Professor Zimmerman slams the federal government and states’ Covid regime, resigns from Liberal Party

Victoria Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton has been given some terribly wrong advice about politicians and the public service being exempt from the Covid jab mandates. There is no provision in the Commonwealth Constitution expressly exempting a politician from anything. There is Sect 51, (xxiiiA) that prevents compulsory vaccination of all citizens but there are no exclusions for politicians.

Professor Augusto Zimmerman likens the Covid performance of all governments to that of “totalitarian North Korea and Cuba.”

Constitutional authority Professor Augusto Zimmerman resigned from the Liberal Party on January 5 over the coronavirus regimes adopted by the federal government. Here is his letter of resignation:

The following is my letter of resignation from the Liberal Party. It has just been presented to the Membership Coordinator of the Liberal Party of Western Australia.  

I cannot in good conscience remain a member of this political party. The reasons are provided in the letter below.  

Professor of Constitutional Law, Augusto Zimmerman disgusted with PM Scott Morrison and the Liberal party’s totalitarian response to Covid

From: Dr Augusto Zimmermann LLB, LLM, PhD

To: Ms Emily Foster, Membership Coordinator, Liberal Party of Western Australia

Dear Ms Foster,

I am writing this letter in order to make an important communication.

Please allow me first to explain who I am and what I have done for your party over the last few years.

I am a professor of constitutional law who was appointed a Law Reform Commissioner in Western Australia by the then State Attorney General, Christian Porter.

I have served a number of positions in the Liberty Party of Western Australia, notably the following:

  • Senior Vice President, Liberal Party of Western Australia, Fremantle Division (2013 to 2017)
  • Senior Vice President, Liberal Party of Western Australia, Jandakot Branch (2014 to 2017)
  •  Delegate, Legislative Assembly Selection Committee, Liberal Party of Western Australia, Jandakot Branch (2015 to 2017)
  • Delegate, Legislative Council Selection Committee, Liberal Party of Western Australia, Jandakot Branch (2015 to 2017)
  • Delegate, House of Representatives Selection Committee, Liberal Party of Western Australia, Jandakot Branch (2015 to 2017)

When I first joined your party I assumed it had a proper respect for the rule of law and individual rights.

However, measures adopted by Liberal governments, both federal and state, are arbitrary and unconstitutional. They have caused far too many of my fellow citizens to endure traumatic situations, including home confinement, job losses, financial ruin, drug and alcohol problems, family breakdown, and a host of mental and physical illnesses.

I would expect the federal leader of your party to be more concerned about the preservation of fundamental rights, not suppressing them. However, his pompously self-entitled National Cabinet has affected much of the social and economic life of this nation by enforcing prohibitions matched only by some of the world’s worst totalitarian regimes, notably North Korea and Cuba.

The Prime Minister is also supporting the authoritarian behaviour of the State Premiers. In the case of Victoria, for example, he has encouraged its notorious Premier “to ensure that there are appropriate penalties for those who do break public health notices”.

Victoria’s “notorious” Premier Dan Andrews supported by PM Scott Morrison “to ensure that there are appropriate penalties for those who do break public health notices”.

Unfortunately, the State Liberal governments in New South Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania are not much better. These Premiers are far too willing to rule by decree and impose draconian restrictions on our people’s homes, places of worship, and public gatherings.

Published by the IPA, the Legal Rights Audit 2019 reveals that the federal Liberal government has been responsible for a considerable increase in the violation of fundamental legal rights.

According to the IPA’s fellow researcher Morgan Begg, “The Coalition [i.e.; Liberal] government is trashing fundamental legal rights of all Australians, creating unprecedented challenge to individual freedom and human dignity’.

I have a name and a reputation to preserve. I cannot in good conscience remain associated with a party that has so miserably betrayed its own founder and my fellow Australian citizens.

Liberal Party founder and former Prime Minister Bob Menzies “would be appalled to see what has become of the party he created,” Prof Zimmerman opined.

I am sure that Sir Robert Menzies would understand. Like myself, he deeply valued freedom and would be appalled to see what has become of the party he had created.

Menzies strongly believed that the progress of our nation depends not on the security provided by government, but on the protection afforded to personal freedom.

I hereby offer my letter of resignation from the Liberal Party of Australia.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Augusto Zimmermann LLB, LLM, PhD

Dr Augusto Zimmermann is Professor and Head of Law at Sheridan College, Perth/WA. He is also adjunct law professor at The University of Notre Dame Australia (Sydney campus) and President of the Western Australian Legal Theory Association (WALTA). – from the Spectator

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. This man deserves respect, perhaps he should seek to assist the Australia one party in their removal


  2. Barbara

    You signed off “from ALL The GOOD DECENT HARD Working CITIZENS of AUSTRALIA”

    Nice of you to assume that all of the good citizens of Australia agree with you.

    The vast majority of decent hard working Australians would (likely) not have a clue that all of our governments, courts, police, etc, are now private corporations.

    How about you let them know what has been done to their country over the last (at least) 60 years, that made our constitution redundant and placed our country in the hands of overseas private corporations, etc, etc.

    Professor Augusto Zimmerman should be telling them.

    I have my doubts about him being a hero of the people, more like a hero of the corrupt systems.


  3. Hear Hear..
    Dear Prof Zimmerman,
    Your Letter IS..
    Prof Zimmerman ,
    Please Do CONTINUE Your HARD Work
    on For the GOOD CAUSE..




  4. It was published on CN as well. Ed


  5. I found a very interesting legal analysis by Zimmermann & Gabriël Moens back in August 2021. It is titled;
    “Vaccinations, Coercion and the Rule of Law”

    Some of the suggestions/ conclusions were along the lines of it being illegal to directly OR INDIRECTLY COERCE people into medical treatment. Refering to it as “Civil Conscription”.

    It (Treatment/ vaccination) is basically a Dr to patient “contract”, and it would require a proper and informed consent without coersion (also WITHOUT INDIRECT COERSION. It has to be a legitmate free will with full and proper knowledge in order to be able to make a proper assessment and decision.

    I sometimes find legal mouthpiece write ups complex, and hard to understand, but the legal analysis in the above link fairly easy to grasp. (here and there he/ they offered additonal commentary “In other words” for the layperson).

    Although it wasnt writen in the write up, it suggest to me that the politicians have ignored illegality in what seems like an indirect coersion by workplace and (previously) bussiness mandates.


  6. A resignation! Is that the best one of the most eminent lawyers has? Having been paid by the ordinary people for the last few decades I reckon he should put his hand in his pocket and start a few lawsuits against individuals in the PS. Who would know better how to do this?


  7. Ed.

    I appreciate that Dr Zimmermann has provided information about the mandates, many others have done the same, that information is very easy to find in the constitution.

    Has Dr Zimmermann talked about the following concerns in public forums?

    Why are all of our governments now private corporations.

    Why the Commonwealth of Australia and the states are now in the hands of overseas private corporations..

    The real facts about the current Australian and State constitutions.

    Why we can no longer obtain a (just) remedy in any of the corporations courts.

    Dr Zimmermann mentions that the mandates are illegal, he does not mention why the governments are able to ignore the constitution, and carry out their illegal activities with impunity

    We know that there is a huge amount of information to be given out to the people, it would be a big job for one person to do that. Dr Zimmermann would have that information readily available and there is more than one constitutional law expert in Australia – they could assist.

    He could be a great Australian hero with a great reputation.


  8. Thank you Ron


  9. Legal Remedies for all Australians
    (regarding the actions of a totalitarian state)

    Read on –

    Victoria Police admission on hidden camera, source: Marty Focker:


  10. Politicians from my observation try to pretend that they are honest people but basically they are all professional liars.

    Besides, Romans 13:1 says that there is no authority if it is not authorised by Christ.

    Politicians plainly go beyond Christian authority and are therefore anti-Christs and snakes in suits.


  11. The question of “which constitution” is fair and valid, but it is of little consequence because he HAS been sitting under the AUSTRALIAN CONSTITUTION, even if he’s a authority on the 1901.
    As to validity of laws? under 1901, NONE since 2/2/1960, which Dick Yardley points out is the termination of the appointment of the last legitimate governor general.
    The AUSTRALIA ACT in that it seeks to change the 1901 without a referendum, is unconstitutional. Ultra Vires, Ab Initio.
    Further, the Monarch (the real queen) did not assent to it with her signature at the bottom of the page (as required), she signed it at the TOP, which indicates that she merely noted it’s contents.
    I think that the reaction of the ALP in Western Australia would be “good, that’s another useless prat that we have to deal with”.


  12. Towards the end of WW2 lots of “rats” suddenly became innocent/conscious and changed sides or fled. SILENTLY. Those days “rats” who have been living comfortably in the sewer of propaganda and deceit are now openly changing their mind and bragging on about themselves and how important their position was and the trust of a GREAT human being that “suddenly” was lost in politics. Poor Prof. Augusto!

    “During my time as a postgraduate student I had a personal encounter with God and became a member of the Baptist Church. I am now a committed Presbyterian and have been living in Australia since 2002. I decided to study law because I had (and I still have) a great desire to fight for liberty and justice. I also wished to know how things work. Nations, as well as individuals, are subject to laws. I wished to understand these different laws, how they are created, who has made them, and how legislation can be used to improve society and to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of everyone.”

    Brian Johnston in his comment above asked the right questions and it seems that Augusto “wished to understand these different laws, how they are created, who has made them, and how legislation can be used to improve society and to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of everyone” and failed bitterly during his successful (sponsored) career in Australia.

    “It was there (Baptist church Rio) that I felt touched by the Holy Spirit and expressed my utmost desire to consecrate my entire life and career to the Lord”. “I felt in my heart that God was instructing me to migrate to Australia. Back in those days I was a young legal academic who had just launched his second academic book—a book on constitutional law and principles.
    Arriving in Melbourne, I decided to undertake my doctoral studies at Monash University under the supervision of one of the nation’s greatest legal minds: Professor Jeffrey Goldsworthy.”
    “Augusto consecrated his entire life and career to the Lord” while becoming a professor of constitutional law in Australia and was appointed a Law Reform Commissioner in Western Australia by the then State Attorney General, Christian Porter.” Failed again Augusto!

    To grow up in Rio de Janeiro is very tough unless one is far above the rest. To study constitutional law in Australia because Augusto had a great desire to fight for liberty and justice seems rather strange to one as Brazil itself has never been just to its population because of the same elite that brought Augusto into life.


  13. How timely for such a drastic step! A conscience attack as the scam narrative is now obvious to everyone but the most stupid of sheep.

    I say Prof Zimmerman, the rot in the LNP-Labour duopoly didn’t set in yesterday. It’s been around for quite a while. But at least someone’s noticed.


  14. Hi Ron we have published papers by him in the past. Do a search. Ed


  15. Like rats jumping off a burning ship. Expect to see a few more,too. They are trying to escape the justice that is coming.


  16. “I am a professor of constitutional law…” doesn’t indicate which constitution. The Liberal Party Constitution?
    If he’s referring to the Australian Constitution then he’s been sitting in Treason the whole time he was a Liberal Party member. Just because he resigned doesn’t admonish his years of Treason!
    You just can’t make this stuff up!
    My advice to him would be to join the Jolly Swagman and jump into the billabong. Easier and less painful than hanging.


  17. I guess I can save space, time, and effort and endorse ‘Fed Up’. Well said mate. Talk is cheap.


  18. Fed Up!

    Well said, and good luck with the letter dropping.


  19. Dr Augusto Zimmermann LLB, LLM, PhD.

    In your above letter you stated “I am a professor of constitutional law”

    As you are well qualified to give opinion and advice on constitutional law. Would you kindly let the Australian people know how our constitution has been changed without referendums,

    And why we have the Australia Act and is it legal/ lawful? Also why governments now ignore sections of the constitution.

    Why are all of our governments now private corporations, why our police, courts, government departments and the like are now private corporations?

    I could keep asking similar questions, but I am sure that you would know in great detail, how our Commonwealth of Australia and the states are now in the hands of overseas private corporations.

    This has happened over more that 50 years, why have none of you constitutional law experts let the people know about the bent politicians, big business, bent police and military. main stream media and other players (traitors)? What they did to sell off, give away and steal the Commonwealth of Australia.

    Most Australians would not have a clue about our constitution and what has happened to it and how the private corporate courts virtually ignore it. Maybe the constitutional law.experts have been going along with the charade, assisting with keeping the facts hidden from us.

    You also stated “I have a name and a reputation to preserve” I can assure you that the good names of those we have admired in the past, are fast being looked upon with scorn.

    Why? Because more are waking up to what has been done to us and our country and that so called experts and people with a reputation to preserve have (mainly) said nothing to warn us about what the traitors have done and are still doing.

    You are a hero, that remains to be seen. Give us the real facts about the Australian and State constitutions, that would make you a hero, I will not hold my breath waiting.


  20. the annionted by the N.W.O. DON,T GIVE A RATS about your conceived importance to the lib ideal . you have been sold a dud . they hav,nt been on Australia,s side for years .


  21. I wonder if Prof. Zimmerman can tell us much about whether,
    1. the government is legal.
    2. laws passed are legal or not.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Too little too late mate!

    It’s only because the cabal are starting to fall to shit that everyone of these bastards are now pleading innocence and starting to pretend to see the light

    Aussies have died or become seriously injured with these bioweapon injections while you have had your head up your arse!

    Our military, police, nurses and doctors, psychologists, hospitality workers, retail workers, childcare workers, tradies, etc, etc, and small business’s have been on the bones of their arses for months because they have refused to take the vaccine or have been forced/coerced into taking it under enormous pressure while politicians and commissioned police officers (Qld) are exempt

    Now they are after our dear little children that have no voice

    I’ve been out tonight letter dropping off flyers to wake up some of these clueless parents taking their kids to be given the bioweapon injection while you sit on your arse thinking what a great guy you are for speaking out Mr. Zimmerman.

    Actions speak louder than words!

    What are you going to do about this shitshow we are in apart from writing a letter and resigning!

    If this link above posted on The Juggernaut88 twitter of the amount of parents lining up to take their children to get the experimental bioweapon injection on the Gold Coast does not leave you feeling devastated then you ain’t human! OR IN CAIRNS NEWS-Ed

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  23. This gentleman and scholar is a true hero pursuant to the justice of truth. Thank you from an admiring Australian who will never give in to this false narrative and organised SCAMDEMIC. The criminals will be held accountable and face justice. The World will demand it, I demand it.


  24. happy to add One more Good Man for Us.
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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