Socialist Shorten is after your every personal detail for new ID card

Shorten and Albanese are coming after all of your personal information held by state governments for inclusion in a new digital ID app to be combined with federal, myGov personal data.

Socialist Bill Shorten will have every Australian bound and gagged with new digital ID

The federal government has flagged significant changes to its myGov platform, recognising the service is now “critical national infrastructure” like roads, hospitals or the power grid.

A review of the service by former Telstra head David Thodley found the number of myGov accounts has doubled in five years, and 1.4 million Australians use the service every day.

But while the platform is heavily used, satisfaction with myGov remains low — with less than half of users satisfied overall with how it is working.

Helping people manage their response to disasters, registering births and deaths, and providing access to documents like drivers licences, seniors cards, occupational licences and Medicare cards have all been listed as priorities.

When the digital dollar starts off next year Australian people will be bound and gagged, completely at the mercy of illegitimate governments and bureaucrats.

Government Services Minister Bill Shorten said as myGov increasingly becomes part of the everyday lives of Australians, it is vital that it is as workable and user-friendly as possible.

“The myGov software, and the app, and the program, really needs to keep up with the expectations of Australians,” he said.

“The myGov app has the potential, this report says, to be a long term part of how Australians deal with government.”

“It’s a matter for negotiating with our comrades-in-arms at the state governments, and getting various federal departments on board,” the socialist Bill Shorten told the ABC.

“This [report] is the blueprint, and what we want to do — what I would like to do — over the next 12 months is articulate a calendar where we can start dropping cards in.

“We’re hoping to put the Medicare card on the app in March.”

Shorten forgot to mention that every person’s vaccination status will be included on the digital passport.

It also suggests there is more the federal government could be doing with its own service, like using it to enroll to vote, renew passports or complete the census.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. First of all, the Government need to pull their fingers out and improve their websites.
    I refuse to use them unless absolutely necessary as I just seem to get on a merry go round, that as its name says….goes round and round!
    Secondly, I signed documents which were government supplied….restricting anyone looking at them…of my immunisation record and my Health Record.
    Isn’t it legal any more for me to protect my privacy?
    Shorten needs to look at how unpopular he was all those years ago before he starts deciding what he will do with us now…it will make him ten times more unpopular!
    He and Albanese are both tarred …wish we could add some feathers!…..with the same fascist communist bastardry personalities!

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  2. Well of course he is. That disgusting little shabbos goy and CoVID Commissar just can’t get that smirk off his face/space. Love his photo ops where he’s ‘covering his bases’ and greeting the fellow worshipful bros ‘at the four points’, cutting the downward triangle and the rest of their retarded masonic crap.

    And Bill has a lot to be ‘downward triangle’ about. In my neighbourhood, I see smart city infrastructure going up. Perhaps you have noted the chrominum posts at a convenient ‘hand level high’ just standing there innocuously at the electronic entrances both inside and outside the local shopping precinct?

    I realize that people just want to forget the events of the CoVID Lockdowns when Australia’s political masters learned that people are going to go along with this shit. We saw children die because families could not get across borders for hospital treatments. We saw families denied access to their loved ones who were in the clutches of the CoVID agencies like hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities. We saw homes lost when the CoVID Regime destroyed livlihood and business for tens of thousands of people. Injury and death from the vaxxes are still climbing as the curve flattens on the wrong axis and people are still laughing at those covid nutters / anti-vaxxers. They might be walking with a sterk and jerk from their fifth Pfizer but they are thinking about getting back to normal.

    Funnily enough I was asked this question myself over coffee by some good natured hobbits at the Sunday get together. What am I thinking about these days? I am thinking about how, given local organisation and networks of trust, it is both possible and desirable for a community, let us say a suburb, to make life absolute fucking hell for a communist regime. Church people do not like to hear this type of comment. But it is OK to fire a bunch of teachers because they won’t get vaxxed.

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  3. Thanks David send an email about the Australian details. Ed


  4. You are too polite, you didn’t mention his secret society Fabian links! Now I am beginning to wonder if we will make it to 2030? The only good news is that I have seen the Wolfhounds (D-328 Dornier C146A Wolfhound) operating here in Australia and Singapore.


  5. Geoffrey richards

    It is time the government started asking people and not telling them, you work for us we don’t work for you.
    This country is turning into a police state but problem is it doesn’t and can’t control the younger citizens these day’s who are also running out of control with little or no justice being served to them.


  6. WOW!! What this means, is simply this…Morgan’s. who have been responsible for the taking of all funds that go to these organisations/departments, and they are broke and scrambling for every $ they can fleece from us. go to UNN’s January 11th 2023 report and understand this theft and disgusting privacy invasion and total communistic control attempt is being brought about by these freemasonic freaks.


  7. This whole idea that you have to have ‘an app’ for everything, and I mean everything, is part of the control grid they are setting up.

    I had to listen their ‘get the app’ speech interspersed with toxic canned commercial music produced through the toxic Jew music industry while I sat in the centrelink phone cue as I waited for an hour to speak with a person who could sort out the mess on after it kicked my nominated third party off twice – and she had ‘the app’. The person had it sorted in 3 minutes.

    Sheeple like me are supposed to think that if we would only get ‘the app’ our communication with centrelink will be easier. It won’t be easier. They will just have more control. The Communist state deliberately makes the experience hell so we will take the next step and get ‘the app’.

    Do not get the app.

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  8. Comrades in arms ?? Indeed. A bunch of socialist/ masonic criminals armed to the teeth with state of the art gear, all paid for by we the people.
    While Shorten and his mates in arms attempt to convince everyone that they are a legitimate Government.
    Meanwhile the Army sits on its fat super annuated arse and let these traitors sell our country out to the UN and the Shortens mates in China.
    Wonder what these good people will offer as a excuse in God’s final Judgement. Doubt that any of them have conscience issues.

    They are too busy climbing the ladder of promotion to General or some other farsical rank to care. Or perhaps enjoying the little children provided for them by their masonic/Jesuit bosses.


  9. Please spare me the BS. ‘ “critical national infrastructure” like roads, hospitals or the power grid’. You know, the critical infrastructure paid for by the taxpayer and then we sell it off to our corporate mates for $1 to ensure that we have a cushy job with the corporate mates after the sheep finally see through us and kick us out of politics –


  10. and then RoboDebt morphed and the Communist State leaders were happy

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  11. If any major structural change happens to our country or system or are to be implemented arn’t we suppose to vote via a referendum so that all the people have a legit say? I would say that this would fall into this category.
    Shorten is just a wanker and coward, and gutless wonder in my opinion with no balls and a puppet he’s the type of guy /gal that you would take out the back for an attitude realignment, he gives me the s_ _ts.

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  12. Carlos the Jackal

    You let them take your guns.

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  13. All I want to know is – when can we hang this bastard?

    All nice and legal like, of course.

    Like Smirk says, “that’s not the sort of country we are”. Let’s not forget to hang him too.

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  14. About six years ago I opted out of allowing my health records from being shared on the proposed national data base. So now the control freak f…ers just intend to override this.

    Another thing, just today I discovered; after relocating from Melbourne twenty-one months ago to the rural NE of the state I finally decided to switch to another doctor in my new location just in case of any emergency health issues should arise (although I generally avoid doctors as much as possible, no longer have any confidence in the medical system). Anyway, I lined up an an appointment with a potential practitioner, and to my horror an hour later, I received an email from the medical centre informing me of Form to complete online as follows:

    The Medical Centre needs you to fill out a New Patient Registration Form before you attend your appointment. We’ve partnered with HotDoc to provide you with a secure and private link to complete your forms.
    I read terms and privacy details before agreeing to such. Unbelievable, so many red-flags, no way will I be giving any third party my health history.
    How many doctors now operate through this back-dooring system and breach of doctor / patient confidentiality I wonder? And who the f..k is this HotDoc mob anyway? Guess I will have to now find another Medical Centre that doesn’t involve HotDoc if possible.


  15. Shorten always was a political cutout, not a real person, and just a no-talent wanker inflicted on us by the globalist machine. He is exactly dumb enough and lacking in imagination, to not appreciate that this is how you piss off the most patient people in the world.

    MyGov is the worst website I have ever encountered, designed by people who have no grasp of the real world and who actually think real people’s lives are just like theirs… Black and white, predictable, and designed to fill a proforma.

    For once in your useless colourless life, Shorten, get off your meatless arse and read the complaints about mygov, and actually think.

    And screw with our pensions and bank accounts and see how long you last. Read an original version of the Social Services Act,(not the fabricated version) and understand you have no mandate to touch it.

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  16. I am going to say something for nothing, right here. Does anyone remember the mine disaster in Tasmania ? Bill Shorten? His leap to fame, union head at the time , Australian Workers Union ? (I stand corrected but my memory). I remember the Sunrise show broadcasting for two weeks, live and being privy to the exit of the two men that were going to die in the two weeks of that insane BS. Todd Russell and Brant Webb. Healthy as looking when they emerged, if you recall the footage. Bill Shorten got a gift to parliament.The Sunrise show via David Koch provided it.

    Just one article:


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