China has been given access to the entire Queensland electoral roll by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

The Queensland Government has been accused of exposing voters to a massive security breach by allowing Chinese-based coders to write critical software for the Queensland Electoral Commission.

While Australia and the United States kicked out the Chinese Huawei IT company, brainless state Labor Party politicians expose the entire voting population to identity theft, bank fraud, and every other aspect of corruption the communists can dream up by allowing China in.

Sky News presenter Peta Credlin dropped the IT bomb on Friday claiming the outsourcing of coding gives China access to the electoral roll and 2,826,613 names, addresses and dates of birth of Queensland residents.

It could make accusations of Russian meddling in the 2016 United States election look like a Facebook discussion.

China effectively could manipulate the result of the upcoming state election, which should raise the hackles of the unions and Deep State operatives within the QEC.

Pauline Hanson lost the state seat of Lockyer at the 2015 state election due to fraudulent postal votes.

For decades the unions have been instrumental in large scale voting manipulation, aided and abetted by QEC sleepers, which has changed the result in marginal seats.

Postal voting is the latest method of voting fraud as Pauline Hanson could attest when she narrowly lost the seat of Lockyer in 2015 by a handful of suspected fraudulent postal votes.

Channel 9 reported on the election:

“One Nation’s Pauline Hanson is having a bigger than expected impact in the seat of Lockyer.

With 77 per cent of the votes from Saturday’s state election counted, Ms Hanson had 6974 primary votes (27.3 percent), ahead of Labor’s Steve Leese (6366 or 24.93 per cent).

Sitting LNP Ian Rickuss was ahead with 8596 (33.65 percent), but had suffered a significant swing against him.

The two-candidate preferred breakdown on the Queensland Electoral Commission website has Ms Hanson ahead with 54.6 per cent compared to Mr Rikuss’ 45.3, but that figure is based on only five of the 61 booths.

ABC’s election analyst said Ms Hanson is leading on a swing of 18 per cent in those five booths.”

The counting stretched out for nearly two weeks as postal votes dribbled in. During the counting, for example,  Ms Hanson was ahead with 100 votes then the next day150 postal votes would arrive. Conversely the next day she would again be ahead by 75 votes then the next day she would be losing by 120 votes just delivered by the postman, ad infinitum.

This went on until the counting finished causing Ms Hanson to lose the race.

The Queensland Marxist government like Premier “Red” Dan Andrews in Victoria, bows and scrapes to China but there is only so much people can take.

Voters will not get a clean election result until the state government orders a physical habitation check of every Queensland household to be undertaken by interstate, independent inspectors and overseen by a retired interstate judge.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Bernadette le Goullon

    I wish they were Marxists but they aren’t. They are corporate fascists pretending to be Marxist and most Marxists criticise them for corporate oligarchism although most of these individuals have been purged from society for accusing them of Maoism and Stalinism. We all know what happened to Trotsky


  2. Welcome to my world !….surprise…..its MUCH WORSE then you are finding out!!
    Been like this for OVER 20yrs +++ EVERYONE IS BENT……
    Have my own bags /boxes packed for over yr……..cannot leave Cos the CoVid also all the stress ………….I had a Heart attack.
    All the best


  3. This is a joke in Queensland and we need help, Federal help to rid our beautiful state of Chinese influence. Our family have been harassed, intimidated daily by some sort of local gang even whilst attempting to sell our home to leave.
    Whist all this was going on local Council lawyer and his real estate Girl Friend attempted by buy our renovated 1.25m beach home for 900k with a shockingly staunch attitude we must accept their offer in light of the situation. And just persisted several times even after being told we had received multiple offers, actually 12 or more at least 100-150k more than their offer.
    But again they insisted a once off offer of 1m and we should take it for the third time.
    We eventually just sold with all the intimidation with would take me all day to write, we achieved 1.150m easily selling it ourselves without so much as a sign out the front.
    These people are sick, we were approached by mainly foreigners, again mainly European and some just landed. Others still overseas willing to trump anyone at the last minute. All these people were just going to rent it back out immediately.
    You must ask yourself what is going on. No one in the Government does anything when you complain because they are Marxist and blatantly corrupt. We are actually scared for the first time in our lives in Queensland after growing up here.
    Our phones have even been hacked and tracked which we are certain of and are unsure of trusting anything now our house sale funds are about to be transferred. What have we become and done to our beautiful lifestyle.
    Please expose this horrendous Queensland Corrupt Government for what they are. We have so much crazy evidence it’s simply flooring as what they have done to us over the last three years in Golden Beach Caloundra.
    Very Scary future we are considering leaving the country and family behind as they are brain washed because of fake media.
    Screw this our Country has been sold out to China. Just look at the sister city programmes. Let’s be serious here…and our Universities. This need an immediate intervention.


  4. Oh my god, do people actually believe this rubbish! No integrity what so ever.


  5. My wife and I gave up on elections in Qld when Mr Newman’s Gov’t was unceremoniously removed from office, after only one term of trying to turn the state’s finances around. With some success as I recall. They were the only hope of the side, but the stupid labor voters couldn’t overcome their bias for the sake of the team. The result which is always the case with
    a Labor victory, the public Service and Gov’t debt have grown massively out of control, and our petticoat cabinet hasn’t a clue how to reset the books.


  6. No body has the right to allow any of my name address age any one from my personal private details. From the electrol.
    I have not given permission to access my details at all under any circumstances, and this also for my wife.


  7. the lady dog is completely out of control, i will pay the vets bill to have the lady dog put down


  8. PS TYPO…”4th Czech Gov has Invited >ANTI TRUMP LGBT a eye opener !”

    should have read>>> 4th Czech Gov has Invited >ANTI TRUMP Communist propagander Machine >>CNN into Czech Rep .

    also invited into Prague ….ANTI TRUMP ..”Communist supporting” political LEFT >LGBT
    LOOK at what Poland and ….Hungary say about LGBT


  9. yes i would have thought this to……its all and an illusion like most Govs in this world.

    Remember the >Velvet Revolution?…… removal of COMMUNISTS…..well…..

    1st Andrej Babiš ( Current Cz Gov).. ” Failed”.. to tell the Cz voters he is a Past> HARD LINE Ex COMMUNIST……….. .claims he is reformed……..LOL

    2nd A COMMUNIST Party is holding the Balance of Power.

    3rd Czech Gov is still openly supporting the …Communist Chinese gov!

    4th Czech Gov has Invited >ANTI TRUMP LGBT a eye opener !

    Andrej Babiš ( Not even Cz) is accused of Corruption by EU including the Cz People …He told them ALL to get stuffed.

    so he would not go to Jail PUT IN a “corrupt JUDGE” to support him.

    PS I would look up the Nasty Pig headed loud Mouth Corrupt Communist loving
    >Miloš Zeman.

    Cz Govs old partner Slovakia has appointed a ” SOCIALIST” Gov”

    The country is slowly turning into the past corrupt Czecho-slovakia .the communist never left just like a lot of Country’s …….”Communist Trading under a NEW name” .

    If the Russians start to move into EU the Czechs will be the first to start waving Russian Flags.

    I know many Czechs who agree the Cz gov is Corrupt…..and too many OLD farts still long for the past …….
    Thats my opinion


  10. Peter, you’re living in the past re the Czechs and Slovaks having Commie government. If only we had their free and fair elections and decent government possible here!


  11. Is there any place in the whole country where there is no corruption? It is just disgusting that
    countries who have freedom cannot seem to control the urge to get more for themselves and bring the system down that actually gives them their comforts. Soon we will see, whether there are enough good people in the world to weigh the balance for humanity. If you do not know any good people, then become one yourself and we may just win in this war for the souls or men, and the survival of the human race.


  12. well the problem is ether live under the Red Pant Suit Feminist / Communist Party.or be run by a bunch of childish D*ckhead fools.

    can you imagine the Communist tanks running down Qld Roads…… will be like Czechs in 1945 inviting the Communists in to get rid of Hitler….they never got ride of the Communists even till to day…….

    Shops will be selling RED Tee shirts…RED Shorts….RED school uniforms and Red Flags …in a few years they will be the best sellers
    Get your orders in now before they are all sold out !!


  13. G. J. TUDEHOPE

    Why are you complaining about this, you willingly consent to be governed by the majority political party and their public policy.

    What has you done to revoke your consent ?




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