The Communist Chinese Party will have no trouble at all governing Australia behind Aboriginal Law

by Lyndesy Symonds

As some readers of CN might be aware the Fabian Socialist Masons hijacked their political parties and then, as a single Lodge, proceeded to hijack the sovereignty of Australia (under the 1901) when The Crown abdicated Australia as a colonial possession under UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) on decolonisation. NB – only European powers were required to abdicate, the Communist Bloc was never required to abdicated any colonies.

Labor and Greens manouvering the public to support Constitutional recognition of Aborigines in 1967 when they already have it in the Preamble. With this plan in place the CCP can move in and take over Australia with Aboriginal support after the 1901 Constitution is extinguished

To take one example only, the Central African Federation of the UK was dismantled at the stroke of pen when The Crown abdicated from Northern Rhodesia and created Zambia (Oct 24 1964), Malawi (1964) Botswana (1966).

This was why the Crown Colony of Southern Rhodesia seized the nettle and announced their Declaration of Independence Nov 11 1965.

In Australia this transition of power was covert and the sovereignty recognized in the 1901 did not revert to the people for referendum as in Rhodesia, it was hijacked by the Masonic Lodge and registered as a corporate entity with the US Securities Exchange as a corporate entity. It is registered to the District of Columbia and the 2nd US Constitution as acknowledged by World Banker Karen Eudes when she remarked that the US has two Constitutions.

The 1787 Constitution for the United States did not revoke the 1775 69 Articles of The Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Executive Office remains the Commander in Chief of that Code as well as the President over the federal laws.

America’s war of independence was fought under the Declaration of Independence , the 1775 UCMJ, and The Articles of Confederation of the Second Continental Congress 1776 which were repealed when the Constitution of the United States was adopted (civilian law). The President thus presides over two jurisprudences as sources of law: one civilian and one military.

A second (fake) constitution was adopted by Masonic traitors in the pay of the Corporation of the City of London and its Crown for the District of Columbia – a foreign territory to the United States of the 1776 and the 1787. This is a legal standard of abrogation to the original Constitution for the United States. This is “United States Code Title 28, 3002 (15) (A) (B) THE UNITED STATES, A FEDERAL CORPORATION” (Feb. 21, 1871, 1871. Acts 41st Congress, Section 3, Session III)

Communist PM Anthony Albanese planning to remove the 1901 Constitution allowing the CCP to move in with Aborigines who now ‘own’ more than one half of the Australian continent. Pic-The Guardian

This is the Constitution under which Australia is registered as a corporation: the phoney. As it happens this is the constitution and its governance that the Americans would very much like to see finished along with its foreign territory: the District of Columbia which is virtually a ‘city of London’ and sovereign state.

There has been a Communist coup d’etat in the US. Congressman Louis T McFadden And it is hell bent on configuring all US law to the fake constitution. In terms of law, however, one of the foundations of American law remains and that is the 69 articles of The Uniform Code of Military Justice – June 30 1775.

On the basis of law, the 69 Articles are the only code on which the Americans can bring Counter Revolution against DC and its civilian authorities owned by the central bankers and governed by their Council on Foreign Relations. These authorities are cited by office in the Congressional Record by Chairman of the US House Committee on Banking and Currency, Louis T MacFadden (Chairman: 1920-31). He accused the Federal Reserve Bank (a private interest) of building another regime called the United States of America and governed by its CFR.

With all the military operations currently in across the world – most obviously from the United [Communist] Nations, I would not rule out that the Americans have commenced Counter Revolution. These are the Americans who will be on the side of deregistration of Australia as a corporation on the US Securities Exchange and getting us back on the foundations of the 1901 as the appropriate source of law for the majority of Australians.

Will the real Joe Biden step forward, naturally with the aid of a walking stick.

These are the Americans who will not be in favour of the Pacific as a colonial possession of the Chinese Communist Party. And they are under the military code. Biden is not the president of the US. He is probably a bot. He is there for entertainment and to keep the sheeple occupied with politics. We are talking about a majority of people who are going to comply with getting themselves injected with a medical experiment and allowing the public schools to castrate their children. The UN CoVID Regime currently on stage is educating both the US and Australian populations about Communist tyranny.

Meanwhile Revolutions and Counter Revolutions always come from the top down, never from the bottom up. Sovereignty might rest with the people, but power does not. The people can make a regime ungovernable but only the military can change a regime that is embedded and has its hands on the levers of power.

Behind the curtains of the political election and democracy theatre, major forces within the US government are getting to death grips behind the scenes. It looks to me like one of those forces is the American Counter Revolution in the military.

Militant blackfellas, in cahoots with Labor and Greens, burn down the doors of old Parliament House which has not been incorporated by Deep State

Why do I say this? April 20 2020, President Trump (as Commander in Chief under the Uniform Code of Military Justice) signed Executive Order 13919 which gave the Secretary of Defense the full authority to FEDERALLY activate the Army Reserve. Now the Army Reserve belongs to the sovereign states of the original constitution (not the USC 1871). And now they are being deployed internationally. This EO has never been rescinded as these forces were activated after Biden ‘took office’ in the Jan 6 diversion – the troops arrived in DC after the inauguration. If Biden were really the Commander in Chief he would have immediately rescinded that EO.

Trump is the Commander in Chief and I think Australians will have to reckon with the American decision that the CCP will not be permitted to make the Pacific and its nations into a CCP bloc and sphere of influence. ANZUS is regarded as a serious responsibility. Regardless of whether or not there are US bases on Australian land Australia as a Chinese colonial possession is going forward in the actions of the Australian Corporate Entity. Our Australian United [Communist] Nations CoVID regime government is making headway in the sale of both land and water rights to China. And they have put us on track for a Referendum next year that will be a de facto Constitutional Referendum with a view to extinguishing the 1901 as a source of law (jurisprudence) in Australia. The CCP will have no trouble at all governing behind Aboriginal Law.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. This is true Shane, sadly we did not hold a constitutional referendum in the way that the Rhodesians held theirs in 1968. Although the RF gov’t was the minority it respected the fact that democratic voting is not not tribal culture, thus the majority participated in the referendum through through the Council of the Chiefs had which formed under the Southern Crown Colony as previously the tribes had no national unity Council so to speak. They had tribal self-government. But for UDI, only the Europeans had the statecraft for a national unity government composed of separate tribes where the traditional government of most is not democracy but government by hereditary chiefs.

    The similarity with the Aboriginal people is that they are not governed by democratic forms. That is not their Law. The Mabo decision went some distance toward rectifying this problem in that their Law is now recognized as a source of law (one of the two sources of law) in Australia. Our legitimate constitutional government recognizes their Law for them. The problem is we do not have our legitimate constitutional government in this country. We do not have a ‘Whereas we the people” government. We have a hijacked / subverted government in Canberra and the states. We have to get legitimate government back as a source of law in Australia and for the majority of people that will not happen through Aboriginal Law.


  2. Lindes Symonds said “With the constitutional referendum, these people on this continent chose to identify as Australians and build an independent nation and identity. And no one born on this continent is excluded from this identity.”

    I take it you mean the 1901 which the people voted in a referendum to accept or reject. Happily the majority voted to accept the 1901. But did the Aborigines vote in that referendum or any referendum or election until after 1967? I doubt it, considering their outcast status at the time. I wish it was not so because we could point out that indeed they did choose to identify as Australians. Sadly we played the racist card, treated them like camp dogs and they have come back all these years later to bite us on the backside. That’s why we have this colossal problem now. To have been inclusive instead exclusive we might have won them over with love and friendship and even won them to Christ, another colossal failure on our part.


  3. The Crown of the Judeo-supremacy and The Owners of the Central Banking Cartel are one and the same. They own the sovereign city states but their HQ is no longer on the sq mi of the City of London, it is in Norgorno Karabakh on the Moscow / Tel Aviv Axis.


  4. Commonwealth of Australia is a Registered Corporation at the US Corporation Washington DC, controlled by UK, which is controlled by Treaty of Verona to Vatican.
    Video: Who owns the US.

    The Treaty of October 3, 1213, occurred when King John surrendered his kingdoms to the Pope, and as the’ Vicar of Christ’ the Pope claimed ownership of everything and everyone on earth as was his belief.

    The City of London is the business heart of London (and the world) and is centred on the Knights Templar Courts. From here they have regulated laws and banking ever since 1066, for their own profit. The Templars were the first to issue paper money and cheques.

    One of the Templar Courts is called Temple Bar and it controls the legal/court system of the Western Countries. Here all bar associations are directly linked to the International Bar Association and the Inns of Court. Anytime you hear somebody refer to the Bar Association, or “being admitted to the Bar” they are talking about aligning themselves with this British/Masonic system that has nothing to do with a country’s sovereignty or the constitutional rights of its people but with the laws that benefit this enterprise. This is why, in American courts, you see the U.S. flag with a gold fringe, denoting international rule.

    The City of London is referred to as a City State. It is like a private country within a country. Rome has the Vatican and Washington has the District of Columbia. These three make up the three city States of the Crown and each have an obelisk to denote their allegiances to each other and to their occult philosophies. These three city states run the world.

    The Vatican is about power and money; ‘these are the root of all evil.’ ARTICLE 3. of the secret Treaty of Verona, made on the 22nd of November 1822, between the Vatican and several European nations, including Austria, France, Prussia and Russia, states that the ‘principles of religion contribute most powerfully to keep nations in the state of passive obedience which they owe to their rulers’.

    To validate the influence and ownership of Washington DC by both the UK and the Vatican, the obelisk and dome of the Capital Building copies the Vatican, and the Freemasonic Temple is an exact replica of the temple in the City of London.


  5. This referendum is bringing in the high tides of FinkelThink.

    The week of Armistice Day Nov 11 2022, the Australian War Memorial announced that it had allocated up to $10 million dollars for a new gallery recognising (wait for it possums) : The Frontier Wars which they expected to open 2028.

    The Australia War Memorial.

    This is total FinkelThink. The Aboriginal People have gone to great lengths to distinguish themselves as a people [ eg first nations – preferably capitalised ]. But now the AWM must acknowledge their fallen as ‘Australians’.

    Do you see the total MindFuck here? The Frontier Wars are the new Marxist Critical Race Theory term for the violent clashes over land and resources between the population that was transported here as slave labour by the British Empire and the native populations. This colonial conflict later extended and involved those European populations which came from the UK (and elsewhere in Europe) to the settlements created by penal labour and do what Europeans do starting with agriculture.

    With the constitutional referendum, these people on this continent chose to identify as Australians and build an independent nation and identity. And no one born on this continent is excluded from this identity. Unless of course, they choose a separate identity. And the Australians have done quite a lot to respect (and finance) the identity of those who claim to be separate.

    But not enough it would seem. Now the Australian War Memorial must honour their fallen in ‘The Frontier Wars’.

    The Australians are providing an Aboriginal Industry worth billions to the Aboriginal people. Why don’t they hire labour to build themselves a war memorial to their fallen in The Frontier Wars. This way th ey can have all the space for they want for their narrative of the colonial conflict as a war of theft and genocide (which was not what the ANZACS fought for).

    And the Australia War Memorial will honour the Australian fallen in the colonial wars that saw the building of an inclusive Australian society and way of life – in which many Aboriginal people have chosen to live and participate.


  6. Lyndesy Symonds thank you.


  7. The 1901 refers in the Preamble to “the people of every state”. It does not break them down and name them by group or exclude anyone. If you are a person living in a state named in the Constitution, then you are a people of a state. Development of Constitutional law also recognizes Aboriginal people and their law as a source of law (for them). They have an entire industry for them – worth billions. They have a voice, they have their law, they have lands and communities and a service industry worth billions.


  8. Thank you.


  9. When is someone going to show me where in the preamble is the words that deal with the aborigines? Twice I’ve seen this mentioned now and twice I have wondered where the hell it is in the preamble.


  10. Like Rhodesia in 1965, Australia had (in the 1960s) de-facto independence from The Crown. We were self-governing under the 1901.

    The issue then (as now) is the sovereignty and the sources of Law in Austraia – one of which is the 1901.

    Unlike Rhodesia in 1965, the RF government of Prime Minister Ian Smith called the game of ‘the Internationalists’ as they were then called and declared UDI Nov 11 1965. He would not permit The Crown to hijack the sovereignty through deals with a political elite in the ‘de-colonisation’ of the British Empire. The Indiba in 1965 (the Council of tribal chiefs which governed most of the population on lands guaranteed to them) gave their decision for UDI.

    Then commenced the process for the Constitutional Referendum held in 1968. The RF opened the process to scrutiny and permitted the UK to conduct a judicial review (the Pearce Commission) which, as they recorded in the Hansard, they couldn’t fault. The Jew msm of course had another story. On the basis of that referendum, the RF government chartered a national bank owned by the Republic of Rhodesia outside the central banking cartel and they fought a war of independence which they won. Militarily they won. They were tricked out of their independence and sovereignty by the kind of ‘end run’ around a rule of law and constitutional process that is at present being organised for Australia with this referendum.

    Another Hijack of by a covert political elite of our independence and sovereignty process.

    Here is PM Ian Smith, a towering statesman of Westminster, giving the famous ‘paddling our own canoe speech’


  11. Pat from Vic…

    Amen to that.


    So true. Actually, 99% of Aborigines in the NT and Kimberly have no idea what we are talking about and are concerned only about relationships and family. Elsewhere, urban activists either play along with popular sentiment or, as in the case of the dozen national Aboriginal media celebrities, play along for personal benefit.

    Then there are the intelligent thinkers, such as northern NSW’s Lewis Walker and friends, who grasp the situation better than does the vast majority of mainstream Australians, and see a series of declarations of interlinked national sovereignty as a way to rescue this nation.

    I am with them on this.

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  12. blanx14 said – “… the threat are the oligarchs running the agenda. ”

    Damn right.

    The sooner that the common folk come around to accepting that fact, the sooner we can drag the bastards out into the streets and string them all up.

    And that means EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM – including that embarrassingly intellectually challenged shit-for-brains Jacki Lambi, who is in the same league as child-murderer Brad “The Hit-Man” Hazzard and his furry little sidekick, that awful grotesque refugee from the Ugly Farm Dr. Kerry Chant, with one significant caveat – just like every Australian state premier, Health Minister, Police Minister and Chief Health Officer, Hazzard and Chant are being paid very handsomely indeed by the Globalists to kill their fellow Australians, whereas Lambi (being the complete shit-for-brains retard that she is) will happily murder every Australian man, woman, child, baby and unborn FOR FREE.

    Letting someone like brain-dead retard Lambi get into the Senate is like letting a bull with inflamed hemhorroids and bovine spongiform encephalopathy loose in a China shop.

    We’re gonna need more lamp posts – or maybe just reuse a shitload of them.


  13. Shane Sigley, it might be too late for that! (the enlightenment part)


  14. Fake constitutions, fake laws, fake traitorous chosenites in positions of power, fake countries run by fake leaders and oligarchs and as a result a commercialized surreal and very profitable prison world that resembles the local abattoir under a “bright red” covid lock down – reaching out caringly to all “Councils” on a global scale!

    “Galarrwuy Yunupingu’s father campaigned with his clan painting as a parallel exercise, in the total absence of Chinese or Americans. The claim pointed out that the land owned the people, not vice versa.”

    The point is Tony, that it is not a claim. It is a fact – at least under universal law which applies to all of creation but not to man made commercial contracts among “nobles” that have enslaved the world under a magic spell of democracy and witchcraft.

    As long as the FIRB holds offices in Australia there will be no righteous AUSTRALIAN laws but those usual contradicting merry go round “how long is a piece of string” international confusions that only bring justice and relief when opening further busine$$ ventures and executions by the same old that have become new again.


  15. If you think my mob are a threat then you haven’t spoken with any of us.. the threat are the oligarchs running the agenda. Yes, there are Aboriginal and Torres Strait lackeys in the mix but they’re so blatantly obvious you’d be mad or dumb to be listening to them…

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  16. At the risk of appearing foolish, could you enlighten me as to the words in the preamble to deal with the natives. Also please enlighten me what is the original name of the USA if it’s not the United States of America. I want to believe, please help mine unbelief.


  17. The Hijack of the Sovereignty occurred in the 1960s. Successive governments have all been ‘in on the fix’.

    It was in the 1960s when The Crown abdicated from the colonies of the former British Empire thus creating and recognizing former possessions like Northern Rhodesia / Zambia as independent and sovereign nations.

    Australia became self-governing under the 1901 (like the Crown Colony of Southern Rhodesia) and thus de facto independent. But the sovereignty itself would have been abdicated in the 1960s under the UN Resolution. It never went to referendum under the 1901, so by plain reasoning that is when the hijack took place covertly.

    The judiciary of the Commonwealth of Australia are all Masons ‘in the know’ because when the High Court handed down its decision in Mabo v Queensland (No 2) 1992 they refused to rule on the issue of sovereignty. They recognized two sources of law but they said that to rule on the sovereignty was beyond their competence. How odd is that if they really are the High Court?

    If The Crown had not abdicated our highest court would be the Privy Council in the UK and that is what we are supposed to think. But the issue of the sovereignty upon which the High Court refused to rule never went to the Privy Council. I think this is a sign that The Crown has in fact abdicated.

    The sovereignty must be decided under the 1901 at Constitution Referendum.

    The Hijackers (different parties but one Lodge) are attempting an ‘end run’ around this process by using one source of law (as recognized by the High Court) to extinguish the 1901 source of law.


  18. Sean-Donovan Mitchell

    Thank you, the take over of this great nation is almost complete. We have been under administer from Washington since January 26,1910.Hague IV, entered into force on that day. We are so asleep at the wheel that we celebrate our nation being administered by a foreign corporation by calling it Australia day.
    Whereas the people also had a flag that was ours, the six pointed Federal Red Ensign. Created by a young boy who won forty pounds, this was the peoples flag, the six pointed Federal Blue Ensign was for use and to be flown by the government and the government only.
    In 1914, our nation answered the calls to support the mother land, we marched of to war as Commonwealth Forces and the diggers fought under that Federal Red. Same in 1939.
    Whereas the people have a Constitution and the Great Seal, gone. Whitlam created a new Constitution for the private corporation and a new seal, to add salt to the wound, the Private Members Association used Commonwealth Money to build themselves their own Parliament House.
    The late Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs stated, “I, therefore, have come to the conclusion that the current legal and political system in use in Australia and its States Territories has no basis in law”.

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  19. BRAVO! Tonyryan43. Thank you for your erudite comment and depiction of TRUE history as opposed to all the regurgitated, subverted revisionist bs. May that put an end to all the Chicken Little hysteria. Re: “I suggest that readers should feel free to decide who is most likely to record history and geopolitics the more accurately.” I know who my money’s on.


  20. tonyryan43 said – “Any suggestion of Chinese influence is laughable.”

    TBH, I’m skeptical of the dire warnings around Chinese intentions for the world at large, let alone Australia.

    The historic track record speaks of an enduring, resilient, powerful but generally benign mercantile civilisation.

    Having said that, anyone who sneaks up behind a dragon and kicks it in the nuts is just begging to get stomped. Not smart.

    What remains apparent beyond all of that, though, is that our country has been hijacked out from under us by a very large collection of highly organised psycopaths. No-one else is coming to save us – whoever these bastards are and whoever they answer to, we’ll have to drag them out into the streets and string them up ourselves.

    If not – then we better get used to the idea of eating bugs and maggots, and owning nothing and being happy.

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  21. It was not China that sacked the elected Australian Government in 1975; it was the US, with City of London assistance (MI6). China played no part in this coup.

    But since then, China has bought up thousands of residential and arable land blocks; purchases by Chinese who are Australian citizens and therefore do not come under the FIRB jurisdiction. Now, why would China waste all that money on land it already owns?

    The obvious answer is, the purchases are the most economical method of invasion of a fortress nation/continent. Equally obvious, is that the US and China are not partners. The US invaded using the CIA and military, CFR/CIA teams backed by Rockefeller corporate muscle.

    Ergo… the Chinese and US are competing to control the Asia/Pacific. Blind Freddie can see this.

    As to the hypothesis that China is behind that Aboriginal land rights movement; in point of fact, this was first initiated in real world terms by Frank Hardy, who inspired Vincent Lingiari to claim his own country conjointly with his strike for proper wages and conditions. The nearest communists were members of the TLC in Darwin. One of these, Brian Manning, supported land rights. The union involved, the NAWU, did not. Manning was not connected with China.

    Galarrwuy Yunupingu’s father campaigned with his clan painting as a parallel exercise, in the total absence of Chinese or Americans. The claim pointed out that the land owned the people, not vice versa. As this expanded in NT’s Top End consciousness, it became clear that land use considerations on land that was Aboriginal Reserve (and not accessible to whites anyway) must be decided through application of traditional Aboriginal consensus protocols. Our word for that is Democracy. Pure Democracy, actually. Every man, woman and child had their say.

    News of this reached David Rockefeller, who had just built the Trilateral Commission and formed a formal alliance with his future appointed replacement, Rupert Murdoch. Rockefeller realised such consensus might lock him out of mineral exploitation forever and, lacking an active wing in Australia, he requested Rothschild assistance to upend the planned Aboriginal Northern Land Council (NLC).

    The Rothschilds already had their own man in Australia, Nugget Coombs, who had just retired after establishing the BIS Rothschild Reserve Bank here (RBA). He was sent on a secret mission to ensure the NLC was created as a central control arm, with Aborigines restricted to meaningless regional representatives. This was organised by the Rothchild/ Rockefeller-created Australian Law Reform Commission. Consensus protocols were eliminated and the organisation was run by lawyers and anthropologists, with ignorant acculturated urban Aborigines as workers and to provide the appearance of indigenous involvement.

    Two Aborigines saw through the takeover: Bernard Tipalaura of Nguiu and Nandjiwarra Amagula of Umbakumba. Bernard out-manoeuvred the lawyers and created his own Tiwi Land Council, but Nandjiwarra sadly passed away before he was able to establish the Anandilyagwa Land Council, which was created 20 years later.

    The Rothschilds were clearly in control at the time of takeover and when a team of five Austrian anthropologists investigated Australian anthropological incompetence and criminality in 1993, with recommendations of shredded degrees and criminal prosecutions, their report was shelved. This strongly suggests Rothschild control has been retained.

    Any suggestion of Chinese influence is laughable.

    As I was a witness to all these developments, also as a Commonwealth Public Servant recording proceedings, and as an attendee at the referred-to meetings, as a delegate of the NAWU, as a frequent visitor to NE Arnhem land, I suggest that readers should feel free to decide who is most likely to record history and geopolitics the more accurately.

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  22. Good point Pat from Vic, let’s concentrate on being more of a hemorrhoid and less of a pimple.


  23. An interesting article, to be sure, which paints a plausible picture of where we’re at right about now – basically in the last stages of circling the drain before disappearing down the plughole.

    All our governments in Australia are fake – they have no legal basis and are occupied by treasonous paid-off card-carrying Globalist stooges. Every structure of governance in this country has been comprehensively hijacked by traitors.

    The author states – “The CCP will have no trouble at all governing behind Aboriginal Law.”

    FWIW, and for some perspective, Australia’s population closely matches Taiwan’s or Sri Lanka’s. We’re small fry on the world stage – akin to a pimple on China’s butt. If we don’t get our ducks all in a line and take back our country real soon, then the 200-odd year experiment that has been Australia will likely get popped.

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