AustraliaOne Party – Capt Kyle interview with Riccardo Bosi on current military operations in Australia

Pine Gap Australia is the most secret place on the planet apart from Antarctica. US Special Forces have brought more than one million children to the surface who have never seen the light of day.

Capt. Kyle Patriots voice chat with Riccardo Bosi, National Leader of AustraliaOne. Audio only.

PLEASE invest 3 hours of your time to listen to this broadcast and Q&A. It confirms everything we’ve been tracking for the past three years; Confirms our current status with regard to US Military in Australia and around the world.

It also describes the events which are imminent and those we can expect to take place in the coming months, helping us put our lives into perspective and plan a positive way forward;

  • At around 40 mins they discuss military movements in Australia, the US and the world…”We Are Close.”
  • All countries signed Nesara/Gesara into law in Geneva on Thanksgiving Day!
  • Quantum Financial System explained
  • [At 02:08:00] Q&A WARNING! Shocking – US Military Update, more than one million children rescued from D.U.M.B’s and tunnels across Australia, Pine Gap and Sydney being the worst.

from Larry Hannigan

Editor: We have refrained from publishing in the past much about the DUMB system of tunnels around the world but the alternative media, including the most responsible channels have been beating this drum for a few years.

When former high-ranking army officer Ricardo Bosi talks openly about the military exercises so far there has to be much credibility in his dialogue. Readers can make up their own minds.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Sent from Mail for Windows


  2. Rice and onion is what Riccaro Bosi was asking the money for from his audience, and perhaps still do. The proclaimed National Leader cannot feed his own. The wolf in the sheep clothing.

    By ther fruit you will recognize them.
    Matthew 7:16

    No fruit blossom from this chatter box, low life actor and imposter.

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  3. Before I get kicked off Cairns News I thought I would share this important message from this very brave soul for any Cairns News readers that may be interested.


  4. Fed Up: “I only saw the comment from Cairns News Editor while checking my emails before I started my day.”

    Have yousself a nice day, mate. lol

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  5. Daviddd2


    You’re a bit too dedicated to the Cairns News comment section aren’t ya mate.

    I only saw the comment from Cairns News Editor while checking my emails before I started my day.

    At least I’m not getting your nasty comments straight to my personal email at last…….Hmmmm!

    Get a life!


  6. Cairns News Editor

    “It does not matter if Cairns News is fair dinkum media or controlled opposition,”

    So you call me “STUPID and want to forfeit by right to freedom of speech on the Cairns News comment section because of this comment above!?!

    How very “Communist” of you.


  7. Fed Up: “I don’t recall I mentioned you where controlled opposition before!?! … There is much better independent media out there anyway”

    Wonderful, go and enjoy. Make yourself happy. lol

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  8. Alan said – “… 20 000 buses in rural Australia and nobody saw nothing…”

    One has to admit, 20,000 buses full of kiddies would be a hard thing to miss – especially if they were all emaciated children in desperate need of a suntan and assorted medical interventions.

    On the other hand, one should exercise a certain amount of discernment in these matters. Riccardo Bosi never stated that there were a million children extracted from Australian DUMBS, that assertion came from his interview counterpart. Jesus himself referred to hiding a ship’s hawser behind a piece of string – IOW it would be a shame to throw out the baby with the bath water (or some other such simplistic analogy).

    IMO, best to focus on what we can see and deal with that. It’s not as if we have any shortage of psycopathic arseholes determined to kill us all right here in Australia.


  9. Editor, cairnsnews said – “Are you totally

    I’m guessing that was rhetorical.


  10. Agreed. As I’ve stated before – I don’t know of any other such qualitative site/platform that would be so tolerant.


  11. Listen mate if we see you mention one m,re time that CN is controlled opposition we will strike you off. Are you totally
    stupid? Editor

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  12. Ummm recalled ‘hallucinatory’ spinach?


  13. ?. What are you eating tonight? Ed


  14. Rice & onion


  15. ….a friendly reminder of a lost trait

    Credit: Yoda4ever Twitter


  16. Yair, Bredas, we just gotta run with anyone who kisses any serpent’s arse as long as they don’t defer to Christ the King and His Mother’s entreaties.

    It’s a bit curious that the various claims to “freedom” and some sort of autonomy have given a monstrously perverse ideology and plutocracy unfettered dominion over the dopes who seem to think that “if I just go along to get along” “Shee’ll be right”.

    In my opinion and experience it’s no use appealing to an MP as though they were ordinary people with ordinary sensibilities and loyalties. No-one gets preselected to represent a Party unless they fully subscribe to the “Party’s ambitions whether they know them or not.



    Hopefully this will load

    Brilliant interview with John Wilson, Guru and Caz that all of Australia need to see and get behind.

    Credit: Project Matilda


  18. God bless the brave souls speaking out

    Credit: Michelle Fielding Twitter


  19. A note to Riccardo Bosi A 1 members.

    I’ve had the guts to speak up on Child/ Human trafficking in these pages! Sometimes gracefully, sometimes disgracefully…

    I am very passionate about saving Australia and our children and believe Riccardo Bosi is one of a very few brave souls to face this head on.

    Not one of you A 1 members have come forward to support Riccardo here…

    Not fkn one!

    It does not matter if Cairns News is fair dinkum media or controlled opposition, if you joined his party you should be standing up for him as well.

    I am not a member of A1 but I do believe in being loyal to people that are trying to do the right thing.

    Whether that is John Wilson the former Commi union leader of Australia that you have nothing in common with, but seem to agree with a lot of what he is saying, to Micheal Jaco, former CIA, and Navy Seal in America right across the waters in America, all trying to wake us all up in their own way.

    A1 supporters and members, you too need to stand firm with Riccardo

    If I where the military alliance, I would be pissed off as well, especially with all they have sacrificed for Australia and worldwide having to put up with the disgusting disrespectful comments made here and elsewhere about them and the children by ignorant selfish grubs.

    Thats just my honest opinion


  20. If one million children were rescued from tunnels in Australia that is 20 000 buses full of kids moving in Australia to where the petrol stations must have made a fortune and we never saw a thing 20 000 buses in rural Australia and nobody saw nothing have a wank on somebody else’s leg

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  21. Dandy: ” To put the public’s mind at ease.”

    Yes, they even lit up the Sydney Opera House in blue.

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  22. I can’t help but think that Mexican Max must be feeling somewhat vindicated.
    This rural shooting is not unlike what he felt ‘they’ were going to pin on him if he hung around.
    Not really for any particular reason, just that he had his own point of view and was happy to publicly share it in this once ‘free speech’ Country.

    Some things don’t add up with this latest shooting.
    I guess if the whole lot are taken out, then who can speak?
    An external investigation will surely want to see the body cams of the police.
    As usual, they will become a crucial part of the evidence.
    To put the public’s mind at ease.

    Still, why would his family report him (Nathaniel Train) missing if he was with family?
    If he was with family he wasn’t really missing then was he.

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  23. The climate ceasars would have to should all the wild animals too for their fantasy but if they are eager to murder the unborn the old and any useless eaters they get their hands on with medicine war famine – pets will be easy prey . Could be a tactical mistake though with billions of angry pet owners.


  24. dandy: “Anyone who disagrees with any present day framework of BS…is
    quite possibly suffering with a mental health condition, according to them.”

    Check out this gem from the WEF and the Climate Change psychos! Would someone please help me to agree with their “brilliance”! LOL I must be having a serious mental health condition! Who the fk creates these psychopaths?

    “The World Economic Forum has recently launched a controversial new initiative that will have animal rights activists up in arms.

    “The World Economic Forum is now calling for millions of cats and dogs worldwide to be slaughtered in an effort to reduce the “carbon pawprint” they produce as a result of eating meat.

    “The WEF, which has ordered mainstream media outlets to begin pushing the narrative, wants to introduce an international policy that would require the majority of pet owners to euthanize their animals.”

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  25. Pat from Vic: “Anthony Albanese (aka AnAL) has certainly visibly changed over the last “election cycle””

    Indeed, he has! From a “fat, stodgy, halfwit” to a complete and utterly ARROGANT moron. He wants us to first have the Voice referendum and THEN we’ll discuss what it will be about? Really?

    If THAT is not a a show of complete contempt for the Australian public I’m hard pressed to know what is! Vote for a pig in the poke and then figure out what it’s really about. It’s a big ask but at least we’ll see if we Aussies have sunk low enough to be stupid enough to buy it.

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  26. Yes Dandy, You are very correct. Those of us who do hold qualifications and or experience in this field – know only too well how it has been infiltrated over time – manipulated and in fact weaponised to suit certain agendas. This applies to most, if not all health sectors as we have witnessed.


  27. Well Bliskett I think you just answered my question.
    These types of ‘construct’ are obviously what they have on their radar next.

    Anyone who disagrees with any present day framework of BS…is
    quite possibly suffering with a mental health condition, according to them.

    Surprise, surprise, they are trying that same BS in Canada as we speak.
    They really do have no imagination.
    Historically, they have pulled the ‘mental illness’ card whenever it suited them to remove voices of reason.

    But then what do we expect from a ‘group think’ of the low IQ’s who have more brawn than brains.

    Mental illness is a construct to shut down and silence, mostly through psychotropic drugs, or at least through defamation, many high thinking, creative, out of the box individuals.
    Now would be a good time to at least know the history of Psychiatry and Psychology.
    It is a convenient tool that is often used against people and has a historical framework that is in fact very very dark.

    Be careful where you tread.


  28. I thought I would post this interesting conversation for any Cairns News readers that may be interested.

    Credit: Aussie Cossack Youtube


  29. Hi Blisskitt, Exactly. MSM and police are always “in lockstep.” My advice is NOT to give any oxygen to their bs by reading ANY of it. Since Cairns is a pretty tight-knit community considering it’s size – even I know people who either knew Nathaniel Train, or associate with others who did. Not at all how he is now being portrayed and slandered posthumously. I don’t discount that those poor officers were ambushed…but by whom? Likely sacrificed and collateral damage – along with the poor neighbour. Why the hell would the Trains kill him?
    Re: “I wonder if the real truth will emerge.” Don’t hold your breath Blisskitt. We’re still waiting on Port Arthur.

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  30. I do not trust Bosi or anything he says.

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  31. dooleym63

    I wish we had more people like you in the world.


  32. I read this article last night. It really doesn’t seem to make any sense, how the events are SUPPOSED to have occurred. But MSM are having a field day to day. The once respected teacher is now a COP killer, ice addict and was in a love tryst. And the brother a complete conspiracy theorist. Just one of the many I just found with a quick search. It is either a very slow news day or they are all in lockstep. I wonder if the real truth will emerge.


  33. Hi Dandy, Yes precisely. And once again far too many questions that are likely to now go unanswered. Especially since the neighbour (a witness) is also deceased. Doubt there will be police bodycam. This positively reeks. And an ‘event’ which I had predicted on here a couple of months ago.
    Since when is an interstate police operation orchestrated for a person allegedly reported missing less than 2 weeks ago? Nathaniel Train was not a wanted felon with warrants. Neither was his brother or his wife. “Conspiracy theorists” (aka people who see through the bs) is the best they can come up with. Well sh*t! we’d better all watch out then. Clearly they WERE ‘wanted’. For something. Hunted. A sledgehammer to kill a mosquito.


  34. To Lindesymonds,
    The MSM worked the sympathy card hard for the police as though they needed protecting.
    Most of us are a bit over the police by now.
    Respect is hard to garner.
    The vision of what police did to Australians over the last two years is too raw to even evoke a sympathy response.
    All I will say is that it was two 20 year old police officers that were killed.
    Experienced not.
    Jabbed obviously.
    Their genuine care factor for their wellbeing: zero.

    But hey, go on about it.

    It’s not cool for the families of these two young gullibles, and it’s sad for them (and the millions injured or killed through an experimental clinical jab in this Country) but where were the senior police officers on the day I wonder?
    Maybe they should take an inward look at themselves and the way they put their own in danger.

    The Police Union all of a sudden cares, and the Police Commissioner is shocked.
    Why did they put two 20 year old police officers in harms way?
    Maybe someone should ask them that.
    Or maybe they just didn’t even know they had.

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  35. With regards to Pine Gap. All those kids… simply shocking. I have two boys. I will put my hand up to foster two of those kids. My boys are well educated and im not talking about indoctrination by school. I myself have educated them as to the ways of this disgusting world. I am sure those kids will benefit greatly by their interaction with my kids. I am VERY serious about this.

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  36. Hi Editor, re: “who knows what is really going on? Ed”. Exactly. Early days – but that being said, none of this makes any sense or equates. Especially in regard to all Train’s exceptional educational achievements – especially here in Cairns, where he was also well respected and loved. Mark Latham receiving 16 emails from him outlining serious concerns about the Education Dept? Too much dirt on the system? Hmmm


  37. Fed Up! said – “…..for that matter, have you seen how many different looks Albo has?”

    Anthony Albanese (aka AnAL) has certainly visibly changed over the last “election cycle” – from a fat stodgy halfwit to someone who looks like he’s just finished a three month stint at a health spa – lost weight, glowing complexion, you’d almost think he’s using L’Oreal Paris (because he’s worth it).

    Alternative explanations are that they’re using “avatars” or stooge actors in his place, or that someone has been slipping him a few vials of adrenochrome for his loyalty to you-know-who.

    In any case, I’d be more than happy to see his new-found baby face on a pike, along with about 10,000 other genocidal arseholes and their bash-artist Gestapo stooges here in Australia.

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  38. Note for Phil, your pending comment has far too many links in it. Cut them in half see if it works then. Ed


  39. Bosi is back! Watch this pace!!! (wearing white hat) Has he asked for donotation yet or I missed something?


  40. Other Victorians have said the same and in a few comments, who knows what is really going on? Ed


  41. Lindseysymonds

    Firstly I would like to send my condolence to the two police officers families and neighbour that where killed.

    Policing is a thankless job, especially for the junior ranks that have to put up with a lot, especially from senior officers and skeleton staffing thanks to our politicians.

    Just a ‘gentle reminder’ that commissioned police officers where exempt from taking the experimental Covid19 vaccine incase some of you may have forgotten, so let’s not get caught up in the anti vax conspiracy theory MSM rhetoric as many police left the job because of this pushed on them.

    I think the best thing to do is to wait for a full enquiry before people make any assumptions and not just go ‘off cuff’ from MSM reports.


  42. Instead of the elusive Nesara Gesara , white hats rounding up the bad guys etc, it would be good to hear from Bosi on a subject he does know something about. Namely infiltrated commando units, counter terrorism and tactical response. I refer to this tendency of genocidal political regimes the world over to use special operators to sacrifice young and heroic lives in black ops. The objective being (of course) to demonize the political opposition and its counter narrative by brand associating them in the public mind with insanity and terrorism.

    I refer to the Qld shooting at Wiemballa Dec 12 2022 which took the lives of two young Qld police officers and a neighbour who, upon hearing gunfire, courageously came to investigate and help. And yes. Three ‘conspiracy theorists’ who had gone off grid as sovereign citizens are also dead.

    How exactly did these three ‘conspiracy theorists’, two brothers and a shared woman, know that four local police were coming out to the property to check on a missing person? One does hate to be the ‘conspiracy theorist’ who informs that it actually does require specific training, time, equipment and skills to be able to set up an ambush, a cross fire and kill zone for an armed company. You don’t learn this type of thing in ‘conspiracy theorist’ school.

    What you do learn in ‘conspiracy theorist’ school is how to identify a genocidal political regime – so many excellent examples in the last century or so, it would be difficult to choose the best one. And they all require above the law enforcers such as Big QPCommissioner Katrina ‘ I can not be prosecuted for any offense’ Carroll. Read the body language.

    With the ABS crunching the numbers of excess deaths, the United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime in Australia with its bioweapon is clearly in the frame of opprobrium. They are going to have to do something to stamp out the evidence based public perception that is turning the tide of approval and compliance against CoVID Correctness and its enforcers. And lest we forget. They all voted for foreign militaries and security forces on Australian soil in December 2020 – probably for those jobs Australian police and military just won’t do. Like this one.

    I do think a special unit of them killed the three conspiracy nutter patsies at that Wiembilla farm, the good neighbour Alan Dare and two of Queensland’s finest. The shooting of Constable Rachel McCrow is particularly heinous.

    “We won’t let you get away with it. We are coming for you! We have the stamina to hound you down and we damn well will!.”


  43. ….check out the above and apparently Bosi is a threat!

    Oh my goodness, I make a tongue and cheek comment and all of a sudden I have a full on mental health disorder

    Here’s a newby for you mob of amateur psychologists

    Gang stalking!

    Look the fucker up and go seek some mental health guidance from God

    Go take your laundry list of problems out on someone else, preferably a pedophile!

    All the best

    God Bless

    d johnson


  44. Hear! Hear! daviddd2. Precisely. Such persistent behaviour also abuses CN’s leniency in providing us with a high calibre platform for free speech. Other such platforms have zero tolerance and abusive comments instantly result in deletion and then a “commentator block” if they continue.


  45. Amen to that, D Johnston. Just swat the fly and enjoy the day, I say. lol

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  46. Well said, ron. But why would you deprive us of a single comment from yourself on account of some misguided and unfortunate “D.U.M.B” inspired soul. lol Keep ’em coming ron! I for one find your comments very worthwhile as I’m sure do many other readers. Just skim over the psycho babble, waste no energy on it.

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  47. Hi ron, Thank you for your very astute observation and comment. I too, having also noted the very clear and concerning ‘markers’ (instantly recognisable to those of us with related knowledge), have long concluded the same and have also stated such in past comments – albeit not quite as explicitly as yourself. Everything you have courageously stated is wholly accurate – which I have no doubt many other CN readers/commentators would also fully endorse and support.


  48. Fed Up! – You said; “If I’m right, you can all buy me a glass of bubbles after “The Great Awakening!”

    If I’m wrong, I will buy you all a glass of Jones Town Kool aid at the FEMA (Wellness) camp.”

    I have spent many years directly involved with looking after and preventing mental health patients from harming others. I am able to pick out the ones who deserve to be in a mental health unit and those who just need some help with the sort of problems we all have.

    I also worked in a job where I (at times) looked after pedophiles. One thing that most of them were obsessive about was, they would rave on about looking after the children, and what they would do to anybody who hurt the precious children.
    That info was also brought out in courts, by many victims and relatives and friends of the victims. It was just a ploy to get access to the kids, a very good way to hide the fact they were pedophiles and enjoyed harming children.

    My very own personal and unproven opinion about the many comments posted by the unknown commentator Fed Up!” is, those comments (not necessarily the person posting them) indicates to me that there is likely a need for some help and that there may be a way above expected obsession about the precious children.

    I have had enough of your abuse toward those who post comments on CN.
    You will be overjoyed to know that I will no longer post comments on CN whilst you are posting your rants. Please, you stay on CN – free speech.

    Like I have said in a previous comment to you, any reply from you that will (you can’t help it) include abusive and belittling language will not worry me.
    I have heard it up close and unfriendly many thousands of times already


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  49. So I don’t end up becoming an endless “Talking Head” on Cairns News comment section defending my comments

    If I’m right, you can all buy me a glass of bubbles after “The Great Awakening!”

    If I’m wrong, I will buy you all a glass of Jones Town Kool aid at the FEMA (Wellness) camp.

    …..nuf said!


  50. Gail Green

    If you go down to my post dated 12th Dec @3.04pm there is a link there on Q the bubbles.

    ….Bubbles to the rescue!

    BTW, Thanks Q the Bubbles Twitter


  51. Cairns News Editor

    To answer your comment…

    Nothing makes me feel inadequate mate so sorry to disappoint. Pity all these 1.2 million readers didn’t comment here instead of the same old “Talking Heads”
    Don’t get me wrong, there are some really great comments here sometimes but also a lot of back slapping group think going on as well.

    They just need to be rounded up and put into another paddock for a while to give them a spell.



  52. Where is the video, picture of video only, regards Gail Green

    Sent from my iPad



  53. Pat from Vic

    Well thought out comment.

    Maybe the children are not here on Terra firma

    The white hats are slowly waking up Australia who are under a mass psychosis, aka MK Ultra.

    Maybe an actor is playing Dan Andrews part, have you seen how many different looks he has.

    …..for that matter, have you seen how many different looks Albo has?

    One part there I thought he looked like he had a females body!

    Dale Holmes did a great video on Dan Andrews when he visited Bendigo and he said he looked really different.

    Food for thought


  54. Cairns News Editor

    Good for you, glad to see you are doing well. It’s a pity the comment section didn’t reflect some of your stories.

    It’s a pity to see so many people knock Riccardo Bosi when they are doing sweet FA to lift a finger to save our country.


  55. The prophecies of Revelation will come true though but through prayer and repentance they can be delayed eg like Nineveh by around 100 years .

    But we still have the promise of the wheat and the tares and also the promise
    of Jesus to Abraham that He would not destroy a city if their were ten righteous in it . So if we remove dan there surely are ten righteous Aussies .

    I worry for my many grandchildren


  56. Well Great Britain was one , a christian one for a long time but I would sooner have lived under Henry the 8th (a beheader) than the ayatollahs (lots of death penalties) that came after the cia removed the tolerable reign of the shah of Iran
    But satan’s rule will have no mercy and we are told to refuse him at ALL costs
    when his beast offers to allow us to buy and sell (live) if we take his mark and pay homage.
    Similar to the vaccine but an eternity of regrets awaits since you will lose your soul rather than your health – the vaccine was a pilot study for satan’s little helpers

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  57. Fed Up! said – “Thank goodness for our military alliance worldwide saving the children.”

    One million children sounds like an awful lot of kiddies to suddenly emerge from one hole in the ground into the sunlight. Turkey is straining under the burden of maybe a million Syrian / Kurdish refugees, and that’s taken quite some years to accumulate.

    Let’s speculate on that number. Maybe the “White Hats” have kept a couple of DUMBS to process and rehabilitate the million kiddies out of sight of the rest of the feckless hordes of humanity. Given the stupendous scale of these DUMBS (and given that’s where these children were allegedly already being stored for “harvest”), that’s plausible. It’s also probably the only way that a million kiddies could be covertly shipped out of Australia to some other place around the world without being noticed.

    BUT – no way these million kiddies have been brought above ground to some refugee camp or rehabilitation facilities. Picture a million-refugee camp in Africa or the Middle East, for example – no way to conceal that from satellites, let alone prying eyes on the ground. All the “Quarantine Camps” across Australia (and there are a LOT of them now) wouldn’t accommodate even a tiny fraction of those million kiddies.

    Having so speculated, one other little caveat that readers / viewers should acknowledge – Riccardo Bosi DIDN’T SAY there were “a million children” rescued from Australian DUMBS. Captain Kyle is the one who made that claim. What was Bosi supposed to do – stop mid-interview and call Kyle out on it? Not going to happen.

    Intelligent individuals should weigh the evidence and circumstances and make their own assessment.

    “This is a war against good and EVIL!”

    True. Klaus Schwab is the bona-fide doppleganger of Dr. Evil in real life, creepy Bill wants to kill everyone on the planet and he and Melinda have a private giggle about it whenever they can, and walking condom full of dogshit Dictator Dan and his private Gestapo army of brain-dead bash-artist copsleaves no room for doubt whatsoever.

    And of course there are those Satanic rituals going on here and there around the world and especially here in Australia where they systematically sexually abuse, torture, butcher and eat children and babies on an industrial scale. And Australian law is now being synchronised across all states and territories to legalise and normalise these genocidal atrocities. Australia – Satan Central for the world.

    But strangely, no-one wants to know (even though they actually do).

    “Sorry if they don’t feel the need to report back to you about their every move”

    I agree, it’s a shame. To his credit, Bosi has started a genuine grassroots movement for Australians to push back against the homicidal psychopaths running our fake corporate “governments” here in Australia. Surely that will eventually make a difference, hopefully a BIG difference to the outcome otherwise desired by the Satanic Globalists.

    BUT the concerns that common folk with eyes wide open have about all of this “White Hat” stuff is that their wide open eyes are only seeing more mayhem on the horizon with no respite (Dictator Dan’s triumphant “re-election” is a case in point) . And then there’s Martin Armstrong’s AI program Socrates which sees another 10 years of this BS to wade through – and to be fair, in its several decades of operation, Socrates has NEVER been wrong. This worries me somewhat.

    I won’t be comfortable until I see a few thousand Lucifer-worshipping arseholes hanging by the neck or otherwise despatched in a suitable gruesome manner.

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  58. charles allen said – “Surely any kind of theocracy especially a genuine Christian one is better than the current satanic theocracy .”

    Well said.

    Interesting that Iran – one of the American Empire’s three most hated foes in the world today – happens to be a theocracy.


  59. Ed: “Methinks you need to read the reply to Fed Up. Ed”

    I might give that one a miss, Ed. It might make me feel inadequate. lol

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  60. Methinks you need to read the reply to Fed Up. Ed


  61. Well at at last count CN averaged more than 1.2 million world wide views daily through WordPress and other sources but I
    suppose not many are looking at it. CNN has been taken over by Trump allies so you lost that one too. Does that make you feel inadequate?Ed


  62. Surely any kind of theocracy especially a genuine Christian one is better than the current satanic theocracy . Nothing gives the NWO perverted demi gods more pleasure than the righteous fighting each other. There are critics on here who have done little to slow the satanic progression.


  63. Fantasia! lol If you’re thinking Bosi you’re not really thinking at all. If this doesn’t convince you nothing will. lol

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  64. Goodness me I feel like I’ve just tuned into CNN

    No wonder people have moved onto other commentators for independent news in Australia


  65. Thank goodness for our military alliance worldwide saving the children.
    This is a war against good and EVIL!
    Sorry if they don’t feel the need to report back to you about their every move


  66. National leader of a party of one? Oh, yeah, a truly messianic figure, able to leap tall bottle tops in a single bound… a Marvel super hero. Next please, I’ve made up my mind.

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  67. I bet these two aren’t looking after the children saved from the military alliance!


  68. A MILLION children? Rescued by whom? From whom? Oh yes, the “white hats” who executed Bush Sr and Hilary Clinton under the MK Ultra program. lol

    So where are the MILLION children now and who is looking after them now? Is that why the population of Newcastle tripled overnight?

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  69. 7.00pm

    Must be beer o clock for the screaming skulls!


  70. isalom219

    Well said mate. Good to see someone standing up for the children.


  71. Way to go Blisskitt!


  72. WHOA! Oldavid. What an excellent, heartening comment. Thank you. There really ARE people who see it for what it REALLY is!


  73. Mr Bosi has been proposing cunning proponents of hopium and dopium for a good while now.

    Cunning con men are getting cunninger and cunninger. If you don’t think that humanity is created with a nature and purpose that is transcendental to their “economic value” you have no valid reason to oppose the “elimination” of “useless eaters” or potential “useless eaters” by denying them life in the light of day. Also, how could anyone condone in utero murder-for-convenience and go virtue signalling about any subsequent “child abuse” of someone who didn’t matter at all a few weeks, months or years ago? Virtue signalling is an epidemic of diabolical narcissists who only consider other people (vulnerable younger or older) as “useful or useless” to themselves.

    The likes of Yuval Noah Harari are proposed as some kind of horror story for the very same type of people to hide behind in their own egomaniacal autonomy.

    Liked by 1 person

  74. Sorry but what I have seen of this guy screams scam. No time won’t even watch. I not interested in listening to those who pretend. I interested in those who want to make a difference.

    Liked by 1 person

  75. At last they rescued these children from sick psychopaths ..
    wish all these pedos locked up and the key been thrown away ..


  76. This is funny, I think we can all relate to this!

    Credit: Tarot by Janine Twitter


  77. Hopefully it may load from this page

    Credit: Q the Bubbles Twitter


  78. Juliemallae

    I tried to load interview twice but message went MIA

    Type in AustraliaOne Rumble and all the interviews should come up


  79. Apologies, typo.

    I meant Bosi is “Trump of Australia!”

    Just as an off note, is it just me or does this young Donald Trump look a lot like Elvis!


  80. Hey there

    Unable to find a link on this recording?

    Thanks for your work

    Sent from Mail for Windows


  81. I forgot to add this…

    Now I know why Americans call Bosi the Trump of America.
    Unfortunately through the feminazi movement, media and chemicals in food, a lot of men have become very emasculated and behave like women.

    Its great to see men like Bosi, Lurnpa/ David Cole and Dale Holmes stand up for the children…

    Well done Fella’s

    Yep!….Big Ones!


  82. Sorry I had to place this one in here. For anyone following the football world championship, have a look at this one:
    Football journalist Grant Wahl died suddenly while covering the World Cup: He bragged about his vaccination and his wife, a doctor, publicly reprimanded anti-vaxxers.
    Sport journalist Grant Wahl suddenly collapsed and died on Friday evening while covering the World Cup match between Argentina and the Netherlands in Qatar. He was 48 and there’s quite a backstory that the corporate media in the MSM doesn’t want you to know. Leo Hohmann explains.
    In the frontneuws website you can go direct to Leo Hohmann web address.


  83. tonyryan43, With, “It has been my experience that men who devote time to sculpturing their beards are self-absorbed actors living out their own delusions.” Yes part of the body language… Very good observation…!
    YOU MADE MY DAY, AND YOU MADE ME LAUGH… Last shooting best one yet…

    Liked by 1 person

  84. tonyryan43, nice comments, cannot add much. Only this: “Six Jewish Companies
    Own 96% of the World’s Media.” Murdoch he is right inside the Mob…
    If you want to know much more just go to:


  85. Ron, DJ, AAP, JM, Ron, Pat>Vic, and Bruce Thompson. Realists all. You are warriors.

    Just my opinion and intuition but, I do not believe any of that 1 million kids crap. If they were in tunnels all their lives they would be like London kids during WWII, suffering distorted bodies and immune systems from lack of vitamin D. As Ron observed, zero evidence.

    I also do not believe there is any such thing as white helmets. We are on our own, fellas. It is: rely on these myths and die, of fight and live. Great to hear about natural remedies to cure vax-damaged kids.

    As I have made clear, I regard Bosi as either a religious nutter or part of the NWO Plan B. It has been my experience that men who devote time to sculpturing their beards are self-absorbed actors living out their own delusions. I wrote to him twice a year ago but no response. If he were genuine, he would have responded to what I said.

    I also noted that he swallowed some bullshit from another pretender, without researching any of it. Successful military leaders never behave like this. If Sun Tsu or Giap were around today they would slap him down. And probably shoot him.

    Liked by 2 people

  86. This is a great interview, thank you for posting Cairns News Editor

    People need to remember Riccardo is a trained SAS soldier as well as a very well educated and well conversed businessman.
    I believe he is one of a very few people that can guide Australia out of this shit show.
    He has the guts to speak out about the children; a place where very few will tread.
    People get upset with his swearing but believe me, Riccardo’s swearing will be the least of everyones worries when people have woken up to what has really been happening in Australia.
    Remember to ‘listen’ carefully to what he says, and not just hear him.
    Yes I get a bit offended to what he says sometimes, but I have a think about it and he’s usually bang on if I am honest with myself.

    He’s a soldier trained to kill, not to care about peoples feelings about who he offends, especially when kids are being harmed in the worst way possible.

    He’s has Italian heritage and we all know how passionate the Italians are.

    All I can say is ‘Thank God’ for the Bosi’s.

    This is just my humble opinion, if you like my comment, Great!, thank you.
    If not, move on …


  87. Bruce Thompson – “I’m helping others with Vax damaged children to recover their kids and be educated about the perils of Big Pharmafia and the benefits of natural healing. I’m joining the local people’s council that just formed to change our community from the ground up. Guess what happens if we all do this? We win. I’m not sitting around waiting for ‘white hats’ to save us. WE save us!”

    Brilliant, realistic, common sense, will work.

    At least one person out there, has got it 100% right.
    I now live in hope there are a million more following.

    Vax damage, yes natural healing products / methods. I have used them from the start of the plandemic and had success with vax damaged relative, all OK now.

    Peoples councils, assemblies, groups, the only way to fix this mess. Federal, state and local, start with local. Anything else is just p…..g into the wind.

    Liked by 1 person

  88. Cuttingly astute, precise, critical thought analyses by tonyryan43, ron and Bruce Thompson. BRAVO guys!


  89. lauraveskdalegmailcom

    marilyn jackson


  90. My Respect — Bruce Thompson… More numbers and this can be turned around. The psychopaths at the top are few compared to the rest of 8 billion. Below an video discussion with Dutchman Pieter Stuurman from “Café Weltschmerz”: and David Icke after David being expelled from the Netherlands and the European Union.
    This video starts in Dutch but goes very quickly in English.

    Reasonable good discussion BUT, when Pieter Stuurman asked David, “Who are the ones at the top.” — David should have explained, “The Rothschild mob of course. — for many years…”
    You always have to name and shame your enemy.

    Liked by 1 person

  91. Loved listening and can only hope and pray this this will come true sooner than later! Whoever God uses, if He does use us humans, He is in control and will move how and when the time is right. Be strong, be loving towards others in need and sort your life out, you need to be ready when your time comes and when you are called upon.


  92. Bosi lost all credibility with the millions of kids held underground being freed by “white hats”
    There are no white hats anywhere and anyone with half a brain knows that pedophiles are too lazy to bother digging tunnels.
    This is just MI 6 psyops like all the Q anon garbage.

    Liked by 1 person

  93. What pure and unadulterated claptrap.

    The next fundamentalist Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, who inflicts his absurd medieval beliefs on me, will get what I gave the last one, a hard smack in the head. But then I warned other readers earlier that Bosi is locked into the Texas religious freaks and wants to impose his irrational drivel on the rest of us. He wants a theocracy to run Australia. Inquisitions anybody? Many of you said you don’t believe me. Do your own research then.

    Now, to address what was actually said.

    Bosi boasted about the numbers at the Canberra protests. What was achieved? A big fat nothing. Jabs are still being forced on Australians. A week ago I interviewed two jabbers on an Arnhem Land community and although I acquainted both with the opinions of world-best doctors and medical scientists, both declined to consider the evidence and said that they will jab every person they can get their hands on, including young children.

    When people are hungry, they offer them food, on the condition they submit to the jab.

    Don’t be fooled by the quiet front. Behind the veil of discretion, the jabbing goes on unabated.

    Bosi talks big, acts big, turns up at a rally in military camo. This is political theatre; nothing else. But his actions? Zilch. And he has the nerve to call others shills.

    I cannot comment on the rest of his audio-fantasy because it was either throw up or click off. Perhaps some kind soul can fill me in, IF there was anything of proved substance in the next three hours.

    Meanwhile, let me just say this. If we removed every one of Murdoch’s enforcers from media outlets, the entire NWO invasion would deflate. Few seem to appreciate this, but the entire war is media-driven and media orchestrated. That is why David Rockefeller bestowed dynastic leadership on Murdoch. The media is the key. Kill it and the NWO campaign dies in the arse.

    Idiots criticise the media for being sycophantic. Hells teeth, the media is the boss. Get it, and get over it. Then act or shut up.

    Liked by 4 people

  94. Pat from Vic – “My view is – hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

    Agree with that – good view.

    From the article:
    “[At 02:08:00] Q&A WARNING! Shocking – US Military Update, more than one million children rescued from D.U.M.B’s and tunnels across Australia, Pine Gap and Sydney being the worst.”

    OK, there are likely DUMBs being entered and cleaned out.
    One million children from Australian DUMBs, they would have needed immediate medical attention and long stays in Hospitals.
    The Hospitals all over Australia would have been flooded with the children. Did that happen?

    When the main part of the operation was in full swing, I was working in a major Hospital, I did not notice even one rescued child arrive at the Hospital, or hear of any other major Hospital getting such patients. Just a few thousand would have been a real test for all of the major Hospitals in Australia.
    Any major Hospital that suddenly got 20 very sick children in need of very specialist care would have been tested – just 20.

    I absolutely hope that the rescues took place, my “problem” is that I have a healthy level of skepticism, due to many years of being employed in jobs that demanded questioning of the dictates and narratives – for the purpose of keeping on the correct path, being fair, just and honest.

    I believe there would be many others who are asking for undeniable proof of the reported huge number of rescues carried out all over the world.

    There is a huge amount of reporting in alternate media about what is about to happen, then we are told it is to be kept secret until sometime in the near future. That near future total exposure never arrives, so then it is another near future.

    What we have been told already negates the secret part – they have already told us, so no secret. Why not give out the real undeniable 100% proof about what has supposed to have happened and reported to be about to happen?
    President JFK often indicated that he despised the systems that keep information secret from the people.

    Maybe if the sheeple are given the real undeniable 100% proof they would be awake already, the longer “both sides” of this mess we are in, play games with us, the more people are harmed and killed.

    It could be looked at this way:
    We have saved huge numbers of kids already, just not able to show the footage in case you do not like it and suddenly push back and end the narratives. Got to be careful in case we cause a war, hello, already done, many wars caused already.

    I have seen all of the Bosi videos, he sounds great, talks a lot, walks the talk?

    Just hang on a few more days, weeks, years, sit back and watch the movie.

    For all of those who will now call me a kill joy, please reply but bring your real undeniable 100% proof with you. I have likely already watched the many hundreds of alternate media videos that may be referenced, few have any of the required.undeniable 100% proof.

    Cairns News is a forum for discussion, all of the above comments are just discussion, not a direct challenge to any person, for any reason.


    Liked by 4 people

  95. I followed Bosi from early on but gave up on him for two reasons.
    1. Good people in the fight with us he threw under the bus. Wrong.
    2. ZERO of his predictions have come to pass.
    I’m up to my neck in the fight against evil. Vax damaged child and mandate fired from my long term job. But I’m taking on the council that fired me on behalf of all who were fired. I’m helping others with Vax damaged children to recover their kids and be educated about the perils of Big Pharmafia and the benefits of natural healing. I’m joining the local people’s council that just formed to change our community from the ground up. Guess what happens if we all do this? We win. I’m not sitting around waiting for ‘white hats’ to save us. WE save us!

    Liked by 5 people

  96. I follow any broadcast involving Riccardo Bosi with interest.

    On one hand, he has the courage and the intelligence to speak the truth about our current dire circumstances, and articulates a compelling vision of a better future for Australia. He’s even catalysing a grass-roots movement among Australian patriots to recover our sovereignty from the psycopaths running our fake “governments”.

    On the other hand, he also promotes the notion that “White Hats” are fighting the good battle in secret to turn the situation around and defeat the Globalists all around the world. This is certainly encouraging, but the difficulty here is that common folk can’t see any of this – all we can see is (for example) genocidal demonic dogshits like Dictator Dan permanently entrenched in power with their private Gestapo army of retarded bash-artist cops seemingly immune to any pushback and fully determined to impose whatever mayhem and chaos is required to carry out the Globalist depopulation agenda and enslave us all through the Mark of the Beast.

    My view is – hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. That includes prepping to the extent possible, finding and working constructively with like-minded people, and doing everything personally possible to defeat the homicidal intentions of these Satanic psycopaths. I find Martin Armstrong’s warning that all of this Globalist shit won’t finally be over and done with until around 2032 a cause for trepidation.

    Liked by 1 person

  97. There is no active link to the audioSent from my Galaxy


  1. Pingback: AustraliaOne Party – Capt Kyle interview with Riccardo Bosi on current military operations in Australia – debtstop

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