonishing $50,000 on the investigation into serious corruption involving Australia’s “political and business elite”. It was formally acknowledged in July and again in December, but ASIC has had no correspondence with Adams.

That may be because of two possibilities: Adams’ investigation was so thorough that ASIC can find nothing to query and decided to just get on with investigations, or, that ASIC is simply too gutless to challenge the powerful figures involved.

Adams’ investigation was framed in such a way (with the help of some leading lawyers) that ASIC could not give it the flick, as they do to 99% of complaints. In fact Adams has concurrently produced another investigation into ASIC itself based on the shocking statistic that they only pursue less than 1% of complaints. That particular report has also been given to some 30 MPs.

Adams airs his work mostly on a YouTube program called Interest Of The People, hosted by Martin North, a financial analyst and media commentator.

Cairns News is not privy to the details of Adams’ 600-page investigation because he has kept it under tight wraps. All we know is that it involves serious high-level corruption in sport and media businesses and as North says, “Australia’s governing elite”.

In a recent video Adams and North noted ASIC had started 2023 with “an extraordinary attack on the Federal Parliament” on the eve of a major inquiry about to examine ASIC’s investigation and enforcement performance i.e. Adams’ smaller report into ASIC itself.

Both outgoing Commissioner Sean Hughes and ASIC Chairman Longo  attacked Parliament’s oversight as “inefficient and waste of time”. ASIC will  appear before Senate Estimates either on the 15th or 16th of February 2023.

Martin North updated the situation in a video on January 31, which features a misleading, supposedly funny heading. To save time, go to the 2m 52sec on the video to hear North’s comments re the document which he says contains “highly damaging information about Australia’s ruling elite”. it was previously referred to on a broadcast the pair did on September 21, 2022 and called “The Package That Will Shock Australia”. North says the package “is unlike any other investigation in Australian history”.

“Many people within this audience believe that our system of government is compromised and protects the rich and powerful,” North said. “The Adams document goes to the very heart of this proposition, thus I can confirm that Adams today submitted his confidential document to the Senate Economics Reference Committee Inquiry into ASIC, where he names one individual within Australia’s ruling elite who posses immense power.”

North went on to state that the report includes a series of “compromising photographs and images of this individual”. He said the report goes to some length to explain the significance of the photos. “Adams has provided the inquiry with a series of questions which he suggests the committee should explore about this particular individual and whether this individual should retain their power or not,” Adams said.

North says Adams was advised by legal professionals within his camp he shouldn’t take this course of action and they would disassociated themselves from him. But North says such threats and ultimatums “never have worked with Adams, and never will”.

North says the report will put the Senate inquiry to the test and deal with the allegations or just sweep them under the carpet. Cairns News urges readers to share this report and let their MPs and media know that they will be watching.

He said if Adams produced this inquiry in North Korea or some other dictatorship he would certainly face summary execution.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. To Pat from Vic, Jo, and all the other true blue warriors here… yeah, sorry guys, my dementia makes it hard to recall the gazillion acts of treason and corruption by these bastards.

    To he who thinks I am negativist, I do not pass the ball to the player in the expensive uniform who talks nice, but to the rough bastard who sees the enemy with clarity and will then join me in defeating said enemy.

    I have been doing this for sixty years, long enough to know the wheat from the chaff, and academic tossers from fighters. But you just go right on supporting the better-presented resistance.

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  2. Our Moscow correspondent is soon to post an update on the Ukraine conflict so we expect you to try to pull him to bits.
    He has just returned to the front line after being wounded. He has lost most of his detachment in the meantime who were taken out by a missile. Editor


  3. To Editor
    Completely different topic but think this is very important to get out to people, albeit compliments of the Guardian and every other MSM outlet. I don’t doubt the profits they refer to, it is more about the cost of oil (30% lower today than in 2008) and I quote from the article:

    “Exxon Mobil posted a $56bn profit for 2022, the company said on Tuesday, taking home about $6.3m an hour last year, and setting not only a company record but a historic high for the western oil industry.

    Oil majors are expected to break their own annual records on high prices and soaring demand, pushing their combined take to near $200bn. The scale has renewed criticism of the oil industry and sparked calls for more countries to levy windfall profit taxes on the companies.

    Exxon’s results far exceeded the then record $45.2bn net profit it reported in 2008, when oil hit $142 a barrel, 30% above last year’s average price. Deep cost cuts during the pandemic helped supercharge last year’s earnings.”

    So the price of oil last year was 30% lower than in 2008, so why are we paying what we are paying for fuel (blame it on Putin yep sure, cost cutting yeah sure)? No these greedy bastards have dobbed themselves in. Here is article

    This alone should be enough to annoy every living person on the planet paying to fill their car. Currently here 182.9c a litre.


  4. Australian politics has seen an increasing crescendo of corruption ever since 1973, the Whitless years.


  5. It’s time to remove all government politicians and hand the power back to the people. They are a corporation working under the UN, WHO, WEF. They pretend to fix things only to create bigger ones. The sooner they are all locked up the better Australia will be. Even the Governor General is corrupt.


  6. All member’s in parliament need to be removed.
    Illegitimate Government who do not serve the people but themselves.


  7. “Some of the comments here are cynical to the point of confessing defeat.”

    There’s not much room for optimism when the likes of characters such as Morrison, Andrews and Palashchook can do what they did to us. Even worse, we now have the revived Greens and the new Teals to screw us even more!

    There’s NOTHING to look forward to until we Aussies wake up to the damage being inflicted on us by the treacherous sell out politicians we keep encouraging by our collective silence.

    Any brave odd voice is quickly ridiculed or bullied into oblivion. Most Aussies seem to have turned into frightened, gutless sheep.

    How quickly we forget the way we were! Sad.

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  8. Some of the comments here are cynical to the point of confessing defeat.
    “Ya can do nothing coz they are just too corrupt! Woe is us!”
    What defeatist nonsense. At least give Adams and North some support for taking a stand. Who else in the community is prepared to spend 50 grand on an 600-page investigation into corruption and then take it to parliament?


  9. “Pressure on Senate now to reveal biggest corruption scandal in Australian history”

    Pressure on Senate? Biggest corruption in Aussie history? Which history? The British, American or Jewish?

    Australia has got NO HISTORY of its own and is far to busy with Union Jack and Eagle Tooth fairies, liberated Unicorns of rainbow colors that come with a well being package that makes Australians sleep at night while “alien sheep from other shores” continuously consume the Aussie fodder.

    How does hell work again if one finds “CORRUPTION” in the bottomless pit? Talk to your local caring representative! He will sort things out for you!

    The pressure always was on sleepy Aussies and not on imaginary Senates and Governments with a maze of contradicting laws that neither SERVE AUSTRALIA nor the people which already are on notice but choose to look elsewhere because this is far too frightening as some kind of reality no one really wants.

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  10. If you start from the beginning of government, you won’t have enough trees to make the pages.


  11. tonyryan43 said – “Their corruption has since become uncomment-worthy considering that the parliament, judiciary, media, bureaucracy, police, security intelligence, and all corporate watchdogs also are corrupt beyond rescue.”

    … you might add racketeering & blackmailing & embezzlement & fraud, child trafficking & rape & murder, organ harvesting & trading, Satanic ritual sacrifice, and high treason in every possible direction – all on a routine business-as-usual basis.

    There’s a LOT of cognitive dissonance coming our way.


  12. Ed… ah oh. Am I starting to sound like a cracked record?

    I listened to Adams for two hours and concluded that he focuses too much on the inconsequential. Professor Jones declared that the financial police should have been “taken out the back and shot” well over a decade ago. Their corruption has since become uncomment-worthy considering that the parliament, judiciary, media, bureaucracy, police, security intelligence, and all corporate watchdogs also are corrupt beyond rescue.

    I also noted Adams and partner skipped the US when it came to naming regimes known for killing people who expose the truth. I guess they have not heard of Assange.

    In short, I think these guys are lightweights. I most certainly hope events prove me wrong.

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  13. Are you talking about uncle Rupert?Ed


  14. Oooooo.
    Wonder who.
    Any guesses?
    The Fox Andrews Albanese meeting is interesting.
    The two A’s aren’t heavyweights though.


  15. I wonder if we are talking about the same person.

    In 2021, I completed a novel which identifies what I would describe as the most powerful person in Australia, describing in detail how that person abused the judicial system and police offences legislation to career-assassinate an inconvenient truthteller. This powerful person then went on to spend millions in buying historians and journalists to rewrite history in order to divert attention from his crime.

    This was followed by three attempts to silence me too.

    It would be nice to add another bullet to John Adam’s magazine; and I ain’t referring to the published kind.

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  16. I have heard abut this one man, I think form Lurnpa, up in the Northern Territory, whom he referred to as Bob.
    Bob has, apparently, immense power.
    In any evet, we may not come to know the contents of Adams and North’s report, unless divulged via the Senate process, but my friend Desi Cochrane has similar effort in train, but is filing in the High Court in Canberra, and, he told me a couple of days ago, the International Criminal Court.
    Desi’s most recent interview is here, for your information and assessment.
    What Desi has told me is devastating, and implicates every federal Attorneys-General from Philip Ruddock down the chain, Magistrates, Victorian Attorneys-General, and everyone in between.
    It is an extraordinary, and current story.
    One other enlightening interview link is also provided:



  17. 99 year embargo, coming up!


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