Australia has more precipitation per head of population than most other countries on Earth

Dispelling myths about water

by Ron Pike

The myths about water are many.  Below I describe seven.
They range from (1) Australia being the driest continent on earth, to (2) all of our rivers dying from overuse, right up to (3) the government being required to return water to the environment.

As explorer Sturt rather boldly stated when he discovered the Murray River, ‘I have found Australia’s Mississippi’ after he left the Hume River(Murrumbidgee)  Pic ABC

Most of these myths are rooted in ‘environmentalism’, a political movement which has become a form of religious belief that fosters a sense of moral superiority in the believer, but does not burden him with adherence to scrutiny or veracity.  Many environmentalists arrogantly believe their cause is so important that they should not be questioned or challenged in scientific debate. Have you ever heard an environmentalist explain what the environment is, or where it resides?

For years now I have used municipal flood records to refute the myth (4), the oft falsely-repeated claim that since we invested in water conservation and irrigation, we have had fewer over-the-bank flows (floods) than in the century previous.   In reality, we have had many more, and you do not need a degree in anything other than common sense to work out why.

But here are some not-so-well-known facts ( (a) to (g) ) that should be shouted out in the present flood (pardon the pun) of misinformation about our water resources.

(a) Australia has more precipitation per head of population than most other countries on Earth, e.g.  megalitres per person: Australia: 140, Brazil 130, USA 33, Japan 6, United Kingdom 4.

(b) Of our precipitation, about 13 per cent runs to the sea and this amounts to about 290 million Megalitres per year from the mainland and 50 million megalitres from Tasmania.

(c) While the amount we use for all mankind’s purposes varies from year to year, it rarely exceeds 5 per cent of this huge volume.

How is it possible to argue that we, the people, are depriving ‘the environment’ of water when people are only using 0.4 per cent of the total precipitation and around 5 per cent of runoff?

How then is it possible for anyone and most of all Politicians, to argue that our rivers are over-committed? 

The Murray is way under-committed. Australia almost tops the world chart for the highest amount of rainfall per capita allowing 340 million megalitres to run into the sea of which we use just 5 per cent per year.

How can the federal government justify overriding Section 100 of the Constitution to return water to ‘the environment’ when the people of Australia only use 0.4 per cent of the precipitation that falls from the heavens?

Politicians, if they are to regain any credibility, must recognise the facts
(d) that the bulk of our runoff is between Adelaide and Cairns, which is right where we need it.
All we must do is conserve these huge flows in times of excess and where necessary divert westward.

(e) Mankind has yet to develop a better water conservation system than the building of dams.  
(f) Building Dams would massively grow our economy, generate a huge growth in jobs, and if practically managed, stop most of our flood damage.

But flowing from this revelation of where our water resources are, is a much bigger and more important truth that has been buried by those not saddled with a commitment to truth.

(g) The Australian river with the largest run-off by a very large margin is the Murray River.  As Sturt rather boldly stated when he progressed from the Murrumbidgee to a river he called the Hume, ‘I have found Australia’s Mississippi.’   This is not surprising when we consider that the Mighty Murray has a catchment of one million square kilometres which includes most of Australia’s snow country, a fact overlooked by our dishonest environmentalists.

The outflow from the Murray most years is over double that of our next biggest river, the Clarence.  The total storage capacity for all dams in the MDB including the Snowy Scheme is 29 million megalitres.  Measured at Euston these are some of the historical flows in the Murray River millions of ML/yr


1957 was an unusually dry year, and during the dry years of the Millennium Drought, the flow past Euston dropped below 2,400,000 megalitres in only one year.

The flow past this point in 2010 and 2011 which ended this drought is believed to be over 30,000,000 megalitres. each year and outflows have remained around this and above every year since.

So why is the Murray-Darling Basin Authority releasing around 2,400,000 megalitres of stored water every year into an already swollen river?   It is an absurd waste of a needed resource.  The lower Murray is always awash with more water than we can possibly use and this is why we can never successfully manage this resource until we build Chowilla Dam.

Recent debate about our water resources has been appalling to watch, and any rational arguments have been drowned out by the politics of perception.  Truth as expressed above has been washed away (pardon the pun) by media-generated emotion of myths of (5) ‘dying rivers’, (6) a water-starved environment, and (7) dead fish due to human factors not natural cycles.

My CONCLUSIONS from the facts we have

A   Australia’s water system is not overburdened by irrigation extractions, and would hugely benefit from more storage.

B   The system is over-regulated by multiple bureaucracies; from Canberra, the states, and local government and is not over-committed for irrigation. 

C   The lack of truth in public discourse relating to our water resources has not only killed off rational debate, but has undermined our human decency that flows from acceptance of that truth and unpins our respect for one another.

D   Previously-thriving communities built on the abundance of our water resources and a respect for one another’s ambition and enterprise are regressing.

E   Environmental bureaucrats continue to argue against the facts, and use their errors to justify the iniquitous Murray-Darling Basin Plan.  Federal action via the MDB Plan is an act of extreme incompetence and a depravity.  The mis-management of our largest water resource, the Murray-Darling system, is a sin against the people of Australia.

F   We need to build many more dams, especially the Chowilla Dam

G  If Prime Minister Albanese is serious about job and wage growth he must take the brakes off the peoples’ ‘Tools of Trade’, which are Water, Power, and Fuel.

Rally in 2019 to tear up the Murray Darling plan:

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Ron Pike may feel good and clever for his little hit of journalism. It is pointless writing this stuff. Ron you are not the first. It is the elected members of parliament who do the damage. Ron gets a few things wrong.
    1. He asks how can the federal government justify ….They dont and that is the point. They just do it. RON they have to be held to account and this piece does not do that.
    2. Politicians dont recognise facts. What! are you naive. They follow orders. Many consider their role to be a career. They have a great salary and dont wish to rock the boat, hey if the are obedient they may even get a portfolio and a pay increase.
    3. A better method than dams is to create lakes which provide for fish access.
    4. The activist environmentalists are idiot foot soldiers. The leaders know exactly what is happening.
    5. Ron says it is an absurd waste of a needed resource. Ron we all know this and so do ‘THEY’. It is deliberate.
    6. Albanese should’nt be there. He is there to serve a globalist Master. He has sold out. Ron for God’s sake wake the f… up.

    The Bradfield scheme was not built for a very good reason. It would have been beneficial. Malthusian control.

    Ron conspiracies are real and you write about them and dont even seem to realise. They are real.

    Off subject and for example. Abbot deliberately closed down the auto industry.
    People met behind closed doors to sabotage that industry. The unions buckled.
    People conspired.

    Ron I am not trying to give you a hard time. I feel your frustration, I share your frustration. It is parliament which has to change. You have been bouncing back and forth between Liberal and Labor most of your life and going nowhere. It has to stop. A whole new party at the next election. All minor parties under one umbrella. One last great effort. Do or die.


  2. I followed the Water Minister’s float with greatest interest back in the day. There are some great pix, not just of him going over the side of the boat but getting snagged on floating logs and people would row out and disengage him and give him another send-off. Littleproud in effigy was a big hit on social media. I even wrote some material for henry makow’s website on the whole water rights issue in relation to the bushfires 2019

    Justice4Poland picked up both parts and printed them together. I think there is still some relevant info to the important points raised in this post.


  3. It is called the Bradfield Scheme or was that the Bradfield Dream.

    The Malthusians do not want a prosperous Australia.


  4. Well analysed Jo and ownership of water is conferred to any natural person who catches it on their Deed of Grant in Fee Simple.Ed


  5. What we need to know is how many more water rights, besides the Murray Darling Basin, the politutes running the government have sold to the People’s Republic of China . This could be a big one for all the new Teale Parties and help sort out the real deals from the controlled opposition.


  6. “The system is over-regulated by multiple bureaucracies; from Canberra, the states, and local government” and so is the LICENSING of water – meaning the (since decades) corrupt foreign agents calling themselves Come On Wealth Government of Australia are the rightful owner of water backed by Come on wealth $cience and “foreign investment” sanctioned by the ATO and if that does not work being overwritten by the “politically independent” FIRB of Australia.

    So dear Ron, FOREIGN INVESTMENT in “Australian water” or the “merry go round bureaucracy with far too much opportunities for bribe and corruption is the FOREIGN elephant in the Aussie (court) room that has crushed all the “Aussie chinaware” while Australians admire the ceramic artwork that once was.

    “The Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914” and an independent FIRB of Australia are a maze of rubbery laws that have no foundation until corruption and foreign involvement smothers political correctness into normality.

    As churches claim ownership of God, politics claim every drop of rain that falls from the sky, rivers flowing across invisible borders and every being that lives on the land. Water (and God) will always be free even if all seems regulated by man. Not so free is “supreme man” that is regulated by its own inferiority and delusion of grandeur.


  7. This will only intensify with the communist Labor parties..


  8. For 3 decades, that’s 30 years, Scomo has been defiant about building dams.
    I apologise, he did allow one, Paradise Dam, ha, ha. It turned out to be only half a dam, caused by idiot engineers. It leaked, and self destructed. Of course, accountability, durr, not me, not me.
    30 years of flood mitigation DURR again. Ask the victims 🙄 the result, deaths, diseases, destructions, suicides, the harm is endless.
    My thoughts, when you vote for a Corporate Government, suffer your consequences.?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. CORRECTION…Re Ron Pike.It was the 2016 election….time has certainly slipped away on me!


  10. We were lucky enough to meet and work with Ron Pike in the 2019 Federal election when he stood as a candidate in our electorate.
    He is passionate about our water and Australia in general., having worked in the Irrigation Area for many years.
    Keep fighting ,Ron.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Thet have never intended to fix the basin. How do I know ? Because no one can be that stupid. All those years, and these bastards play their stinking games. And what is worse , we pay the traitors for their deliberate neglect of duty to the people and the land. And they tell us, we must do without. Wait till they really put the screws on. Oh yes , they fully intend to do worse than that.

    Are you awake yet people ? You had better be, If more people do not wake up we are going to be up Sh,,,t Creek without a paddle.

    I am a tenth generation Australian ,In October I will be, God willing, a great,-great -grandmother..We know the land, we have worked it.We respect it, we love it. Get the city slickers in positions of power and they are hopeless Or some country bumpkin trying to make a big name and lots of money for him/her self, They sure know how to stuff things.

    I know I am not very lady-like , but I sure do love this land. Which is more than I can say for the morons in power. They are leading us in a really bad direction.

    And thanks for all the loyal freedom loving Australians doing their best God help us.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Amen to that.


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