A chemical weapon false flag is coming to Ukraine

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Who would listen to this untidy thug, who knows little including how to dress


  2. Mike King –
    When Putin inherited what was a broken political system, economy and society in 2000, he was in no position to crush the Jewish Oligarchs who — in partnership with their western tribesmen — had bought up and looted Russia in the aftermath of the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Rather than confront the dangerous multi-headed Hydra monster head-on with just his bare hands, Putin patiently played the long game of steady recovery and gradual power accumulation — all the while, “keeping his enemies close.”

    In due time, he was able to have some of the more overtly criminal Oligarchs arrested, while others fled to the United States or Israel. The remaining gangsters were offered a grand bargain — essentially this: “If you behave yourselves; do not betray Russia, and stay out of my way — then you can keep making your billions.” Though “Putin’s Oligarchs” lined up behind the new boss (or pretended to), Putin was surely smart enough to know that such a greasy bunch, at the first opportunity, would stab him in the back and take over Russia again. He kept watching them, very closely.

    The survival of the Jewish Oligarchs who had accepted Putin’s “grand bargain” offered the CIA’s cunning propaganda operatives an opening to attack Putin “from the right.” Their cyber henchmen and dupes would proclaim: “Putin is in bed with the Jewish Oligarchs! Muh Fridman! Muh Abramovich! Muh Deripaska! Psyop! Psyop!” — It’s so silly, and more than a few on “the far right” fell for this line of attack against Putin. But now, in the immediate aftermath of Russia’s liberation of eastern Ukraine, many of these remaining Oligarchs — smoked out into showing their true colors by opposing the “war” — are hopping on private yachts and jets bound for Dubai and, of course, Israel.

    Jewish “pro-Putin” Oligarchs like Mikhail Fridman (https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/02/russias-oligarch-elite-speak-out-against-putins-invasion-of-ukraine.html) took the bait and spoke out against Putin’s just and necessary military action. Putin then took to the airwaves and denounced “scum and traitors.” Within HOURS, they began fleeing for Israel. Fridman (stuck in Russia) has lost everything due to “Biden’s” (Trump’s) sanctions and cannot access his credit cards nor get contact Putin.



  3. Only a complete simple moron can be expected to swallow propaganda that Putin is “losing” the war in Ukraine and would find it in his interests to use chemical weapons.

    Which promptly leads me to conclude that our treacherous LNP/Labour-Greens Duopoly politicians and the MSM as Australia’s principal purveyors of propaganda consider the Australian public to be simple morons.

    Their proof of course will rest on the outcome of the forthcoming federal elections.


  4. Anti-Russian propaganda promotes the claim that Putin’s war against Ukraine is floundering, has run into difficulties, etc, and therefore Putin will become desperate.

    It’s believable IF you accept that the propagandists actually know Putin’s plans, and not base claims on what is imagined to be Putin’s Plans.

    If the propagandists succeed in selling the belief that Putin Is Desperate the duped will willingly believe Putin is responsible for using chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons, responsible for any such “incident”.
    And the duped will support NATO’s direct intervention when NATO uses the “incident” as pretext to intervene.

    Only the USA/NATO can gain from a biological/chemical/nuclear “incident”.

    Ukraine is Do-Or-Die for the USA- if it’s to maintain its dominance.


  5. USA is fighting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Expect the usual from the same worker’s of iniquity. America has grown weak through its allegiance to Israel; and so has Australia. But we hope for change and it’s encouraging to hear that Russia is winning the war. Hopefully the war against the pLandemic which so many are fighting will remain strong and strengthen all over the world, until the truth wins out.

    29 Mar 2022
    Poland’s Covert War on Ukraine w/Michael Tracey
    Journalist Michael Tracey gives a live discussion of his trip to the Polish-Ukrainian border, where journalists alike have been blocked from receiving information about the network of US bases and escalating presence of American troops as President Joe Biden clamors for regime change against Moscow.


  6. They would be breaking their own rule-book if they did not.

    They are so utterly predictable.

    Rinse and repeat.


  7. I can safely disclose that the cause of WW3 will not be Ukraine. World War 3 will occur because Putin will poison American and global democracy by putting Cholinergic Chemicals in Biden’s underpants.


  8. Undoubtedly there will be another false flag in the Ukraine orchestrated by Jews who are running the Soviet Union, the US, the UK and the EUSSR. By Deception – Do War.

    There were plenty of Soviet false flags in Ukraine during the Orange Revolution. And who will forget the CIA snipers at the Euromaidan shooting the pro-Western protestors in order to inflame the mob against the pro-Russian Yankovych government and bring in Yatz the Yid to start the war in the Eastern Ukraine.

    I expect they will follow the typical ‘Assad is gassing his own people’ script. Probably, ‘the Ukrainian Nazis are gassing their own people’ script.

    The US and Soviet Union/ Russian Federation have both infiltrated Ukrainian nationalist groups with a view to creating ‘Nazis’ in order to brand associate the opposition with them.

    Both tie in with the Central European leverage. After WWII, all of Central Europe was ceded to Big Macher Communist Jew Stalin at Yalta by Big Macher Jews for Monopoly Capital: Churchill and Roosevelt. Even though the nations of Central Europe again declared their independence after 1991, the Soviet Union will take them back again lest NATO ‘encroach’ upon the largest geo-political entity in the world. Look at tiny Europe. Look at the Soviet Union – its Stans and the PRChina. That is most of Asia.

    Both sides are against the Russian nationalist movement in Russia / the Donbass and the Ukrainian nationalist movement in Ukraine. These are ethnically one people (the White European Kievan Rus) who endured what Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn called : “the greatest human slaughter of all time” – he puts it at upwards of 60 million.

    All the bioweapons tech that was outsourced to Ukraine – from the US and the EUSSR – is now in the hands of the Soviets. They will be integrating that with their own bioweapons tech and outsourcing the really dirty stuff to the ‘multi-lateral’ partners like Australia. Maybe even Bill’s GM mosquitoes are now in Vlad’s possession.

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