Moderna-NIH mRNA vaccine deal confirmed pre-plandemic … again

Anthony Fauci under intense pressure from Kentucky senator Rand Paul over gain-of-function research funding in China. Note the fingers fiddling with a rubber band.


US radio host Glenn Beck has confirmed the partnership between biotech company Moderna and the US National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Disease (NIAID) before the so-called pandemic broke out.

Beck appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show last week to discuss a 500-page document from Moderna that on pages 104-5 referred to the private agreement involving “mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates developed and jointly owned by NIAID and Moderna”.

The NIAID director and chief medical adviser to presidents is Anthony Fauci, who has repeatedly lied to the US Congress and media, that the SARS-Cov-2 virus was an accidental mutation with a bat virus and that it was not the result gain-of-function research. The myth is perpetrated to this day by the dumbstream media.

As revealed by The Gateway Pundit in February, 2021, the private and confidential agreement between the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and Moderna was signed on December 12, 2019, weeks before Covid-19 was even known to the public or acknowledged by the US, China, or the World Health Organization. NIH, of which NIAID is an offshoot, sets a fiscal policy for grant awards every year.

“Today Dr Lawrence Sellin (PhD), who contributed much to this effort to uncover the truth about COVID, reported that a December 12, 2019 agreement was signed by Dr Ralph Baric that he would receive the ‘mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates’ developed and jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna,” the independent news outlet reported.

Sellin, a retired army reserve colonel and businessman, says a complete sample of Covid 19 was produced by early 2019 by the Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) and the Wuhan Institute of Virology with financial help from Dr Fauci’s NIAID. It was tested on selected participants in the Military World Games from October 18–27, 2019. A US military team participated in the Games.

The story of the NIH-Moderna collaboration was almost universally ignored until Glen Beck resurrected it on Tucker Carlson, citing documents he said had been smuggled out of China and research by Judicial Watch and others.

Gateway Pundit has continued to expose the ongoing cover-up of the NIAID-Fauci-Wuhan deception. Fauci, when questioned in the Congress by Senator Rand Paul, continued to brazenly lie that there was no funding for such research and that it was not gain-of-function research. Fauci, of course, sees himself as “science embodied” and above prosecution.

Beck said the gain-of-function virus research, which Fauci said never happened, did happen in November of 2015 under Dr Ralph Baric who published a paper on it. The funding came through NIAID to the EcoHealth Alliance (headed by the eco-fascist Peter Daszak) working at the CCP- controlled Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“What you may not know is that in November, the same month that (Dr Baric’s) published paper comes out, the United States begins a partnership with Moderna and they are searching for an mRNA corona virus vaccine – kind of a weird coincidence, but wait, it gets worse,” said Beck.

“In this time we skip to 2018 (and) DARPA (US military research agency) receives a proposal from Dr Baric … Dr Shi (Zhengli) from Wuhan and Peter Daszak from EcoHealth, and DARPA sees this and says this is far too dangerous, we’re rejecting your proposal.

“We don’t know what happened from there, but we do know just about 12 months later in Wuhan – where Peter Daszak, Dr Shi the bat lady, and Dr Baric were all doing research on corona viruses – about a year later, there’s an outbreak, and the outbreak actually begins according to documents that we have that have been smuggled out of China, that there were ten hospitals involved by October with patients that we now know, are corona-like virus symptoms. They didn’t know what was going on. Now, that was in October.

“Remember, we didn’t know anything about this in December. We were starting to get rumblings. China said there was some sort of an outbreak on December 31st, but Dr Baric signs a government deal with Moderna.”

Beck said the deal of some 158 pages was made and on page 104 they enter a “specific private, confidential agreement”. “The NIH appears to be transferring technology to Dr Baric, but what they’re making clear is quote, ‘mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates developed and jointly owned by NIAID and Moderna’,” he said.

Now, this is weird because it’s two weeks later that we know there’s a problem. They sign that deal two weeks before, and they sign it with the doctor who happened to be a partner with the bat lady in Wuhan.

“Here’s where it gets really dark. These are the same group of people that, in the end of January, begin to have meetings, and they shut down and begin to smear anyone who’s looking into the lab leak theory. They establish ‘that’s not true, don’t even look there’.

“It appears to be collusion. You know we’ve passed this on to several people in Congress and the Senate. We know Rand Paul is on this, and Dr Fauci has some answers to give.”

Dr Francis Collins, former director of the NIH, has admitted in a media interview the NIH “has a stake” in intellectual property used in the COVID vaccine.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Neville Thompson

    Please correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the father of the Premier of Qld in business with Dr. Francis Collins in China ?


  2. Rand Paul could have by now, but hasn’t, started prosecution proceedings against Fauci. I’d like to know why not.


  3. As the alleged history goes, there was a Company heavily involved in WW2 called IG Farben. This is believed to be a Company associated with George Soros who possibly even ran it.
    George as a child was taken in by a Nazi family during the war despite being of Jewish descent.
    After the war, George went to America.
    It is claimed he eventually broke up with IG Farben and formed Moderna.

    One of the main financial brokers of Moderna is believed to be Bill Gates.
    The first CEO of Moderna is believed to have been a young Cornell Graduate by the name of …..Anthony Fauci.

    For those who are holding out for the Novomax NVX-C0V2373 this is what can be found on the public record so far:

    Novomax is a Biotechnology Company sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation.
    They have been given millions of dollars from CEPI for large scale manufacturing of vaccines.
    This will be their first vaccine (if successful)
    The President and CEO is Stanley Erck.
    Novomax is a Company listed on the share market.

    Novomax will be based on a genetically modified baculovirus.
    Baculoviruses are viruses that infect insects.
    The most common hosts are immature moths and butterflies, but also mosquitos.

    These baculoviruses are not usually able to replicate in humans.

    It is claimed Sf9 moth cells with be infected with a computer generated SARS Cov2 to produce a coronavirus spike protein, then harvested as a whole deactivated virus for injection.

    The spike proteins harvested will be assembled onto a synthetic lipid nanoparticle displaying up to 14 spike proteins.

    Novamax will be a recombinant protein injection from mixed sources.
    A genetically modified nanoparticle technology.

    The adjuvant that will be used for Novamax is code named QS-21 or “Matrix M”
    An adjuvant is what is needed to get the immune system to respond.

    The adjuvant in Pfizer has been Polyethelene glycol (PEG) and in AstraZeneca it was Polysorbate 80. The adjuvants used in some childhood vaccines have been primarily aluminium.
    Pre 1990’s the adjuvant used in childhood vaccines was primarily mercury.

    Novomax will have a saponin based adjuvant from the bark of the Chilean soap bark tree called quillaja saponaria.
    Quillaja saponaria is an emulsifying foaming product.
    This product is believed to have been used in lens cleaners, fire fighting foam and cosmetics.

    Saponins are used to bind substances that would not normally mix, like water and oil.

    Quillaja saponaria can allegedly cause liver damage if receiving high amounts of tannins.
    It can reportedly cause breakdown of blood cells, respiratory failure, and convulsions.
    It was claimed to have been used in Veterinary practice in the 1950’s but was considered “too toxic” for humans at the time because it caused the red blood cells to burst.

    Phase 1 clinical trials for Novomax in healthy individuals already commenced in Australia way back in mid 2020.
    The trials were mainly to see how people responded to the Matrix M saponin.
    Phase 3 clinical trials are occurring overseas.

    As always, do your own research as more information comes to light.

    Happy flying.


  4. The omicron variant is false, read the book or check it out on Amazon.
    written by Theresa Bishop and copyrighted in 2020
    This new variant is a complete lie, they only want you to take the 3rd vaccine.
    If you keep believing the lies then so many people are going to die from the
    vaccine mandate. William


  5. A genocide on the installment plan undertaken against Australia by the UN in league with the Marxist state of corporate agents impersonating a government .

    Prayer for Australia : 3rd Dec 2021 – Perth WA
    Freedom Media WA
    Archbishop Hickey praying with Men’s Rosary.


  6. These people need to be tried and convicted and punished for perverting the course of science!

    They are destroying public confidence in the administration of science and that’s much more destructive to us than their perverting the course of justice.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The Rothschilds had a patent for the ‘covid passport’ and their whole debt based monetary system is close to collapsing.

    I’m sure Fauci and Gates are viewed as useful, but disposable, to save the power of those that control both the creation and ebb&flow of global currencies.
    thre holder of such powers are the shareholders of the Reserve Banks. Namely the European Royals, Rothschilds Banking and the Vatican (that’s my firm guess as to who is really pulling all the strings and has been benefitting from everyone’s demise).
    There is only 3 shareholders of these Reserve Banks and the English royals made a rule that the disclosure of these three entities need never be known. hence me being quite sure, they’re ‘in on it’ at least.

    When the old system goes down, a new one needs to be in place and running, else they lose control. It would seem they’ve chosen this to to be a social credit system, similar to that used in China. The whole process will then begin again. Good slaves get rewards, which you can smell now already.

    I’d rather vote for Pol Pot than any of the lying POS currently available, at least you knew where you stood with that sinister genocidal freak. All these bastards do is lie, constantly and continually.


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  8. The ‘Covid’ swabs were ready before the ‘Pandemic’ in the year before as well.

    From the very beginning, it was never just a ‘Chyna virus’.

    Dr Francis Collins knew about the connections between BSL-4 labs particularly Fort Dettrick (USA) and Wuhan.
    He spent a good deal of his working life holding back experimentation on USA shores through Legal means.
    He was calling these connections out in early 2020.
    MSM never acknowledged them.

    With Australia’s borders closed early, no ‘virus’ should have been able to enter through International travel.
    A ‘virus’ needs a host to survive if you believe germ theory (versus terrain theory)

    It likely would have pettered down after some natural herd immunity if there was any in the Community.
    Worldwide at that time there were cases but few deaths (less than 1%).
    Grandma and the immune compromised could have received special support measures to stay home and away from anyone sick that year.

    Experimental injections or loading them up with another 4 viruses (flu vaccine) would not have been required.
    Why do we think that everything is solved at the end of a needle?

    ‘Vaccinating’ people with a gene altering mRNA injection by Moderna (one of the first in the USA) is a wildcard because ‘SarsCov2’ has never been isolated in nature and any ‘gain of function’ splicing is allegedly destroyed.

    Any attempts at a Clinical trial during this time were warned off by Scientists emphatically.
    Even accepted vaccination programs should only occur before, not during an outbreak.

    Through the last few years, the idea of some sort of virus to scare the world has been on the cards.
    This has been mentioned by more than a few as seen.

    Think Swine Flu.
    Yet no one noticed.

    This time it worked.


  9. I’d just like to see them both swing by the neck; just to set an example to all those other criminals out there that that think they can live at other peoples’ expense!


  10. Its a lot more then looking at his fidgeting rubber band hand.
    His face says it all. Says to me here is someone on the hot seat wondering how to get out of this.


  11. And here we have our criminal quisling government willingly collaborating with and actually aiding and abetting these murderous corporate entities:

    Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine could be manufactured in Australia by the middle of the decade, with plans being put together for a new plant in Victoria capable of producing up to 100 million shots a year.

    An in-principle agreement has been struck between Moderna, the federal government and the Victorian government, with hopes to have the facility running by 2024.

    Moderna’s Australian head Michael Azrak said he was proud the company would have an Australian manufacturing presence.

    “We’re ready to pitch tent in Australia,” Mr Azrak said.

    “The facility we’re envisaging will have the capability of at least 100 million doses if need be.”

    The federal government is putting funding into the project, but the details of the agreement are commercial in confidence.

    It includes priority access to any vaccines made in Australia, to ensure the country is not competing with others abroad in future pandemics or serious outbreaks.


  12. Doesn’t the little scumbag also have shares in Remdesivir, the killer drug that they are FORCED to use in US Hospitals?


  13. The rumours that SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon from a lab are back!
    Has anything changed in the discussion or evidence regarding the “Wuhan virus” theory since the first rumours of 2020? No… The same arguments are still being used and they are still irrelevant.

    The genetic strand of SARS-CoV-2 IS man-made. And YES, it comes in principle from a laboratory in Wuhan. But it is a MODEL! SARS-CoV-2 is nothing more than a computer model. It never was and never will be more than that.

    The rumours surrounding bioweapons and the “Wuhan virus” generate exactly two things: fear and hatred. Both are poor advisers and neither help anyone.

    “As you can see now, the best bioweapon there is, is fear.”
    – Stefan Lanka –

    Read the full article at


  14. Fauci & Gates Are soon to be the most Hated & Hunted Men on the Planet!!


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