Letter to the Editor

What a complete evil left-wing extremist (Communist, Nazi, Marxist) war-criminal scum f—wit Daniel Andrews is,….announcing that a State funeral for George Pell would be offensive to victims of paedophilia!

Dictator Dan, and all the other corrupt left-wing extremists (Including 90% of politicians, journalists, police, and celebrities), get it through your thick corrupt skulls, George Pell was PROVEN innocent of ALL charges by SEVEN High Court Judges,….he did NOTHING wrong; he was INNOCENT!!!!

Anyone with ANY intelligence whatsoever, and anyone who bothered to check the evidence, and anyone who knows how a Catholic Mass is run,….would KNOW that the FALSE allegations against Pell were physically IMPOSSIBLE,….they simply could NOT have occurred! Physically IMPOSSIBLE,….end of story!

If Pell had been a Labor supporter, and/or a Muslim, instead of a ‘conservative’ Catholic, these FALSE allegations would NEVER have been raised by the corrupt left-wing extremist media (mainly the ABC), and would not have been interrogated by corrupt Communist Dan’s corrupt Gestapo!

SHAME on them all for killing an INNOCENT man!

Rusty Marsh

Cowra NSW