US Konnech CEO nabbed: alarm raised again over Aussie election data going to China

Konnech CEO Eugene Yu, who is under house arrest in Los Angeles with an ankle bracelet keeping track of him.

WILL the Commonwealth and state electoral commissions ban the US-based election contractor Konnech from involvement in Australian elections, in particular the Victorian election, on November 26th ?

That’s the question all fair minded Australians should be asking their state and federal MPs after the arrest of Eugene Yu, the CEO of the US-based company. Yu has been released on US$500,000 bail after allegedly trying to flee the country. Americans are asking questions about Konnech’s role in the upcoming and critical November 8 mid-term elections.

Yu, 51, was arrested in Meridian Township in Michigan early last month by LA District Attorney investigators and held on suspicion of theft of personal identifying information belonging to Los Angeles County poll workers.

He was subsequently extradited to California where Judge Victoria Wilson of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County ordered Yu to remain under house arrest, remain in LA County and wear an ankle monitor until his next hearing November 17.

Fox News reported that in 2020, Konnech won a five-year, $2.9 million contract with LA County for software to track election worker schedules, training, payroll,and communications. The DA’s office said Konnech was required to keep the data in the United States and only provide access to citizens and permanent residents but instead stored it on servers in the People’s Republic of China.

The arrest again raises questions about Chinese Communist Party access to Australian election data. US news site Gateway Pundit reported members of the US voting watch group True the Vote have uncovered evidence that the US-based Konnech was storing election-related data on servers in China.

But the revelation proved costly for True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and investigator Gregg Phillips, who were found guilty of contempt of court by a Federal judge and jailed after they refused to identify a confidential informant who helped them obtain information that led to the discovery.

Cairns News is awaiting a response from the Commonwealth Electoral Commission to a question sent by a contributor, asking whether the Australian electoral data is safe with this company.

Cairns News has previously reported Sky News presenter Peta Credlin “dropped an IT bomb” by revealing the Queensland government outsourced coding of election data to China, giving China access to the electoral roll and 2,826,613 names, addresses and dates of birth of Queensland residents.

According to the Kagdrogo newsletter on Substack anything that enters the Chinese internet belongs to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It also reports that Konnech is also known to store on its servers the location of voting machines, building schematics and many other kinds of sensitive election data that could be useful to CCP state-backed hacker groups.

Konnech is based at East Lansing, Michigan, and the Australian arm at 7/39 Jeays St

Bowen Hills, Brisbane. It is listed online as a 100% fully owned subsidiary of Konnech Inc, and providing “international experience in election logistic and management systems, having worked with electoral authorities serving over 25 million voters across Australia, Canada and the United States of America”.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Furthermore, as supplied by jo’s excellent re-posted link; relaying Roberts’ statement…”What is missing is a Federal Integrity Commission with power to review the behaviour of the politicians and the judiciary. An integrity commission with teeth would mean that any allegation of corruption, criminality or misconduct could be thoroughly and independently investigated. There’s no doubt there are still people in power that get up to no good; we need a commission that can properly investigate them and bring them to justice.” WHAT AN ABSOLUTE CROCK! He knows full well that ‘commissions’ are fruitless/rigged/and a further waste of taxpayer $$$$’s. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so transparent. Re: “up to no good” ???!! How much more trivialising can you get?! As I’ve already stated… it’s conceivable that he is on the ‘list of 28′. Just. Sayin’.


  2. T
    Heffernan’s report was compiled by Federal Police but the AFP would not claim ownership when pressed. It was originally supported by victim Fiona Barnett.Ed


  3. Hi jo, Hah! Zero surprises yet again coming from the blabbering garden gnome. Consistent to his MO as an utter charlatan and duplicitous fraud. “Extensive research by my office”, “unsupported evidence” – really?? – quite conceivably is ONE of the 28.


  4. “After extensive research by my office, we found that the Wood Royal Commission was provided a document that the Commissioner determined contained information outside the terms of reference of the Commission. It was returned to the provider. That’s it. The document is not in the public domain and is not held by the government. My inquiries revealed that it contained unsupported allegations against 28 people from an unidentified author. Without an author, it’s wholly unverifiable and unusable in court. Publication of the contents may well constitute defamation in some circumstances”
    “Without an author, it’s wholly unverifiable and unusable in court”.

    Here we go again. Blanket over the head, go back to sleep! There is nothing to see here! And according to some readers of Cairns news Senator Roberts is the best of the LOT in Aussie parliament. Endless rinse and repeat while kids are suffering, get killed or are hired out for prostitution.

    Without an author, without “credible” victims (that are NOT ridiculed) there is no pedophilia in Australia unless it involves Catholics and other religious holy men. Our Honorables are honorable after all – the victims are frauds! Case closed AGAIN.

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  5. Hi Editor, Yeah…if not more.


  6. “How about you get offended by the ‘red shoe’ brigade and report on that!”

    “We have in Australia, sadly, a compromise at the highest of levels. There is a former prime minister on this list and it is a police document, ” he told senators. “It’s not so much the secret that’s the problem, it’s when a group of people, such as the 28 people on this page, keep each other’s secrets that the institution is compromised.”

    Here, you are FEDUP as a very angry old man “investigating” child abuse and trafficking. Refresh your memory and knowledge of what happened in Australia in regards to child abuse and cover ups, Royal commissions and honorable members of Australia’s society that outlive their lives in peace and are very well looked after – with huge government pensions.

    Nothing has changed in 7 years (or decades before that) apart from blaming a couple of churches and a few individuals. Politicians and other public officials immunity and not made public Police documents in the colony are quite a “potential mix” in the toothless hunt for Come on Wealth Criminals in well protected higher castes of society that have all of us Aussies grabbed by the throat. You fedup, bark up the wrong tree and are quite professional at that.

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  7. Like

  8. I cant find it and I just dont have time to trawl through hundreds of comments. Thanks Ed


  9. Hi Cairns Editor.

    Its in the comment section dated Nov 12th @ 8.03 am on this page.

    Its has a Q the bubbles link

    Apple News. Trafficked: Woman shunted like cattle around Australia for sex work

    Great article

    Thank you


  10. Can you send the link please. Ed


  11. Yeah lets hope the human traffickers get wiped out. Qld Police are undergoing a massive underhanded overhaul with the
    ALP/Greens nexus running a gender offensive. The first casualty will be the Commissioner then senior officers as the ALP purges the Óld Guard’ to have them replaced by Deep State, WEF operatives. The ALP/Greens nexus always pulls the race card hence the so-called Spanish Inquisition into good officers who are fed up with Black Lives Matter agenda. Good on the officers who call out the hordes of rebellious blackfellas for what they are. The ALP has created a rod for its own back by teaching a generation of murris in state schools that they own Australia and to hell with white fellas. Therein lies the problem. Editor


  12. Jo, seriously …are you off your fkn face. I have never seen so many words wasted. If I was a dictionary I would be offended. Report back when you have come down off whatever you are on.

    How about you get offended by the ‘red shoe’ brigade and report on that!


  13. Thank you Detective Inspector Brad Phelps and your team of officers in the QPS for putting in so many hours of investigating human trafficking in Australia and shining a light on this. (hence Asian prostitution ring in Australia)

    I was drawn to this article thanks to an Aussie patriot (who I do not know) Q the bubbles that puts stuff up to educate people.

    I have switched off MSM so was most grateful

    I understand there are a lot of ignorant fools that do not appreciate you and what you and your team are doing to end this Human trafficking in Australia and worldwide but some of us really appreciate the “good guys and gals”

    Thank you and many thanks to our military alliance in Australian, the US and worldwide. You will not be forgotten

    I have put this up on Cairns News as I am not on social media.

    I don’t think many people appreciate the job a police officer does and I understand the politicians have used the police as their own personal soldiers. I also understand a lot of great officers miss out on promotion because they do not kiss arse and tow the company line, they just want to do their job to protect the community….I also understand there are a lot of arseholes that should not be doing the job

    While I was writing this a had a big black screen put up so excuse my spelling or sentence.

    In the meantime the police helicopter is flying around my suburb announcing a missing child…..


  14. “Its because of ignorance that we are all in the mess. Every single one of us are to blame because we all could have stood up earlier to our politicians and the like”.

    Well, at least you got that right! Now, let me explain something to you which might has not crossed your mind (yet) because of your own self importance, a failing counter revolution and the lacking admiration by others toward your personal rebellion and authority of your own superior mind. The mess we (any human sorted by “Authority” into a cast like system anywhere in the world) are in came through ignorance and we are now at a crossroad which forks into two directions and may even bring an opportunity.

    Australia never had a history of its/her own and with a little bit of gut and enough disgust about “our criminal leaders” and the fake political system sucking Australia dry, Australia could be finally be born through Aussies that are one people FOR THEIR OWN COUNTRY and write our own history from now on or we take the other road and go back into the future of “SHE”LL BE RIGHT”.

    SO Fed up, standing at the fork in the road and arguing with the flow of people taking either direction might bring you great satisfaction in self importance but it does nothing to shake off ignorance or ill perceived perceptions in a coming conflict where ALL of us should stand together instead of whining about this and the other and argue till the lights go out.

    “…thanks to our Military Alliance” – we are in this shite dear friend and maybe what a bloke wrote 2000 years ago can help you Fedup to clarify certain things in your own mind.

    “Make for thyself a definition or description of the thing which is presented to thee, so as to see distinctly what kind of a thing it is in its substance, in its nudity, in its complete entirety, and tell thyself its proper name, and the names of the things of which it has been compounded, and into which it will be resolved. For nothing is so productive of elevation of mind as to be able to examine methodically and truly every object which is presented to thee in life, and always to look at things so as to see at the same time what kind of universe this is, and what kind of use everything performs in it, and what value everything has with reference to the whole, and what with reference to man…” Marcus Aurelius

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  15. My email was directed at Cairns News, not Ron not D Johnson and not Jo. So best you all mind your own business and move on to something safer like ….climate change!

    You are all probably one and the same person!

    Its because of ignorance that we are all in the mess. Every single one of us are to blame because we all could have stood up earlier to our politicians and the like.

    Other independent media are reporting on this and now it is starting to come out in main stream media thanks to our Military Alliance

    People power is the only way but you Ron, D Johnson Jo.. Cairns News bots keep hiding under that rock ….ignorant fools you are.

    At least Cairns News readers are a bit more wiser on Child trafficking which is what I wanted to achieve so THANK YOU bots


  16. “this IS all about protecting our children/ young adults worldwide from filth psychopaths that pretend to be someone else (charming) in civil society”

    Fed Up, Do you think you’re going to moan your way out of it while hating all those who do nothing (or less than you) in your opinion? If you don’t like evil in this world then bring down your oppressors, remove the sham government, and take back your country and child/abuse/trafficking/organ harvesting might become a scar of humanity’s past. Though you might also come to understand one day that YOU alone (after chopping everyone else’ heads off for not complying to Fed Up’s world) can do nothing!

    Child molesters, rapists and trader of kids of all ages once upon a time were a specialty of an ethnic group and undercover. These days it is out in the open and seems politically correct. Watching videos will not change anything. Public Castration for offenders and “Royal commission” cover ups might bring on a different moral to “our” honorable members of government after decades of abuse and immunity.

    If Rupert Murdock can come up with statistics and maps of suburbs with the highest and lowest rates of reported child sexual abuse but not with real statistics that are covered up by “our very own” government, maybe time has come to take ALL waste out that stinks to the heavens instead of moaning or arguing with like minded people who are ALL Fed up about this rotten to the core world.

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    Warning…this video is not for the faint hearted

    …It is also not for soy boys, controlled opposition, trump haters, gas lighters, narcissist, psychopaths or ‘talking heads’ that do NOTHING but talk bullshit in comments section of Cairns News but get all upset when someone dare talk about child trafficking

    But this IS all about protecting our children/ young adults worldwide from filth psychopaths that pretend to be someone else (charming) in civil society


  18. Fed Up! – “I have written to politicians and many others with my concerns about pedo child/human trafficking ….have you?”

    I just had to make these parting comments.

    You say you have written to politicians. News, many ex and (likely) serving Australian politicians have have been involved in pedophilia and the like, for at least decades, ditto for the police. Check out the results of the royal commission into same, that’s right, they have hidden the names of the politicians and police who were found to be pedophiles. So you wrote to people who would have a very good knowledge of what you complain about but continue to protect the people running it. Like I asked, what have you done to STOP the child trafficking (your words) pedo child/human trafficking?

    So in fact you are supporting the rotten system by treating the people who protect it as saviors – giving them power that they do not deserve. Those grubs should be removed from power. To treat them as saviors is indicative that you do not really know all that much about about the real world. You do not know how thoroughly rotten it is.

    I mentioned my training and education because I have done some of the same (for example – intelligence) courses that the grubs have done, so have a good understanding of how they operate in the real world. I did not mention it to gain any superior standing above you.

    For you to use use words such as :
    You are not SMART so stop making a fool of yourself and So get off your high horse soy boy, toward another person on cairns news certainly means (to me) that you are here for a bitch fight and are quite arrogant and very likely abusive.

    I do not believe that you know how to have a constructive, useful, positive argument with the intent of gaining or giving useful information.
    If you do not like what others say you will likely resort to verbal abuse and try to put them down – shut them down. I used to be paid to put up with arrogant know it all people who were for various reasons on crusades to save or destroy. I am not being paid here so am not at all interested in any further communications with you.

    Yes, I know that you will likely reply and that your reply will include verbal abuse and /or a put down, I assure you it will not cause me any harm or upset, like I have said, I used to be paid to put up with that.

    Have a goon one.

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    22 minutes 54 seconds in…

    Diamond and Silk, Two Great American patriots interview a very brave and courages female journalists about child trafficking.

    Never underestimate mamma (momma) bears

    Thank you to all brave souls including white hats and independent media around the world for reporting.
    ….Australia is mentioned briefly in this report


  20. D Johnson, that must make you Tom Hanks then!?……Hmmm

    ….funny how it all fun and games until someone mentions the children


  21. “Sit down Wilson!”


  22. Ron

    I have written to politicians and many others with my concerns about pedo child/human trafficking ….have you?

    I just posted evidence of the QPS investigating Asian trafficking rings, did you not bother to read it?

    It is very clear the the military alliance are in control otherwise we would all be in FEMA camps or worse.
    Would you like them to personally contact you to tell of their progress?
    I am grateful everyday for the military alliance cleaning out Australia of this problem to save our children.
    We are gradually seeing reports of this in MSM thanks to the White Hats.

    The problem with some of you academic types is that you might be cleaver but you are not SMART so stop making a fool of yourself about your academic nonsense, which is now proving to be a crock of shit anyway since our Universities and schools have been taken over by the woke.

    How about you listen ‘very carefully’ to what Riccardo Bosi has to say in the first few minutes of the video I posted below and take what he says on board.

    He is one of a very few brave men standing up to fight for our children and Australia

    I’m sure Cairns News is capable for standing up for themselves about my comment, they don’t need you kissing their arse for them.

    As I mentioned, more needs to be reported to let people know what is happening to innocent children and young adults.

    So get off your high horse soy boy


  23. Fed Up! – “Here is one rabbit hole you might like to investigate in relation to child/human trafficking in Australia.”

    i have been researching such matters for nearly 40 years, I am well aware of child/human trafficking.
    I am sure that if I (or you) attempted to physically stop the trafficking the authorities would stop me from doing so. I would be falsely imprisoned, or killed by bent authorities or the traffickers.

    It is a protected billion dollar business, protected by those who carry out the trafficking and by bent authorities, including politicians. Until we stop bitching about what should be done, and instead take back our governments and countries, the trade will not stop for a second.

    I have spent most of my working life in government jobs that have given me a very good idea of how the real world works. I have had a lot of training, experience and education (including at University) that is relevant to this matter.

    In my previous comment to you I stated: “I have not stopped any child trafficking in Australia, could you kindly let me know how, when and where they are doing it ” You have not supplied the necessary factual, provable, not supposed or hearsay, seen it on a video information.

    I have no doubt that you are upset about the child trafficking, and so you should be. Maybe you could go direct to the politicians and the police and demand “What have you done to stop child trafficking in Australia?”
    Please let me know how that goes for you.

    I now put it to you, other than watch some videos and ask others (me) what have you done to stop child trafficking – what have you done and what do you intend to do in the near future to stop child trafficking?

    Personally I believe that you are taking out your frustrations on the wrong people. There is a big difference between constructive criticism, academic argument and of interest comments, versus, a one sided argument or bitch session.

    In the interests of not continuing to assist with putting a spanner in the works of the Cairns News by continuing this conversation, and as you have stated I am “just another ‘talking head’ that we are all sick of.” I will stop posting any comments, at least until you are (hopefully) no longer sickened by me.

    You have a very nice day.

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  24. Hi Ron

    Here is one rabbit hole you might like to investigate in relation to child/human trafficking in Australia.

    It was an article on Apple news of Asian women being trafficked in Australia and how the QPS are investigating.

    I hope it loads but won’t be surprised if it doesn’t.

    Cairns News has some good articles and if I want to have a whinge about not more being investigated about human/ child trafficking then that’s my prerogative and non of your business!…so move on

    Credit: Q the bubbles twitter for article


  25. Fed Up! – “You are just another ‘talking head’ that we are all sick of.
    What have you done to stop child trafficking in Australia?”
    “Cairns news only goes so far then backs off”

    Okay, no problem if you are all sick of me I will give it a rest for a while and watch and learn from your well informed and original comments.

    I have not stopped any child trafficking in Australia, could you kindly let me know how, when and where they are doing it, I will then see what I can do about it?

    If you think that Cairns News does not go far enough, why are you here?

    Did you forget to take your meds today?

    Have a nice day

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  26. Hi Ron

    You are just another ‘talking head’ that we are all sick of.
    What have you done to stop child trafficking in Australia?
    D Johnson that “liked you” claims that she? him? it? is related to Johnny Depp!
    If you bother to get off your arse and research Johnny Depp you will know he is part of the satanic child trafficking problem.
    Cairns news only goes so far then backs off


  27. This has GOT to be the absolute best massive rally address yet by DJT in Ohio. He doesn’t need scripts or teleprompters – because he speaks from the heart and addresses the people as equals in his candid, conversational manner.
    “We’ve actually skipped Socialism – forget all about that – we’re now in Communism.” One of many standout remarks. LETS GO BRANDON!!


  28. Fed Up! – “How about you post this Cairns News. It would be nice for you to investigate child and human trafficking in Australia and around the world if you have a backbone!”

    I believe that Cairns News has many articles about child and human trafficking.
    A 20 second search on Cairns News gave me a March 1st article “Human Trafficking.”
    There are many more articles on Cairns News where child and human trafficking are an article and / or mentioned in articles.

    The editors of Cairns News most certainly have backbones, as is constantly shown by way of the articles they have on Cairns News, and the mere fact that they are still open for business providing alternate information – the truth.

    I give credit where it is due.

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    How about you post this Cairns News. It would be nice for you to investigate child and human trafficking in Australia and around the world if you have a backbone!


  30. vatican hill in Hebrew Gematria equals 911

    vatican hill in English Gematria equals 666

    vatican hill in Simple Gematria equals 111


  31. Jews and Catholics in partnership –

    The Talmud created at the Babylon Yahsiva (Academy) by BalKhan (Baal Priest) Baba Rabban is properly called the “Babylonian Talmud” and was the only version of Talmud created until the 16th Century when the Venetians through the Jesuits created a hybrid document integrating the Mithraic-Iudaic laws of the Septuaginta to create the “Jerusalem Talmud”.

    Jewish Prime Minister of England, Benjamin Disraeli said – “the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” ……. “You never observe a great intellectual movement in Europe in which the Jews do not greatly participate. The first Jesuits were Jews;” …… (pp. 249-252)

    What does the word Vatican mean in Hebrew?

    The word ‘Vatican’ literally means “Divining Serpent,” and is derived from Vatis = Diviner and Can = Serpent. The Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica were built on the ancient pagan site called in Latin vaticanus mons or vaticanus collis, which means hill or mountain of prophecy. …

    Vatican Hill in English gematria = 666


  32. Because all money is issued as an interest bearing debt, debts cannot be paid, only discharged–debts-cannot-be-paid

    “……………..The game cannot continue. As a little known financial analyst — who was also apparently a quite good theoretical physicist — Albert Einstein commented: ‘Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.’

    The point is that interest on debt always grows faster than the economy, and eventually it becomes unsustainable. Debt grows exponentially, while economic growth tends to be linear. As the economist and historian Michael Hudson has documented, the response by societies, dating back 4000 years, is to retire debt.

    Hudson writes: ‘Every economist who has looked at the mathematics of compound interest has pointed out that in the end, debts cannot be paid. Every rate of interest can be viewed in terms of the time that it takes for a debt to double. At 5 per cent, a debt doubles in 14.5 years; at seven per cent, in ten years; at ten per cent, in seven years. As early as 2000 BC in Babylonia, scribal accountants were trained to calculate how loans principal doubled in five years at the then-current equivalent of 20 per cent annually.’ ………………

    Division 7—Discharge of bill

    64 Payment in due course

    (1) A bill is discharged by payment in due course by or on behalf of the drawee or acceptor.


  33. All Capital letter names are corporations. Corporations (corpse/the living dead) can only deal with other corporations. Corporations have signatures. Flesh and blood living people have autographs. Always use lower case, especially with your name.

    26 Delivery

    (1) Every contract on a bill, whether it be the drawer’s, the acceptor’s, or an indorser’s, is incomplete and revocable, until delivery of the instrument in order to give effect thereto:

    Provided that where an acceptance is written on a bill, and the drawee gives notice to or according to the directions of the person entitled to the bill that he or she has accepted it, the acceptance then becomes complete and irrevocable.

    (2) As between immediate parties, and as regards a remote party other than a holder in due course, the delivery:

    (a) in order to be effectual, must be made either by or under the authority of the party drawing, accepting, or indorsing, as the case may be; or

    (b) may be shown to have been conditional or for a special purpose only, and not for the purpose of transferring the property in the bill.

    But if the bill be in the hands of a holder in due course, a valid delivery of the bill by all parties prior to him or her, so as to make them liable to him or her, is conclusively presumed.

    (3) Where a bill is no longer in the possession of a party who has signed it as a drawer, acceptor, or indorser, a valid and unconditional delivery by him or her is presumed until the contrary is proved.


  34. Dark Money: Who’s manipulating U.S. votes? – Facts Tell


  35. old kodger – “Read the law about contracts in the Bills of Exchange act 1909.”

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated. Will have a look at the Act.


  36. It is not yet at critical mass, but the PTB are aware that too many people have the number (666) of these United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regimes and the Kakistocracy: West and East. In the East, the Push Back is simply being shut down by the Communist state – as one would expect. In the West, Big Corp is shutting down the Push Back with all these psychodramas about ‘Woke Purges’ and ‘Corrupto clean-ups’ like the Yu Nabbing here recounted.

    I’ve been following the same story over at Twitter. After his big ‘buy back’ media event and purge of ‘Woke’ Twitter censors, bot followers, troll accounts, fact-checker Karens and ‘our community standards’ Kevins, Muskie Boi has retained ADL overseer Yoel Roth. This is just too entertaining. Muskie Boi is Yoel’s monkey on the stick.


  37. And more regarding the Brazilian stolen election. The footage of the Brazilian peoples’ uprising is astonishing!


  38. Hi old kodger, Hats off to you!! What you have stated, and done in maintaining your stance is absolutely correct.


  39. Quote: – “I have no trust in the present system, I do not want to take part but have to, or I will be forced to pay a penalty”. unquote.
    Not so, my wife did not vote in the “have a sneezy” election, the AEC sent her what we are reasonably sure was a fine, it was simply unopened and inscribed “no contract return to sender”,and we’ve heard no more about it, and don’t expect to. But it’s important that you DON’T open it. By opening it you take possession of the res (that’s all part of the trickery).
    It will be addressed to the cestu qui trust, THAT’S NOT YOU.
    Read the law about contracts in the Bills of Exchange act 1909.

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  40. Hi Debbie, re: “ask Brazilians about elections – ha”. Exactly right! Bolsonaro (‘The Trump of the Tropics’) – his leadership stolen from him using the exact same playbook from the DJT stolen election – including the ‘drop and roll’ rigging tactic. Although the convicted money laundering criminal da Silva has been ‘implanted’ – Bolsonaro not only refuses to concede but has ordered a full military audit – whilst thousands of Brazilians are going fully apesh*t in the streets.
    The following article by ‘Stop The Steal’ Ali Alexander is a must read, fully signposted road map on rigged elections. More of us here down under, should have paid much closer attention to the US 2020 stolen election. The writing was on the wall and people took no heed… because it wasn’t happening in our backyard.

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  41. ask Brazilians about elections – ha


  42. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

    The grubs have more than one way to rig any election.
    For a start, the corporate governments count the votes. Are we invited to take part? Can we have the people witness all that is involved with an election, especially the counting of the votes?
    After the votes are counted the tallies are changed from paper to electronic, do we get to keep that process honest?

    Until honest members of communities are fully involved in the entire election system, there is no way of being sure that any election result is legit. I have no trust in the present system, I do not want to take part but have to, or I will be forced to pay a penalty.

    If communities do not care about elections being rigged and are still voting for those who do the rigging – they will get the governments that they deserve.
    So no bitching and complaining during the next lock downs, forced (coerced) jabs, being forced into wellness camps, police (with the help of the military) brutality, etc.

    Getting rid of the likes of Konnech will make no difference the grubs will simply replace them with another overseas corporation – go to plan B or C or D
    or …….

    The answer, the only answer to defeat the grubs – community, we the people, get together as communities all over Australia, have our own reps, have our own peoples elections. Trying to fix this mess any other way is just p…..g into the wind.


  43. @Janicew37 She did. It’s well known.

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  44. Let this begin the fall of Australia’s satanist paedophile protectors

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  45. I’m providing this information in the event that the Victorian Govt do in fact use Agents of Foreign Based Companies in the election. ASIC has a , what I would say a very rarely used, Form that requires Agents of Foreign Company fill in. It canoe found here I carry one or two in my means of travel incase of trouble with Policy Officers in WA. Just ask the question, “Are you an Agent of a Foreign Company?” As the Policy Officers here are part of a Corporation, listed on the NY SX, and having a ABN, they will be have no knowledge of the requirement. Never the less by ASIC’s Rules they have no choice in the matter. Do that on a massive in the Election each and every voter will be able to register a protest!


  46. And I reckon Palletofshit would have done the same when we had Qld elections.

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  47. I bet comrade dan has given Victorian electors details to China! He’s one of their besties…

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