“Non-lawyer” class action underway against monstrous Covid fraud

Protesters at Brisbane’s freedom rally expose fraudulent AHPRA activity.


A NEW legal advocacy organisation fighting for the rights of all Australians through Victoria’s Charter for Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) believes it has law enforcement agencies, the courts and politicians on the back foot.

The group, Educate for Protection (EFP) has launched a People’s Class Action for anyone affected or harmed in any way by Covid-related rules such as lockdowns, mandates, masks, etc. “Given that we have all been affected, this class action is for everybody. That is why we have called it the People’s Class Action. The strength and effectiveness of our actions will come in numbers,” the group says.

The action includes uniting people in industry groups for a class action against the unlawful and unconstitutional Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, which does not exist at the Federal Parliament in Canberra. This process is to stand-against the unlawful dismissals across Australia, by industry groups.

This Act is part of a systematic national fraud built around Covid-19.

EFP says many teachers, doctors, healthcare workers, business owners and farmers have joined the class action. A fee of $200 per annum is charged which covers recordings, letters and templates with a step-by-step process and a Know Your Basic Facts Workshop. A monthly subscription is also available.

EFP maintain that Victoria’s Charter for Human Rights and the ICCPR are enforceable across Australia for everyone against treason by authorities that violate their Oath of Allegiance under the Australian constitutional monarchy.

On July 25th, EFP held a Zoom forum updating on legal action already underway, for instance in Victoria where police themselves are fighting unlawful dismissal and their cases are being taken out of court, an EFP member’s battle against a bank and another action against the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

The group says it is also using the ICCPR in the Fair Work and Industrial Relations Commission hearings and is having “dramatic results” using the human rights instruments in other courts as well. But they stress they are not lawyers.

‘We are not lawyers … we are advocates who are fighting for our human rights,” a spokesman for the group says on a Rumble video of the recorded Zoom meeting.

“We are taking the pandemic and election frauds into court houses to fight for the rights of people who have been unlawfully dismissed from their jobs, who are facing banking mortgage cross collateralized property deception, and who have received other corporate tax invoices.”

The group maintains that “law is not done in the courthouses” because courts pay GST, have ABNs and are a money-making business for the government corporations.

Claims for unlawful dismissal based on so-called vaccine mandates, are based in the fact that Covid 19 has never been isolated, and the fact that there is no such instrument as a “Mandate” or “Directive” that is law, by any chief health officer, in any state or at a federal level.

“EFP actions are based on a community of members in each industry, under the protection of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1980,” the group states.  

The spokesman also referred to “another one of your religious rights and freedoms” being shut down in a court case. “It’s now no longer admissible as a defence. This is the world we live in,” he said.

The spokesman went on to state the group’s disclaimer: “We are more effective than a legal practitioner because we are not lawyers. We’re not masquerading as a lawyer practising the law, because they can’t defend [for instance] the National Health Practitioners Regulation Law to force you to take something against your rights.

“We are the ones talking about it. I spoke to a lawyer who said he’s standing under that law, but it’s not a law. It’s a bogus, it’s a lie, a fraud.”

The spokesman said the group was not restricted in arguing for human rights under the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act and under the ICCPR. “We have not fear in saying this and bringing this into the courtroom and it’s having dramatic results. Why? They have no response. They have no answer. It’s as simple as that.

“We are fighting on the question of fact that is treason by law enforcement and the court houses. What is treason? Treason is a breach of an Oath of Allegiance by lawyers and judges to the Queen of the United Kingdom and if you’ve heard me speaking before, of the 6th of November 1999, every state in Australia voted in the majority to stay under the constitutional monarchy and we’ve never had another referendum since the 6th of November 1999.

“So all of these law enforcement and court houses and politicians every day are committing treason against us by taking away our rights, by taking away our property rights and taking away our human rights.”

EFP says it is involved in an action in the NSW Supreme Court which alleges Premier Dominque Perrotet is “acting like a governor”. Further details of the case were not given in the Zoom conference.

“We go where the lawyers can’t go. Our job is to prevent people from harm which is coming from all these directions and mandates which are coming from outside of our country.”

The spokesman said he had been given the “coldest of cold showers on social media” but he could state as a fact that the World Health Organisation has now replaced our Commonwealth Constitution and is now driving the agenda through the AHPPC or the chief health officers who are directing AHPRA to enforce health decisions.

“It (the agenda) doesn’t come from Canberra, it’s coming from overseas. This is where we have left our country behind and we are now citizens of a corporate state. I don’t use my words lightly and I use them directly.”
The spokesman said EFP “can back everything we say. We would not make a statement unless we can prove it, otherwise it’s simply a rumour”. EFP is downloading a background video on Teachables.com to be accompanied by a fact sheet. Further information is available by emailing efpadmin@educateforprotection.website.

“This has got to be shared fast. Why? Because our rights in a courtroom have been stolen from us … this is the world we live in right now,” the spokesman said. EFP will provide updates on the various cases already underway, such as the AHPRA case and the NSW Supreme Court hearing. It will come together later in the class action.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. “My people perish for lack of knowledge…”

    2000 years later “my people” still insist on ignorance and lack of knowledge.

    They are easily lead like sheep and cattle, the colours of stripes on a Manly Warringah football jersey are now bigger than the real game.


  2. Jo: on Christians opening the door to satanists, etc, you must remember what the bible said: “My people perish for lack of knowledge…” and this is what happened.
    People unwittingly trusted those wolves dressed as sheep masquerading as ones doing God’s work-they were no such thing, as we now know.
    There was no internet back in the 17th Century, so we are fortunate that we can research something in the blink of an eye.
    An example of the deception, which is the stock in trade for Satan, the father of All Lies:

    Click to access bigbaloney.pdf


  3. lol That’ll cost you $200, thanks. lol


  4. I challenge EFP to produce the ‘educators’ and teachers they require to help anyone at all.


  5. Diane: I have noticed, this will occur if you post more than two links per comment [see their website].

    If so, try posting a comment over two comments, this might work?

    I’ve also noticed, that two links gets a moderation notice.


  6. I wonder if WordPress are Censoring about WEF I just posted more information about that cartel and My comment went to sign into WordPress and then disappeared without being shown and without going to moderation for approval. ???
    No wonder so many people don’t know anything about the WEF.


  7. The voice-over is by Derek Balogh, whom I have worked with before here in Geelong. He is with the National Federation of Independent Business.He is given to writing Promissory Notes to expunge bank debts, and did so for a couple of people I introduced to him. Both these people lost their houses in the end, as Derek did not come to the Geelong to go into bat for one couple whose PN was repudiated by the Bank. The other couple lost their house because neither Derek nor his sidekick, a Mr Wilson, whom I worked with extensively here in Geelong, refused to return a letter from a Sydney finance company saying that they had received the PN Derek wrote for them. If my friend (the foreclosed-on house is not far from here) had had possession of that letter the foreclosure would not have been able to have taken place.
    I would not trust Derek as far as I could throw him-so that solves that.


  8. 2 obviousbob

    Class actions, webinars and seminars are all scam but its the scam you can get away from with full pockets saying the “judge” was biased.

    Please, stay away from all of them, all BAR agents are sworn to the private foreign diety and thave juris diction 200m from the shore out only, you step on on their SHIP as a CREW member and the Master will punish you for mutiny and barratry. It is Piracy.



  9. Alison: “The battle between Christianity and Freemasonry is on.”

    Ahem, seems to me there’s a bit more going on than just that. Why would you ignore the fact that neither the Christians nor the Freemasons in their 99% majority do not realise they are in the service of who they think and claim they are?

    Time for the rose coloured glasses to go. The reality of our fragile survival as free human beings awaits us with quite some improbability.

    Today, there are simply too many influential people in the shadows and in the open who consider themselves exceptional enough to hegemonize us into the servitude and blood sport entertainment of the Money Merchant aristocrats..

    The Christians and Freemasons in their 99% majority simply obey the 1%, mostly ignorant of the true role of the even smaller and even more “exceptional” 0.1%.

    So who are the “exceptional” people, how were they given such a lofty imprimatur and by whom?

    Knowing the answer is the first stage of surviving the Armageddon which cometh, and not by the alleged inspiration of the Christians and the Freemasons.

    Know thy real enemy, and beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Cheers.


  10. Paul Hogan: AdvocateMe have gone MIA, haven’t they? Not a peep, somewhat like Riccardo Bosi.
    Bosi talks to different people (I checked the Oz1 website today) but Riccardo has said that “…things are happening…” but I don;’t see anything at all resembling what he said, except for a few resignations and some of the Victorian health wankers changing their tune a bit.
    I was hoping to go to AdvocateMe’s office, as I was in their suburb the other day, but time interfered with that.
    I wanted to ask Serene where the action is, as it has been months with, like Riccardo, not a peep.
    The whole thing sucks-I want to see action, not constant jibbering about how bad things are.

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  11. crisscross767

    Cestui Que Vie Act 1666
    1666 CHAPTER 11
    An Act for Redresse of Inconveniencies by want of Proofe of the Deceases of Persons beyond the Seas or absenting themselves, upon whose Lives Estates doe depend.

    Word: maritime


    From 13th Century Latin maritimeo/maritimus = “The mariner fleet of the Sea (Holy See) to be feared”. From earlier Latin maris “sea” and timeo “to fear, be afraid, dread”. From 16th Century English/French “Of the (Holy) Sea”.

    Word: majuscule


    From 18th Century English as legal term meaning “a capital letter”. More commonly known as UPPER CASE. From Latin magnus = “large, great, important” and vulgar Latin culus = “anus, arse”. The meaning of the word literally translates as “great arse” indicating a general contempt by the authors of early LAW DICTIONARIES to those who do not recognise UPPER CASE legal fictions as having superiority over lower case names under ROMAN LAW.

    Definition for: de jure sanguinis coronae

    Century: 16th

    Source Language: Latin

    Definition:    Ancient Latin legal maxim literally meaning “concerning (the) law of (the) blood of crowns”. In COMMON LAW since the end of the 16th Century, royal or noble blood has claimed superior status — in particular to the freedom of their body, protection of property and the obligation of any matter brought against then to follow DUE PROCESS (of the LAW), especially right of RELIEF. When an individual claims de jure sanguinis coronae, providing they demonstrate a comprehension of the term and why they should be granted such status (for example–knowledge of the valid argument that you are of royal birth by virtue of being Sons and Daughters of the King of Kings) then the COURT must grant such recognition. This means any failure of DUE PROCESS or failure to account for RELIEF by the COURT obligates to compensate the individual accused.


  12. The system in place is perfect !

    For those who choose to identify with the legal jurisdiction, where only fictional entities ‘reside’, then they cannot complain that the system does not serve them, and further their ‘unalienable rights’ are ignored and appear to be irrelevant.

    Those who rely on their Birth Certificate as a form of identification, whether directly or derived, are identifying as something the ‘government’ created, and reside exclusively in the legal jurisdiction.

    Tie this in with the definition of ‘human’ given by obviousbob.

    Remember when deviant Dan said all personel in the Vic Supreme Court had to be jabbed, and then the next week at a press conference Sutton stated that the staff of the same Supreme Court were exempt from the jabbed, and when asked why he said it was a Constitutional matter?

    The reason not iterated is that the staff have to also be in the equitable jurisdiction (in case they have to accept an actual filing of a suit in the Equity Jurisdiction ) where the people are naturally domicilled, and legal statute and code does not pertain to them, they are immune to any such direction.

    Rod Culleton in a hearing in the Supreme Court of WA complained to the Justice about his ruling, to which the Justice replied: “well you chose the jurisdiction Rod!”

    The Supreme Court Civil Jurisdiction Act for Tasmania and WA only allows legal fictions to file actions and causes.

    It is the equitable jurisdiction that has been abandoned by the people, and with it the original de jure Commonwealth of Australia, which still exists but is unused for want of people choosing this jurisdiction.

    The legal jurisdictions, like the Australian Government etc, were derived from the de jure and are subservient and inferior to the de jure.

    What the people of Australia really need, is to shed their individual ignorance and wrongness, and choose the jurisdiction where tyrants and traitors cannot operate.
    Now the definition of ‘human being’ given by obviousbob has tangible context.

    As is stated in the Bible: “My people suffer for want of knowledge.”

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  13. Christianity has opened the door to thieves and satanist during its own birth, has grown together as one to work on the destruction of the human family through division while pretending to be holy.
    Jesus’ innocence does not to be proven here. It is the innocence of so called Christians that is very questionable.
    Allison, which side are you on? That of Christ or that of the Christians fighting their own “devil”? Paul Hogan’s advice should be taken into consideration. If we do not drown while walking on water we definitely will drown under the laws cloaked up by the black robes (& those that wear a skull cap).

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  14. 2 Alison, Supreme Law of the Land the Natural Law.

    Those delusional ones who go to the court for the justice to be done do embarke onto a foreign ship in dry dock straight into Admiralty to be shanghaied and be pillaged by Babylonian Agents of Rome.

    Until we learn how to walk on the water and drown not we cannot asking men in black robe for the justice.

    There is only one Land Air Water – do not Harm, and

    take no shit.

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  15. Common law in Australia is vested in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 – It is the highest law of the land. However, the problem is that the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland has been unlawfully removed by stealth by the Federal Government in 1973 when the Royal Style and Title Act 1953 was repealed by the Statute Law Revision Act 1973 and a substirute Queen of Australia was invented. There has been no oath of Allegiance to the Constitutional Monarch after 1999.
    Please listen at the “Zoom forum” link in the article.

    EFP is fighting cases in the courts and is being proactive.
    Good on them.

    Serious issues with huge destructive consequences have (are) affected many peoples’ lives and I am thankful to hear of EFP standing with and helping people especially in the realm of “human rights” in the courts, creating class actions, and plans for forming juries and grand jury.

    EFP say they “empower you and educate you to fight for your human rights”.
    Why would anyone boo-hoo this? Why are there people who cannot cope with what EFP are doing – especially when seeking good and relief for the people? Who are these people to judge EFP and bring forth dissensions?

    How effective have any lawyers been?

    The whole legal system is bogus and is unconstitutional and is treasonous against the Queen of the UK. There is no Queen in our legal system. The Queen has been removed from the court room.
    Common law? Common law needs a queen.

    Let us face the evil that is on the attack. The power of resistence is in the peoples’ stand together – to stand as one against the evil enforcers who have been bought and paid for to take away life from the earth which God has created and given unto men (generic).

    The battle between Christianity and Freemasonry is on. The Freemasons have no way out due to their oaths and curses, and they are on Satan’s side. Freemasonry’s god is Lucifer and he comes to steal, kill and destroy. God says so – John 10:10. There is mercy with Jesus Christ but no mercy with the devil who is a murderer from the beginning unto the end. Give up on the devil’s work who is the accuser of the brethren.

    Whose side are we on?


  16. Vaccine Hesitancy in Haiti Led to the Lowest COVID-19 Cases & Death in Western Hemisphere

    July 18, 2022 — In Haiti, from 3 January 2020 to 5:16pm CEST, 13 July 2022, there have been 31,980 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 837 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 8 July 2022, a total of 348,769 vaccine doses have been administered. It should not be a surprise that Haiti, a country with a population of more than 11 million people has a low vaccination rate since most Haitians do not want the experimental injections to begin with . . . Full story: globalresearch.ca

    Comment: The EU has finally admitted that COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ destroy the immune system and make people more susceptible to all diseases. According to the European Medicines Agency taking booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccines every four months could weaken the immune system and tire people out. (A Qatari study finds mRNA vaccines actually DECREASE immunity against COVID-19.)

    Del Bigtree Presenter of The Highwire reads a letter from Australia explaining “the unvaccinated will be vindicated” . . . Full story: bitchute.com

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  17. The “virus” is the vaccine it would seem

    Full text of “Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary”

    VIRULENT, a. [L. virulentus, from virus, poison, that is, strength, from the same root as
    vir, vireo. See Venom.] 12375
    VIRULENTLY, adv. With malignant activity; with bitter spite or severity. 12375
    VIRUS, n. [L. See Virulent.] Foul or contagious matter of an ulcer, postule, etc.; poison.



  18. Very well said Jo… and spot on!


  19. In a world of “INFLUENCERS, Kosher THINK TANKS, GO FUND ME, “NO” PROFIT CORPORATIONS/ORGANIZATIONS, click for “donating a coffee” and religious charities that sell used, second hand donations a little cheaper than Kmart/Target to built fancy commercial stores on properties they own in felt every third suburb one should recognize the reality of spinning coins, especially when it comes to being NON PROFIT in a very profitable way.

    Lawyers coming to the rescue of the already vaxxed and damaged herd while preparing a case against the same CORPORATE LAW that has made us subjected numbers of citizens of a nation that is owned by “lawless nobility” somewhere far away sounds very noble for some but appears ridiculous to others.

    IT is business as usual in the magic world of ageless Shekel spinning and it has created massive opportunities to perfectly fit into a world where lies are truth and black is white – in the name of ACTIVISM that is only active to – again fund itself.

    Go and fund YOURSELVES or help out a neighbor who is like minded or needs help. Stock up on food, think of alternatives for the “prison system” and “stick” with your brothers and sisters who never lie to truth itself and their own morale. Invest in a garden, built little communities that look after their own and forget ALL that are offering a helping hand for coin. Especially LAWYERS and other upper class slaves of the LAW SYSTEM that has imprisioned us.

    Most of all, don’t become emotional in front of a computer screen. Become emotional when hugging someone in need in front of you or buy someone something that is urgently needed. Spend time with isolated and lonely ones, hold hands with strangers and cry together about the suffering which is imposed on us through those that we are told to “officially” trust as our own.

    Invest in your souls and hearts. Invest in empathy as these joyful experiences will be rewarded by ones own internal and spiritual well being. GO fund your self! The true and neglected SELF, that is!

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  20. Noted, will keep that in mind.


  21. Congratulations – this is a magnificent action you have taken – in fact quite brilliant.
    I would send a donation, but am an 83 y.o. pensioner who is struggling to survive.
    Please keep up this great work and God Bless!


  22. One look at the Upcoming Events page on their site says to me it’s much ado about nothing and lacks basic organisation, including even a date for their zoom meeting. Is there anything I am told that I do not already know? Or do I need to fork out $200 to hear it from a “non lawyer”?


  23. And furthermore: one never registers with anything, because once you do-especially in business, etc-you give up full or part ownership of whatever you register. As in the Blackfella crowds, community organisations-you give up your autonomy and, worst of all, have to play by their rules, not your own. No names, no deal,with this crowd. And they do not even post a phone number!

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  24. We are are reticent about signing any petitions with Change.org. We have heard that the names and addresses are
    harvested and sold to advertisers or the highest bidder. We hope the bureaucracy would not be involved. Ed

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  25. Another “AdvocateMe” scam 🤦‍♂️ those who are keen to participate in that time waste please read their terms and conditions prior making any payments towards.

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  26. Hope they read your comment.Ed


  27. That’s about right Jen. Ed


  28. One reservation about this action is the pursuit of human rights, which is a no-no:
    human being See MONSTER.
    —Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)
    “monster A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.”
    —Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)
    From the same dictionary: “Hence human rights are unenforceable”
    This is like the oft-referred to “colour of law”, which is something that looks like law, but isn’t.
    One identifies as a man or a woman, nothing else.

    And the LEGAL route these people talk about is suspect: they should be seeking a lawful Common Law action with a jury of one’s peers to do the deciding.

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  29. Petitions have no legal force. So why sign them if they are simply just read in the parliament and then discarded?
    And it is only a slave who petitions his master not to hit him too hard.
    They are supposed to be our servants (contracted service providers) not our masters.
    So why act like they are?

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  30. Yeah I know the petitions don’t seem to do anything, but I can’t help signing one if its a good cause… just in case a miracle happens..


  31. Unfortunately I believe petitions have become totally impotent for many years.
    Many of us for many years signed and participated in more petitions than we’ve had hot dinners to try and stop the toxic neurotoxic and carcinogenic water fluoridation chemicals which have been forcibly added/ MANDATED first beginning in Tasmania since 1953 and from then on MANDATED all through Australia and the Corruption and conflicts of interest are systemic and widespread The same as the entire Vaccination Policy in that those dangerous and damaging Frauds – but there is no separation of powers and no Independent Body whatsoever to nail these Tyrants and the corporate Government thugs.
    The corporate Governments Lunatic Totalitarian Regimes and their WEF WHO Globalist Mobsters and UN (the treacherous treasonous vile politicians are particularly disgusting) and others will have to be brought down by the people of the world to reclaim our lives our countries and our Democracy.

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  32. Jen.
    Petitions are useless. Gotta hit the bas*ards where it hurts; the kickbacks!

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  33. obviousbob; Further information is available by emailing efpadmin@educateforprotection.website


  34. Sounds very interesting.
    The truth will always come to the fore, and replace charlatans who seek to rule by deception.
    Thank you.

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  35. I want to know some names of the people running this show.
    I d not deal with anonymous people, and do not know why they need all that subscription money.
    This smacks of some people I already know of who are in it for the money as much as anything.
    And they have a couple of things seriously wrong. More later

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