by Lyndesy Symonds

This is a Big One and the internet censorship [Tip of the Hat to Frewen and Operation Covid Shield] is just as big.

Henry Makow has this up on his website this am Dec. 7 2022 for OZ.

“Melbourne Children’s Hospital tells parents to stay away due to ‘unprecedented demand’ ” In Canada, they can read The Guardian link to this story but it is blocked on my Australian server. Here it is from Makow’s website:

Henry Makow’s comment – the steak and potatoes.

Australia’s major Children’s Hospital is turning away sick children for the first time in its long history.

“It’s being caused by staff shortages due to mass-firing of unvaccinated nurses and doctors, plus rapidly increasing vaccine related child-sickness.” They admitted it!

Makow’s lead post for Dec 6 also contains information and leads on the same
story with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Dec 6 – Hospitals Overwhelmed by Sick Kids. Dec 6 2022—hospitals-overwhelmed-.html?_ga=2.104366272.1301417238.1669843648-1369995310.1664405876