School Principal


Dear ______,

I am greatly concerned that plans may be underway to inject our children with COVID-19 “vaccinations” at our schools.

This letter is to advise you that as their legal guardian, I do not give consent for my children to receive any form of Experimental or Otherwise Covid Injection/Treatment or Vaccination.

I would like to advise you that any involvement or facilitating of this constitutes severe breaches in international law, constitutional law and commonwealth law and will inevitably result in charges including assault, child abuse and genocide.  Historically people that have implicated themselves in similar atrocities have paid high prices for their involvement.

Queensland Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk identifies as a member of the Freemasonic Lodge, the women’s Order of the Eastern Star. The TGA approved deadly jabs for your 5 to 11 year olds. Are you abrogating your humanity and love of your kids by allowing them to get the gene altering mRNA?

I would also like to provide you with some context of this situation in the event that you have chosen not to educate yourself over the course of the current fraududulent pandemic that has been perpetrated on us by criminals masquerading as governments around the world.

  • There is no Pandemic.  Apart from the fact that nobody in the world has even isolated SARS-CoV-2 even the massively manipulated statistics show that the deaths are no different to any other flu.
  • Our government have rejected safe, trialed and extremely effective treatments for coronavirus in favour of accepting vast sums of money to impose the “Jab” on Australians.
  • Children are not at risk of developing severe Covid 19 disease. (1) The risk to benefit ratio of exposing children to experimental Covid drugs is concerning, with the WHO currently recommending they should not be the recipients of them. (2)
  • The research is growing every day that COVID-19 “vaccines” are not effective and can be very harmful, especially to young people.   In fact, hospitals and health care systems globally are now inundated with “vaccine” injured people.  Thousands of Australian health care professionals who have witnessed the carnage of the “jab” have resigned or been stood down for refusing to take it.  Health care professionals everywhere are relating eyewitness accounts of alarming numbers of people with severe irreversible reactions.
  • Thousands of highly credentialled scientists and doctors around the world are horrified by these vaccines and have spoken out against them.  Here are just a few;
  • Professor Mike Yeadon ex Chief Scientist at Pfizer for over 20 years and “Each person who has received the injection will certainly die prematurely, and 3 years is a generous estimate for how long they can expect to remain alive.”
  • Geert Vanden Bossche MVD, PhD, who has headed up the development of many vaccines over the past 30 years warns that “These injections destroy the body’s immune system, making the vaccinated vulnerable for every new variant of the disease.”  Further he states that this is genocide on a scale the world has never seen before.
  • The media has lied to us and censored ALL scientific, moral and intellectual debate and information.  This is no surprise as in Australia it is almost exclusively owned by Murdoch’s News Corporation.  Rupert Murdoch has massive investment in GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer.  In the 1940s Rupert’s father Keith was forced to resign his position as Director General Information when links were made with him and the Nazi Goebbels.
  • Our government and elected officials are literally criminals following a mad genocidal agenda who along with all who have assisted them will be tried for their crimes when we return to lawful government.  Here are a few names from a long list of criminals you may recognise;
  • Annastacia Palaszczuk whose father Henry is chairman of the China tied Gene Technology Alliance Foundation that has agreements in place with the CCP to collect and sell DNA mapping of Australian citizens.
  • Former Chief Health Officer Qld and now “Governor” Jeanette Youngs partner, Graeme Nimmo is on an advisory board for Pfizer.
  • Greg Hunt, Federal Health Minister is a former director of strategy to the World Economic Forum which greatly influences UN policy and government policy globally.  Klaus Schwab heads the WEF and infamously wrote “The Great Reset” prior to this “Pandemic” where the masses would be deceived into a state of Global panic by a perceived global Virus and would enter into an irrecoverable economic collapse.  Along the way the “useless eaters” numbers would be culled using measures such as starvation and vaccinations causing death and sterilisation to reduce the world’s population to less than 10% of current numbers.  At the end the world is “saved” by an elite group which establishes a new world order where there is no private ownership of property and all people are then microchipped and controlled.  His actual real mad dream or a work of fiction? You decide.  He is the son of Eugen Schwab.  Eugen Schwab was a Nazi who operated an engineering company that developed Nazi weapons during the war using one of the most brutal prison labor camps in Nazi Germany at Ravensburg enslaving up to 3500 non-Jewish and Jewish prisoners.
  • Our Federal, State and Local Governments are completely unlawful entities.  In Queensland our State Government ceased to be a lawful entity when Premier Borbidge, treasonously had the State Governor, Brigadier General Arnison SEAL his Commission from the Queen and become a public servant.  From this time – circa 1996 Queensland ceased to have any lawful State Government or Parliament.   Peter Beattie came along and then formed the Queensland Treasury “corporation” registered with the United States Security Commission. In 2001 Beattie had the Private company calling itself “Queensland” affirm his new constitution which he still holds as its owner. To further compound this treason he Sealed the Legislative Assembly Act which is the Act that gives Parliament legitimacy, also he Sealed the Common Law Pleading Act, which has been the basis of all our Law for 800 years.  What purports to be the Queensland Government is nothing more than a private company, as the late Sir Harry Gibbs former Chief Justice of the High Court eminently stated.

To further compound these crimes he had the Police Commissioner hand back his Crown Commission and become a public servant and the states Supreme Court Judges to also come under his personal control by coming under his Public Service Act.  An Act which is worthless as there is no parliament and no Governor holding letters Patent from the Crown. There is no separation of powers left in this State or in the Commonwealth as a result of similar treason perpetrated at Federal level. Therefore no “public servant” has any protection under the Crown whatsoever, and will at a future date be held personally accountable for all breaches of the Commonwealth Constitutional Law and all International Law under the Nuremberg Provisions.

Queensland Labor Education Minister Grace Grace a former union hack, now a tool of the Deep State is sacking thousands of teachers and wants to jab your young kids with a deadly gene therapy concoction. Get your kids away from her and start homeschooling.

This meant that Beattie as CEO of this private corporation assumed direct control of the judiciary and the police force.  As such the cabinet, the bureaucracy, the police and the judiciary are privately contracted to his corporation and have no lawful powers to make or enforce ANY laws to anyone who is not a member of his corporation. They also have no authority to collect fines or taxes.  This act of betrayal of the Australian people has been repeated in every other state and at a federal level was perpetrated back to the time of Gough Whitlam and even earlier in a similar manner. 

The only lawful government in Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia wherein all of our Human Rights are guaranteed by the Crown (Elizabeth) under oath on pain of death for failing to uphold and protect.  It is because of this charade that our criminal “Prime Minister” and “Premiers” act with impunity in making outrageous laws and mandates.  Unfortunately for all those who commit crimes, including mandating deadly “vaccines”, they have no protection under Crown Law (Still the only valid law.)  This means that when they are tried they will be tried individually with no protection guaranteed by The Crown.  For instance every doctor who has administered a “Jab” to a child will be personally on trial for assault, child abuse and homicide amongst other things.

  • Our government health agencies continue to ignore the astonishing numbers of deaths and injuries being reported both internationally to professional bodies such as VAERS and Eudravigilance and now, to our own TGA. (3)

Alarmingly, a 2010 HHS study found that less than 1% of adverse events are ever reported to VAERS. (4) Our very own TGA reporting incidence may similarly be limited in its reach. Despite this, government agencies at local, state and national levels continue to promote uptake of these injections. (See references attached)

It is a criminal offence under state, federal and international law to mandate any vaccine, let alone a highly dangerous permanent experimental drug.

It is my sincere hope that ………………… School will refuse to participate in mandatory inoculation of children with experimental Covid drugs. I urge you to understand the gravity of the matter and potential liability you may have in participating with such a mandate, both personally and at a school level. 

Further to this I hope that people such as yourself in important and influential positions will not only protect our children from these atrocities but will become leaders in this very real fight for our future.

Sincerely, ___________

Parents/Guardians of _________________

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