NT Health Minister forces deadly covid jab onto cancer patient

Letter to the Editor

I am battling cancer, I am an aged pensioner. I have a little part time job, I requested our health minister in Darwin for an exemption at least while having treatment. Her answer NO, I would be safer having the vaccine. I asked for data showing a study had been done with the injections and cancer patients, I was told none have been done. WTF!! I have just had my booster but now NO MORE!!

Later comment from Terri Frazer:

This is Terri Frazer & after being forced to have the 3rd toxic injection, I have been admitted to Royal Darwin Hospital. I am very unwell & having difficulty breathing (thanks for your incompetence Natasha Fyles). I should NOT be in this position. I’m sick of hearing that without the injections I can end up in hospital. Well here I am jabbed 3 times & in hospital & I blame you Natasha Fyles!!!

from Terri Frazer, Northern Territory

NT Health Minister Natasha Fyles MP forces NT woman to have deadly vaxx

NT Health Minister Natasha Fyles, a swimming teacher, forces cancer patient to receive covid vaccine before receiving any cancer treatment. This incompetent woman has earned the enmity of the Territory’s Aboriginal population by enforced vaccination and incarceration in detention centres.

This ignorant so-called Health Minister condemns a cancer patient to inevitable death by refusing a Covid vaxx exemption.

Natasha was born at the old Darwin hospital, grew up in the Northern suburbs and lives with her young family in Nightcliff.

After completing her school teaching degree Prior to her election, Fyles trained as a teacher at the University of Canberra, and has worked as a physical education teacher and swimming coach. She returned to Darwin teaching at St Mary’s Primary School for five years and was actively involved in School Sports NT during this time.

After traveling and working overseas she returned to the Territory as Executive Director of Royal Life Saving Society NT delivering water safety programs across the Territory in both urban and remote centres.

Natasha is an active member of the Nightcliff community having been involved in the local swimming club since the age of 15 and has been Vice President of the Nightcliff Family Childcare Centre.

A passionate believer in quality health care and education Natasha has been a member of the ALP for 20 years.

Shop 5, Pavonia Way, Nightcliff Shoppingtown, Nightcliff NT 0810
PO Box 1283, Nightcliff NT 0814
Email: electorate.nightcliff@nt.gov.au
Phone: 08 8999 6743

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thank you for putting this to print.


  2. Response to Tonyryan43 Hey Tony for your facial cancer give this a go a level teaspoon of food grade baking soda in a 8oz glass of water stir til’ it dissolves and drink it. One in the morning and one at night. The first sign that it is doing it’s job the pain will stop. when that happens if you keep it up the cancer will go. works quite quickly otherwise the person I gave it too who had bowel cancer stage 4 would not have continued it until his tumour became benign. I know I would not have believed either but it was all I could find at the time I was asked so the guy started and did his own research and still alive and well today. Only 22 years old and about to start chemo. Of course he ended up making changes to his diet aswell, It works quickly as an alkaliser. You can get ph. test strips to check your ph. level in the body via urine sample.As i said the first evidence it is working is pain goes away. Do your own study on body ph. which I did on youtube. hopefully they haven’t been taken down.


  3. Surely a Health Minister should have significant qualifications in Health to be in such a responsible position.?


  4. Bernard Rosenberg

    HI Aussies,
    If you have cancer, try this simple cure: It is based on a diet practiced by Zen Buddhists, and based on the perfect balance between two forces which exist throughout the whole of Creation, or Matter, animate or inanimate, and the ratio of this balance is 5 : 1 There is only one food that has this perfect balance: RICE! It must be SHORT GRAIN, whole rice (not refined,white) and it must be organically grown. Wash it well before putting it on to boil, you may need to wash it a few times and restart during cooking. Along with this rice which will form the basis of your diet every day, you may saute whatever vegetables that are in season, with the exception of anything that tends to be purple in clour. When the rice and vegetbles are cooked, pop the rice in with the vegetables, to allow it to absorb the taste of the sauted veg. this makes the rice more palatable to eat. Now, you would not want to spoil the healing qualities of this diet would you? Of course not! In which case you will have to give up many things that are favourites! It’s a long list, but if you want to be cancer free, there is no other way. Sweets, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, iced buns, apple tart (full of sugar) or any one of the thousands of tempting things which are on sale on supermarket shelves, Which should really be banned from sale! Beverages: Absolutely No Alcohol, of any description. No fizzy drinks, no tea, no coffee. Visit a health food shop and you will find some substitutes for tea etc. and they’re OK, they may take a bit of getting used to, but it will be worth the effort. Avoid
    animal food such as chicken, meat, particularly bacon, ham etc. For added protein, Organically grown chickpeas, lentils. Lentils should be well-washed, and steeped in filtered water overnight. They will cook faster the next day. NO tomatoes, they don’t belong here! NO citrus fruits, they don’t either, and no wheat products (breads) no potatoes.

    The above is for a main meal either lunchtime or teatime, Breakfast could be organically grown porridge, unsweetened, with a little sea salt added. Fresh organic salad, well washed, with some organic yoghurt, will dd another meal for variety, And there you have it, on this diet cancer cells should die by the thousands till you are clear of the condition. If you are taking any pharmaceutical drugs, start the diet, and see if there is any improvement, At the first sign of an improvement, reduce the drugs accordingly, until you can stop them altogether, and allow the diet to do it’s work. I was introduced to Naturopathy by my dear late mother over seventy years ago! I am 88, and for over seventy years I did not have so much as half-an aspirin. Until a few years ago I was shifting a ton-and-a-half with my barbels every morning, and I’m only a bantam weight! I’ve had to stop the weights after suffering an injury to my abdomen. But that’s another story, and has nothing to do with the weights.

    I think I have covered everything you need to know, if you have any questions send them to my email addess and I’ll be pleased to answer them. Best wishes, Sincerely,
    Bernard Rosenberg.


  5. As massage oil-at least when I bought it.


  6. They are all commercial, and so are liable, commercially. Follow my clues.


  7. Your guess, David.


  8. Hi Seb, There is actually no need to bother with the bureaucratic, $ hungry GP’s in order to acquire CBD Oil. It is sold (at a reasonable price) by many Health food store retailers and (you’ll love this) Tobacconists. You just have to enquire discreetly.
    Ps… after you’ve read this, delete. Lol.


  9. Why not submit a story about this. Ed


  10. Hi daviddd2, Thanks for your reply. Yes definitely D3. I also take daily 1000mg D3 (Bioglan)…should be on commission lol. Was aware of TR as being a polyphenol, but had not heard of Serrapeptase. Will investigate.


  11. *As an addendum to my reply to Jo*..I foolishly neglected to add that it is entirely natural and OK to experience dis-ease causing negative emotions such as Fear; Hatred; Anger etc. But you must then always find a way to release them, lest they fester and manifest either psychologically or physiologically. Easier said than done sometimes I know. It pays to remember that your mind is your enemy, if it gains control.


  12. Hi Jo, Fear is one of the primary causes of dis-ease. As is hate. Someone (forget who right now) once said; “To hate someone, is like drinking a cup of poison and then expecting that person to die”.

    For some reason (best known by Spirit perhaps), I seem to be channelling Hunter S. Thompson today. In his epic ‘Kingdom of Fear: Loathsome secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century’ Hunter said: “Never turn your back on fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed”.


  13. 1000mg Turmeric? Great stuff! Fabulous anti oxidant, anti inflammatory and anti cancer properties.

    Even better the active ingredient in Turmeric produced as Bioglan’s Curcumin 600mg (Turmeric 15,800 mg), and don’t forget Vit D3, 5000mg which is also critical. But beware, not all brands have the same amount of curcumin and some are unjustifiably sky high price wise.

    Then there’s Trans Resveratrol, Serrapeptase…. 🙂 All hugely successful and worth researching !


  14. Hi obviousbob, Yep I for one definitely believe you and fully agree. Very Freemasonesque. They are pledging oath to and serving the likes of ‘Satan Klaus’ or Satan himself. Little difference.


  15. Hi tonyryan43, (Apologies if this comment appears twice..I’ve been brawling with WordPress again lol).
    Anyway..gotta love synchronicity ay. Judging by the time stamp on your comment it was posted just as I was making a call-out for your commentary.

    I am very saddened to learn of your suffering, exacerbated by the callous, medically negligent treatment by a so-called ‘doctor’. I send aroha and karakia to You for your healing. As I do to Terri and countless others who have and/or are suffering with compromised health due to the scamdemic tyranny, perpetuated by the ‘bought disciples’.

    I have been languishing on a waiting list for surgery for severe cervical spinal stenosis for 18 months. Continously duck-shoved around the system, receiving NO help, whilst my condition deteriorates. I am firmly of the opinion that the Hippocratic Oath has been revised to: ‘Do as much harm as possible; acquire as many kickbacks as possible; and then bury your mistakes’.
    As Seb so astutely states, the allopathic practitioners are only all about chasing the almighty $.

    Having a background in Naturopathy (as previously mentioned), I have found 1000mg daily of Tumeric (Bioglan), to be an absolute godsend regarding relief of pain/inflammation. It has many other antioxidant properties, including (amongst other things) inhibiting cancer.
    But like Black Salve, Big Pharma don’t want people to know about that! I have witnessed first hand the remarkable healing powers of Black Salve by those with skin carcinomas.

    Finally to quote Hunter S. Thompson (RIP)…”In a nation run by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile and the rest of us are f***ed until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely”.


  16. Jack Positano

    Search “Dr Sircus” for amazing cancer treatments.

    I’m a 13 year cancer survivor.


  17. Same kind of bovine excrement here in Western Australia.

    “Hon” Amber-Jade Sanderson BA MLA. Minister for Health; Mental Health. The “Hon” Amber-Jade Sanderson is Western Australia’s Minister for Health and Mental Health. She holds a BA (Journalism). No qualifications in medicine.



  18. How the hell does a swimming tutor end up giving medical advice? I feel for Terri Frazer. The fact she has had now 3 shots AND is in a bad way in hospital, is very, very bad. The mRNA shots speed up cancer, and if a body has had cancer int he past, will bring it back with lightning vengeance. This woman is going to be extremely hard pressed to survive, no matter what action she takes now. She is, effectively, on a fast treadmill downwards. NO job is worth it – and even more so, when you realise that those taxes being taken from your pay are illegal and unlawful – and in actual fact, are VOLUNTARY payments!


  19. And the other oath is what and to whom?


  20. In response to tonyryan43, I’m glad you have had some relief with your pain.
    Might be best not to mention the word black salve though.
    That ancient ‘drawing out’ medicine has been banned in this Country.
    Apparently 3 people tried it with bad outcomes.
    They likely didn’t apply it properly.
    There is a fine in the millions of dollars in this Country for those who think they might like to import it or try it.
    Government knows best of course.
    Because they care.

    I assume Allopathic Medical Practitioners prefer their Cancer patients take a chemotherapy, radiation and surgical route.
    Money, money money.
    Always funny, in a rich man’s world.

    I wonder if you are able to access Medicinal Cannabis from one of the (rare) Registered GP’s who understand the value of it.
    No answer required.

    Imagine my surprise when I realised that Adjunct Professor John Skerritt, (the one who happens to be involved in ‘covid’) has had a key role in the Health Products Regulation Group (Department of Health) as to whether people can access medicinal cannabis.

    Why is there still no progress for many people who have pain to gain access to it?
    Why do they have to argue with their GP’s about this?

    In memory of young man, Dan, who died of stage 4 Bowel Cancer, in pain.
    Help United in Compassion fix ‘Dan’s law’.
    They have a petition in relation to this.

    “The legislative changes of 2016 which were supposed to make cannabis products available to sick Australians have barely improved matters at all”.

    Reference: www. unitedincompassion.com.au


  21. I am told, by people who would know (and believe me, of you will, these people I know know!!!), that all newly elected Members swear the Oath, and then go swear another oath that is not about the people.


  22. tonyryan43: “Yesterday, another of Fyles’s medical psychopaths refused me a painkiller for the intense pain of a facial cancer”

    Outfkingrageous! The POS should have been aborted 6 months before it was hatched. Grrr…..


  23. DJohnston: “I am totally convinced that all these psychopaths have all been groomed over the years and planted. ”

    Too right! Every one of them hand picked and vetted by the LNP/Labour duopoly powerbrokers, sponsored by and in the service of the Money Merchant pyramid scheme! 🙂


  24. Hi Plutonium, “A swimming coach?????” Exactly!! I can only assume that teaching people how NOT to drown is conducive to their health and therefore fully qualifies her to hold the Health Minister portfolio. ??

    This is so enraging. And yet another prime example of the rise and rise of career politicians within the broken, corrupt, nepotistic political structure.

    Fyles’ only qualification as a primary school teacher (which she used as a springboard on to the political gravy train), also apparently qualifies her to hold 5!! other assorted portfolios. And worst of all; secure the appointment of Attorney General; which she held for 4!! years. (Apologies for the overuse of exclamation.. but I’m positively beside myself over this).
    Although not a ‘constitutional’ prerequisite, some degree of legal training is conventionally required to be eligible for this ‘honourific’ position.

    This mind blowing misappropriation, misuse and weilding of power to play God with people’s lives is utterly deplorable and unconscionable.
    Fyles is reminiscent of that other hideous broomstick-rider Jeanette Young. Another (who unable to cut it as a medical practicioner), moved into Administration before also using that as a springboard. And we all know what she’s doing now don’t we?!
    I am totally convinced that all these psychopaths have all been groomed over the years and planted. Just as with the Young Global Leaders.

    I think we need some sage and erudite commentary here from tonyryan43.


  25. Fyles likes power. And forcing an age pensioner with cancer to be jabbed with an experimental mRNA death sentence must really get her rocks off.

    Terri, you are not alone.

    Yesterday, another of Fyles’s medical psychopaths refused me a painkiller for the intense pain of a facial cancer, unless I submitted to his absurd covid tests. That night I thought I was dying. Later, I was worried I was not dying. Cancer trumps all for intensity of pain. LOL.

    But today I am on the mend, thanks to some great Queenslanders, especially Noosa’s Black Salve Man.

    I look forward to the day that Fyles and her criminal colleagues hang, as surely they will following the most popular national referendum in future Australian history. Keep fighting Terri. We will beat the tyrants.

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  26. Hi

    This is Terri Frazer & after being forced to have the 3rd toxic injection, I have been admitted to Royal Darwin Hospital. I am very unwell & having difficulty breathing (thanks for your incompetence Natasha Fyles). I should NOT be in this position. I’m sick of hearing that without the injections I can end up in hospital. Well here I am jabbed 3 times & in hospital & I blame you Natasha Fyles!!!

    Sent from my Galaxy


  27. Phil – He this is making Sense…It’s about time we started voting with Pitch Forks and Flaming Torches.


  28. I don’t think a Ballot Box and a Biro are going to solve our problems ! It’s about time we started voting with Pitch Forks and Flaming Torches.

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  29. I feel for you Terry. Maybe time has come to change perspective. Most Cancer can also be healed/treated alternatively and away from the Pharmaceutical “Health” system path that most likely will occur more treatment side effects that eventually turn into another reoccurring Big Pharma money spinner and even more personal up and close suffering – physically and financially.

    The most effective and “economical” version of successful cancer treatment starts with peace, deep within oneself. Even in times of personal turmoil it is possible to reach, obtain and keep peace within. ANYTHING and Everything will become accomplished in peace and harmony – if one so wishes.

    “Fear” is the biggest threat to human peace of mind, the soul and spiritual well being of the individual and the health of the physical body. Fear also has become a well known weapon for those wishing to rule over us.

    Be peace be with you always Terri as it is a NATURAL part of you already and ever has been. Though sometimes (or most of the time) our minds decide to look the other way just to slide (willingly or not) deeper into what one does not want at all.

    Nature, peace and harmony are intertwined and when one dares to look more closely God is never out of reach in an picture that one has chosen not to see.


  30. Dear Terri Fraser,
    File a tort action into a court, name Natasha Fyles as the defendant and don’t allow anything inferior to trial by a fully informed jury to judge the case and administer justice. If would like any help please contact me.
    Yours sincerely,
    John Wilson.


  31. It’s as if they hate Human Beings,

    A vendetta, because in this process of existence they were all born UGLY, greedy, emotionally deprived, heartless, an unexamined life.


  32. It matters not what sort of teacher she is, nor what of any sort others are-they are all a certain type of animal, suited to the argy-bargy of political life.
    One needs to be 4/5s psychopath to even consider politics, and be seriously interested n the loot one can scam once in office.
    People disturbed by this should consider Lawfully Noticing their members of their liability and criminality as regards these forced vaccinations.
    I Noticed Daniel Andrews, a couple of years ago, about his mask mandate, which I told him made him liable for the cost and supply of all masks, and for any harm coming to people who were forced to wear the masks.
    Two point five weeks later the postie turned up with an armful of envelopes from (you guessed it) the Victorian government, said envelopes containing masks.
    I can still take Andrews to Court to force him to reimburse all Victorians for the masks they have had to purchase.


  33. A swimming coach??????? Seriously Australians have got to be the dumbest bunch of people on earth! If voting made any difference they would ban it!!! Nothing will ever change- democracy is an illusion! Your leaders serve Israel . all vacationsare jew owned, leaders are selected! The elections have already been decided! Sport is a distraction, there’s only one god in Australia- the TV


  34. These fkrs are now taking it upon themselves to make life and death decisions for us? And we haven’t had enough of this sort of crap? What’s it going to take to get back the dignity of deciding for ourselves?

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  35. Australia full of traitors and brown shirts

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  36. Jews depopulation vaccinations


  37. God bless you terri may he protect and provide for you, what disgusting reprehensible behavior from this entity, (read between the lines) remember people what to do to these politicians at election time they deserve to be kicked to the gutter, and of course the bureaucracy needs to be culled out as well

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