Advice to all Telegram warriors that your events are not being widely publicised by putting messages or photos on Telegram. It is a bloody awful, infiltrated app. You are simply talking to each other, not a wide audience.

You do not need an intrusive app to read Cairns News.

Telegram is a hostile medium to media such as Cairns News and other similar sites. Messages or photos cannot be extracted from Telegram unless we go to much trouble with some of the best IT experts available. Time consuming and costly.

For example the truck convoy to Canberra starting today. We found out about it today thanks to a reader who sent us a Telegram message.

The organisers have not done their job properly. If they had they would have sent us a message a week ago. They should realise by now that Cairns News has broken some of the biggest transport stories over the past 10 years and that many truck drivers read Cairns News.

Cairns News has contributors with a heavy transport background and are totally supportive of the truck and rail industries.

This week we published comments from American and Canadian truckers about their blockades.

Where are the Australian trucks?

Same for Hold the Line Rallies. There seems to be no co-ordinated effort by organisers thus no advertising goes onto Cairns News.

Responsible media do not go near Falsebook. We don’t look at it or use it.

But we do cover all of Australia and Commonwealth nations with our news. Editor