Premier Palaszczuk should remove all vaxx mandates on April 14

The Government has finally seen common sense after announcing that they will remove SOME vaccination mandates as of 1am on April 14.

Member for Hill Shane Knuth said it was great to hear that the mandates will end for pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants, weddings, museums, showgrounds, galleries, libraries, and stadiums.

Shane Knuth KAP Member for Hill

However, the remainder of the mandates needed to be fully lifted so that our health care works and teachers, who have lost their jobs, could also return to work.

“I know a number of small businesses in my electorate will be celebrating now that some of the mandates have ended but many teachers and health workers are sad can still not return to work,” Mr Knuth said.

“While this will be a much-needed boost to our hospitality and tourism sector we now need to think about the elderly, the frail and the disabled who are going without the much-needed care they deserve.

“Our health and disability services and schools are short staffed and overworked.

“We are seeing the strain on our systems with the long delays for surgeries.

“I am calling on the State Government to end all health directives so that ALL Queenslanders can return to work, no matter what career they chose.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The answer is AK47


  2. Karen Sutherland

    …. And remove the mandated vax status for flying so we can visit family that are overseas. Governments everywhere need to end this vax madness now.

    Regards Kelly M:+61 452 482 112




  3. Copied from

    Is it true?
    If it is, the railroading just continues unabated.
    They laugh at the chatter and they do whatever they want to do anyway.
    They will push and keep on pushing…..until they are stopped.

    “After June 30 2022

    the European Council has amended resolution 2361 and no longer objects to compulsory vaccination.
    As of July 1 2022 the EU has announced the legislation for the mandatory EU COVID 19 Certificates that deprive you of all freedoms if you do not have a QR covid certificate. If there is a majority of member states signing the legislation, compulsory vaccination will be introduced.
    at the end of 2022/2023 there will be a digital currency.
    The EU will impose a digital ID on every EU citizen. (The Dutch already have this and are already referring to the EU version on the website)
    All ATMs will be replaced by QR code ATMs in the near future, Belgium is already installing them full swing.
    If these QR code machines are integrated, cash can no longer be withdrawn from banks and/or elsewhere.
    The EU aims to make cash completely worthless within 18 months.
    The EU resolution permanently deprives every person of their physical integrity”


  4. People don’t really care, more interested watching men in tight shorts run around a field for 90 mins drinking corporate beer eating corporate KFC wearing ‘kfc’ buckets on their head! Wives too busy getting their nails manicured talking to each other about whats what on distraction factor!!!


  5. John van ruth

    Put greens last, they have been taken over by the communist party.


  6. I have to agree with comeinspinner on this one – we’re being played like fish on a line.

    While all the psycho Premiers are currently playing “Mr. Nice Guy” with the fake “pandemic” measures, the Federal Government is quietly pushing its Trusted Digital Identity legislation through which includes sections literally cut-and-pasted from WEF documents.

    Once any upcoming elections are done and dusted, get ready for the Great Reset to continue, only this time on steroids.


  7. Common sense? The Go-vermin? That would be good!

    Reality: Livestock is now (fully) “immunized” against common sense and an immune system that does not what an immune system normally does (in a non anti authoritarian society).
    Masks have become a “personal safety app” where the fragile minded of the “people” can hide from an imaginable deadly disease and feel safe like in nursing mummy’s arms while brains get foggy and cells die depraved of oxygen and it will not matter what any of THE MOST HONORABLE member of the great Australian sewer says.

    “The mask saves me” and “We are ALL in this together” they mumble as the great Australian road train stacked with the obedient herd is trucked to the great Aussie abattoir of cleansing.

    $election time is here and many of the dark creepy crawly’s show their faces again to remind the rest of us of their commitment to serve our country WELL and how incredibly easy a reset of Australian common sense occurred that not only wiped out any not political correct reality but a big chunk of a thinking population that once believed Australia to be the best country in the world.

    “It was great to hear that the mandates will end for pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants, weddings, museums, showgrounds, galleries, libraries, and stadiums”.
    Aussies can be Aussies again and Politicians have just shown how much they care for the “low class rodents” that supply their votes and butter their bloodstained bread.


  8. Sorry, folks, but who gave Palushchook her job? The people giveth and the people taketh away.

    Except in Stockholm it seems where the people giveth and giveth and giveth till they are bled to death. Happily!

    Such is the state of our nation. 😦


  9. I didn’t realise Australia has so many arsehole treacherous scum


  10. Qld doesn’t have a legitimate parliament for start and end = TREASON!
    No Upper House!
    When was the last Qld Referendum held?
    We all saw Palachook getting the jab with the syringe cover still on, same with Scumo who is a darling of the WEF and the Davos crowd, not to mention his conviction back in the ’60s!
    We have laws borne out of referendums that are still supreme but unless one goes and looks them up and read and learn them, not on Facebook or Main Stream Media, one will will never realise our enshrined rights!
    RDA has teamed up with politicians who have safe seats but have abysmal parliamentary voting histories, go look them up; Australian Federal Parliamentary Members Voting History.
    People don’t even know the peoples’ flag, they think the blue flag is the peoples’ flag when it isn’t.
    We have had no democratic system since before The Australia Act that was brought in contradiction to the last referendum held by people who weren’t eligible to even hold public office, who were dual nationality holders.
    How many people know that all Police organisations in “Australia” are private corporations and that all Police are sub-contractors? Go look them up on Dunn and Bradstreet Business Look Up. While you’re there look up all the “government departments”, the councils too. My local Council is a US Gold Mining Corporation!
    Why do Courts all have ABN numbers? What does ABN mean?
    How do so many “wealthy people” get away with paying no tax? They are even GST exempt! Ask an accountant! For about $5,000 you can be free of tax and GST too and even get the age pension!

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  11. Teachers and Health Professionals are presently being sacked.
    They won’t be returning.
    Someone else….like a trainee, or someone less experienced, or a final year Uni student already has their position if not waiting in the wings.

    One person’s loss is another person’s gain.

    They have no intention of letting them return if they have not been injected aka, not participated in their World Wide Clinical trial.

    Party poopers.

    They may consider it if they have a rare ‘exemption’ but only if they get tested like lab rats with a RAT test every 2 days.
    Go figure.

    Schools and Hospitals are only for a certain type of person now.
    The type that follows orders.


  12. Morgan C Jonas,
    Aidan McLindon,
    George Christensen,
    Interview on Making Political History (2 of 5)


  13. Masking, removal from public office social distancing, loss of livlihood and 3 Pfizers should be mandatory for all politiutes in office who collaborated with the CoVID Regime of the Australian Marxist State. Were they tasked by the National Cabinet or Operation CoVID Shield? They can’t be permitted to come back from this and pretend – Oh. It wasn’t us. Well if BF Well was them And they should be made to pay for their crimes.


  14. Urrrgh! Mere words cannot express how much I loathe this ‘woman’. (Another Ardern, who incidentally has now been pictured sporting a 5 o’clock shadow lol). And the newly lightened hair? Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. (Sorry to porcine everywhere, who are actually highly intelligent and very loving). An opaque bag would be the best enhancement for Palechook. Her mandatory face-nappie-wearing at least spared the rest of us from all similar retina assaults from the uglies.
    So she benevolently relaxes mandates before going off on leave. What is really going on here? Without getting weird..has she been summoned back to the Mothership, as was it seems our fake GG? Anyone else to follow I wonder? She’s fully aware that the (intellectually imbued) majority of us have disregarded the mandates all along anyway. Though in saying that, I did encounter a taxi driver today still wearing a mask, albeit with his nose exposed! Of course I asked him WTF he was doing.?! (Politely). He was still obviously half submersed in MFP. So many psychologically damaged people out there still not knowing whether they’re coming or going, because they have totally relinquished control over their own destiny. Pitiful.


  15. Spot on, it will never stop unless they are physically removed and lynched! Every second advert is a reminder to get your death jab. The irony is having to remind you so


  16. Ms Palushchook should remove all mandates, including her own, and p*** off, never to be heard from again.

    And if any Queenslander ever votes again for the likes of her, he/she deserves every bit of crap they get.



  17. comeinspinner

    We are being played for suckers.These people do not want to give their control powers away.
    Like a fish caught on a line.They slacken off for a while, then start drawing you in again..They intend to tire us out ,They believe they have us almost where they want us.I do not believe or trust them.,I have no reason to… But hey, make hay while the sun shines.


  18. Topher Field talks on the coming election
    How to get the freedom parties into Parliament


  19. Everything is illegal, the government are the criminals

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