Protesters at Brisbane’s freedom rally expose fraudulent AHPRA activity.


A NEW legal advocacy organisation fighting for the rights of all Australians through Victoria’s Charter for Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) believes it has law enforcement agencies, the courts and politicians on the back foot.

The group, Educate for Protection (EFP) has launched a People’s Class Action for anyone affected or harmed in any way by Covid-related rules such as lockdowns, mandates, masks, etc. “Given that we have all been affected, this class action is for everybody. That is why we have called it the People’s Class Action. The strength and effectiveness of our actions will come in numbers,” the group says.

The action includes uniting people in industry groups for a class action against the unlawful and unconstitutional Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, which does not exist at the Federal Parliament in Canberra. This process is to stand-against the unlawful dismissals across Australia, by industry groups.

This Act is part of a systematic national fraud built around Covid-19.

EFP says many teachers, doctors, healthcare workers, business owners and farmers have joined the class action. A fee of $200 per annum is charged which covers recordings, letters and templates with a step-by-step process and a Know Your Basic Facts Workshop. A monthly subscription is also available.

EFP maintain that Victoria’s Charter for Human Rights and the ICCPR are enforceable across Australia for everyone against treason by authorities that violate their Oath of Allegiance under the Australian constitutional monarchy.

On July 25th, EFP held a Zoom forum updating on legal action already underway, for instance in Victoria where police themselves are fighting unlawful dismissal and their cases are being taken out of court, an EFP member’s battle against a bank and another action against the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

The group says it is also using the ICCPR in the Fair Work and Industrial Relations Commission hearings and is having “dramatic results” using the human rights instruments in other courts as well. But they stress they are not lawyers.

‘We are not lawyers … we are advocates who are fighting for our human rights,” a spokesman for the group says on a Rumble video of the recorded Zoom meeting.

“We are taking the pandemic and election frauds into court houses to fight for the rights of people who have been unlawfully dismissed from their jobs, who are facing banking mortgage cross collateralized property deception, and who have received other corporate tax invoices.”

The group maintains that “law is not done in the courthouses” because courts pay GST, have ABNs and are a money-making business for the government corporations.

Claims for unlawful dismissal based on so-called vaccine mandates, are based in the fact that Covid 19 has never been isolated, and the fact that there is no such instrument as a “Mandate” or “Directive” that is law, by any chief health officer, in any state or at a federal level.

“EFP actions are based on a community of members in each industry, under the protection of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1980,” the group states.  

The spokesman also referred to “another one of your religious rights and freedoms” being shut down in a court case. “It’s now no longer admissible as a defence. This is the world we live in,” he said.

The spokesman went on to state the group’s disclaimer: “We are more effective than a legal practitioner because we are not lawyers. We’re not masquerading as a lawyer practising the law, because they can’t defend [for instance] the National Health Practitioners Regulation Law to force you to take something against your rights.

“We are the ones talking about it. I spoke to a lawyer who said he’s standing under that law, but it’s not a law. It’s a bogus, it’s a lie, a fraud.”

The spokesman said the group was not restricted in arguing for human rights under the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act and under the ICCPR. “We have not fear in saying this and bringing this into the courtroom and it’s having dramatic results. Why? They have no response. They have no answer. It’s as simple as that.

“We are fighting on the question of fact that is treason by law enforcement and the court houses. What is treason? Treason is a breach of an Oath of Allegiance by lawyers and judges to the Queen of the United Kingdom and if you’ve heard me speaking before, of the 6th of November 1999, every state in Australia voted in the majority to stay under the constitutional monarchy and we’ve never had another referendum since the 6th of November 1999.

“So all of these law enforcement and court houses and politicians every day are committing treason against us by taking away our rights, by taking away our property rights and taking away our human rights.”

EFP says it is involved in an action in the NSW Supreme Court which alleges Premier Dominque Perrotet is “acting like a governor”. Further details of the case were not given in the Zoom conference.

“We go where the lawyers can’t go. Our job is to prevent people from harm which is coming from all these directions and mandates which are coming from outside of our country.”

The spokesman said he had been given the “coldest of cold showers on social media” but he could state as a fact that the World Health Organisation has now replaced our Commonwealth Constitution and is now driving the agenda through the AHPPC or the chief health officers who are directing AHPRA to enforce health decisions.

“It (the agenda) doesn’t come from Canberra, it’s coming from overseas. This is where we have left our country behind and we are now citizens of a corporate state. I don’t use my words lightly and I use them directly.”
The spokesman said EFP “can back everything we say. We would not make a statement unless we can prove it, otherwise it’s simply a rumour”. EFP is downloading a background video on to be accompanied by a fact sheet. Further information is available by emailing

“This has got to be shared fast. Why? Because our rights in a courtroom have been stolen from us … this is the world we live in right now,” the spokesman said. EFP will provide updates on the various cases already underway, such as the AHPRA case and the NSW Supreme Court hearing. It will come together later in the class action.