New HIV super-strain is found in the Netherlands

from Alison Ryan

The UQ/CSL Australian COVID vaccine was scrapped because recipients tested positive for HIV after getting the jab

DECEMBER 11, 2020. How did the University of Queensland/CSL vaccine fail due to ‘false positive’ HIV tests? (

However, news coming out now says:

*1 December 2021 Federal government announces that it will spend nearly $40 million ($50m) on HIV so more Australians can access HIV treatment.

*New HIV super-strain is found in the Netherlands: Highly infectious variant makes people ill twice as quickly and has been spotted in at least 109 people – 4 February 2022

*Moderna launches early-stage clinical trial for HIV vaccine that uses mRNA technology. The biotechnology company has teamed up with the nonprofit International AIDS Vaccine Initiative to develop the shot, which uses the same technology as Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine – 28 January 2022.
Moderna launches clinical trial for HIV vaccine that uses mRNA technology – ABC News (

Researchers Warn Some Covid-19 Vaccines Could Increase Risk of HIV Infection, Oct 20, 2020 – Some of the Covid-19 vaccines currently in development could increase the risk of acquiring HIV, warned a group of researchers in the The Lancet medical journal, potentially leading to an increase in infections as vaccines are rolled out to vulnerable populations around the world. The researchers warn of a “cautionary tale” from efforts to create an HIV vaccine over a decade ago, where a promising vaccine candidate actually increased the risk of some men catching the virus.

The vaccine made use of a modified virus — called adenovirus 5 (Ad5) — as a vector to transport some of HIV’s genetic material into the body.

Exactly how the vaccine increased the risks of HIV transmission is unknown, but a conference convened by the National Institutes of Health recommended against further use of Ad5 as a vector in HIV vaccines
(Dr. Anthony Fauci was lead author of the paper outlining this position.) Some of the leading candidates for a Covid-19 vaccine, including those from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, use adenoviruses as vectors.
Researchers Warn Some Covid-19 Vaccines Could Increase Risk Of HIV Infection (

WHO whistle-blower, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, is also a witness in the Grand Jury being chaired by Reiner Fuellmich. You can hear her testimonies “Perpetual pandemic. Perpetual fear” and “Grand Jury – Day 2 Part 6 – Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger and Dr. Sylvia Berendt Testimony”.

“These criminals have no limit… Now they say the Spike protein in the vax was designed with a “molecular clamp” made of an HIV protein and that everyone receiving the shot can give a “false positive” test for HIV… Do we need more mockery and deceit from the Controllers?”
It’s perpetual pandemania from the Jokers!

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Ed and daviddd2,
    sorry for double ups
    computer problems and operator problems from my end!


  2. 100% We are at the mercy of modern day witch doctors and money science.

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  3. Give Reality a break Alison, he/she’s prolly researching about the Federal Executive Council, the use of sub and ultrasonic frequencies and the novel VAIDS strain he/she’ll need to worry about over the next 6-12 months.

    It’s steep curve and it needs a little time to climb.


  4. “Could certain COVID-19 vaccines leave people more vulnerable to the AIDS virus? (Science)”

    Well of course – toxins injected directly into the blood with test the body and over time will lesson health. Especially if you are stupid enough to do it continually.

    Then they give you the BS test and say you have AIDS – this entitles you to a supply of AZT and death – thanks so much to our caring Pharmaceutical Corporates.

    But there is no HIV as described.( ahh the broken record lives on)


  5. There is no such thing as HIV – never isolated..Look at Mullis – he knows..He was there..

    However it is clear they are bringing back the fear. It’s just another distraction while they cull the heard.


  6. Yes I have read that and the other prominent people in that area. The water stuff is really fascinating also. You know structured water that forms gels – it can hold memory and be effected externally etc ..

    The ignorant always say – “well how can someone be sick and then other in proximity get sick as well”.

    Because we have spent billions of the “virus” and zero on the real cause – we don’t have any “modern” science.

    However – the science you discuss shows how little we know. The use of sound and the lost understating of the ether ( unlimited energy etc) and bio-resonance also – so much hidden from us..

    We are all energy washing through the eternal – in my humble view.


  7. Probably wasting time Alison he is divorced from reality. Ed


  8. HI Reality Check
    Please paste this link into your browser and the links to the Lancet will be at the end of the report >
    Researchers Warn Some Covid-19 Vaccines Could Increase Risk Of HIV Infection (

    There are two specific links at the end of the report (Oct 20, 2020) under Further Reading, and the Lancet link, which you are looking for, is pasted there >

    Could certain COVID-19 vaccines leave people more vulnerable to the AIDS virus? (Science)

    Use of adenovirus type-5 vectored vaccines: a cautionary tale (The Lancet)

    PS: I have posted the link to you earlier but it may have not gone through.


  9. “Virologist Luc Montagnier (RIP this week) was the one who said that people should test for HIV after their boosters….then go and sue their Government.”

    Wasn’t Luc Montagnier the brilliant scientist who:

    1. infected a glass of water with the HIV pathogen,
    2. determined the resonant frequency of the infected water,
    3. emailed the frequency data to a biology institute in Italy,
    4. got the institute to expose a glass of clean, uninfected water to the frequency,
    5. and presto! the institute tested the clean water and it was INFECTED with HIV!

    How lucky was he to be able to figure out something like that? Or was he just ahead of the rest of the field because he was not beholden to a mega financial interest?

    “Montagnier discovered that certain bacterial and viral DNA sequences dissolved in water causes electromagnetic signals to be emitted at high dilutions, that was bad enough (see [1, 2] ‘Homeopathic’ Signals from DNA and Electromagnetic Signals from HIV, SiS 48). Now, new results from his lab appear to show that the DNA sequence itself could be reconstituted from the electromagnetic signal. That has so stunned the scientific community that one prominent supporter was nonetheless moved to remark: “Luc is either a genius or he is mad!” But some quantum physicists are taking that very seriously, and are linking Montagnier’s findings to decades of research demonstrating the sensitivity of organisms to extremely weak electromagnetic fields.”


  10. Researchers Warn Some Covid-19 Vaccines Could Increase Risk Of HIV Infection
    Robert Hart Forbes Staff

    Further Reading >

    Could certain COVID-19 vaccines leave people more vulnerable to the AIDS virus? (Science)
    Cold-causing adenovirus used in four experimental COVID-19 vaccines increased risk of HIV infection when used in AIDS vaccine trials

    Use of adenovirus type-5 vectored vaccines: a cautionary tale
    Published:October 19, 2020DOI:


  11. “All it proves is that Science is not settled and we should not trust Science.”

    In my view it establishes that the Germ theory is a fraud. This is the whole game – once established- and it is – see Lanca’s recent experiments – then the whole criminal alopatheric system can be bought down.

    It is so important you understand this.

    Stop talking about “molecular clamps” and “viruses”- Virology is a completely fraudulent group of inbred programmed automatons – do have any idea the damage they have done to our children. They can rot in hell.

    Virologist Luc Montagnier – did you see the interview with his microbiologist – he said he never saw the “virus” – just a soup of detritus ( oh sorry – cell culture).

    In my view – There is NO VIRUS as described! Yes that’s right – not one! EVER!


  12. “HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system.”

    Complete and absolute fraud!

    Never isolated ( in the real sense of the word ) – Does not exist as described
    Never established contagion
    BS genome – i mean computer generated..

    What killed the poor people who believed these criminals – AZT

    SARS2 – what is killing these poor people – originally the medical system ( all the old people – I still can’t believe we let them do it)

    And now??

    The poisonous injections and Remdesivir in the hospitals.

    If you research long enough you will see that it is just another fraud from Fauci.

    They are nothing but predictable – they work in patterns and cycles.


  13. Just about every researcher who has studied the PCR results including its manufacturer CDC. Ed


  14. It’s a long and interesting story – but lets be clear – there is NO virus as described – it is fraud – AIDS – SWINE – BIRD – SARS – all a fraud.


  15. Could you please link the Lancet paper on Covid vaccines causing HIV. It does not exist.

    This HIV fake news is based only on the QLD HIV clamp on the spike protein which was used to hold the shape of the spike protein. Other vaccines don’t use it because they are a different type of vaccine.

    You can’t get HIV from mRNA. HIV is a complex beast and needs some extra tools to integrate the RNA into the host DNA called ‘reverse transcriptase and integrase molecules’. These are not in the vaccines and even if they were they wouldn’t make it into the cell.

    Robert Malone in his paper described his mRNA technology which is used in the Covid vaccines as ‘RNA transfection’ which does not change DNA and resulting protein from the mRNA is incorporated into the cell membrane, “measured for incorporation into the cells’.

    So from his own words, no DNA change and the spike protein does not spread throughout the body. This is why he is considered as false information as he contradicts himself.

    Click to access 6077.full.pdf


  16. In response to pcwwp, reprogramming doesn’t happen overnight.

    Neither should we think that Terrain theory and Germ theory are black and white.
    All it proves is that Science is not settled and we should not trust Science.

    Given people are being injected with animal cell lines….do you know every animal cell line? What diseases do animals carry that we don’t know about?

    Chimpanzee cell lines that were used to grow polio in the late 1950’s were then allegedly related to an outbreak of HIV in Africa soon after they had received that vaccine.
    Or was it just the body rejecting a contaminated monkey cell line? (terrain theory)

    Virologist Luc Montagnier (RIP this week) was the one who said that people should test for HIV after their boosters….then go and sue their Government.

    A molecular clamp recognised in the computer modelling as ‘HIV’ by Professor Montagnier has been used in these vaccines.
    That’s not a spell, that’s the reality.


  17. “How did the University of Queensland/CSL vaccine fail due to ‘false positive’ HIV tests?”

    Who said they were necessarily “false”?


  18. There is no HIV virus.
    They knew in 1980 AIDS aka MadCow aka Lyme was the exact same disease and you cannot kill spirochetal prion seed. Protein diseases are caused from GMOs, Vaccine ingredients, pesticides, herbicides, etc. It is not caused from a virus! And here they are injecting people with an mRNA shot that is designed to MAKE proteins! C’mon people!


  19. Yeah we have had many articles about the non-existent virus but MSM has frightened hell out of many gullible
    people. Ed


  20. The broken record returns. There is no virus as described – NONE – We must break free of the spell or we will all end up nodes – or dead.

    Dis-ease is the bodies response to insult. Alo-pathetic chemicals and environmental poisons deliver toxins which put our bodies into distress..

    Dis-ease is the bodies response to insult! There is NO external virus coming to kill us – its a fraud. Until we realize this we are doomed.


  21. Four disciplines to PROVE it exists. This is 110% hype.
    My Mendacity… haunt me……alalalalalalal


  22. In response to Lindesymonds, what you propose sounds feasible.

    It has been said that HIV as a ‘retrovirus’ stores it’s genetic material as RNA.
    So if the Biotechnology Companies used a HIV molecular clamp in the Pfizer vaccines, it must be something to do with this mRNA genetic technology.

    I saw it explained that the Clinical trial participant may test positive for “antibodies against the fragment of the HIV protein used, but negative for other anti-HIV antibodies and negative for HIV genetic sequences”. (hopefully)
    This is important to know so that there is no misunderstanding in the future about any confusing diagnosis they may be given….and how it came to be that they would receive this result.

    Fear can lead people to despair.
    The withholding of information to Clinical trial participants has been despicable.
    Informed consent should have been loud and clear to people in relation to this.
    “do you consent to receiving an injectable that has a HIV Molecular clamp that may in the future cause you to test (false) positive for HIV?”

    That was something they knew in advance.
    As early as the Phase 1 trials.

    The thing to watch for is the next phase of the Pharmaceutical rollouts.
    The tablets for ‘covid’.
    What else do these tablets treat?
    The next life long money making guarantee.

    Many people live with HIV and it is not the stigma that it was promoted to be in the 1980’s.
    There are those who claim that it is not the first time this HIV Molecular clamp may have been used.
    There are those who question the original source of HIV anyway.

    Although we don’t know enough about the mRNA technology to know what all the long term effects will be, people deserve better.
    This Government and it’s Public Health puppets have a lot to answer for.


  23. yes – if you believe anything they say – that would seem probable.


  24. This new HIV ‘super-strain’ will have been created by the Vaccine Acquired Immuno Deficiency VAIDs of the BioTech spike protein injection.


  25. HIV and AIDS are a complete fraud..- so what you postulate is not possible.

    Is it true that the criminals are out to destroy the true owners on this land – yes..

    Save our children – all children!


  26. Question:
    A) Is it a fact that 85% of Aboriginal children in FNQ are born with HIV or aids?

    B) Is it a fact that 100% of Aboriginal children receive free childcare?

    C) Is it a fact that in childcare centres kids run around and sometimes hurt themselves and bleed?

    D) Is it a fact that Cairns and the far north has the highest numbers of HIV/aids ?


  27. The jab ( when not placebo ) has a detrimental effect on the bodies ability to respond to insult ( what the ala-pathetic types call immune response).

    This is similar to the fraud that is AIDS.

    So there claim AIDS is on the rise to cover their criminal activity- more of the same..

    Everyone should research AIDS – there you will see the pattern that enslaves us.


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