Establishment meltdown as rebel Libs, Nats talk to Alex Jones, Steve Bannon

Senator Antic at Adelaide Airpport is escorted to quarantine after being ambushed by cops and media.
US populist Steve Bannon with South Australian senator Alex Antic, speaking from his hotel detention in Adelaide.
George Christensen defied PC politics to go on the Alex Jones Show and put out an SOS for Australia.

THE Australian corporate state has revealed it’s ugly underbelly with the detention for quarantine of rebel South Australian Liberal Senator Alex Antic, apparently because he believes his vaccination status is a private matter and has been pushing for answers about the source of South Australia’s Covid medical advice.

Antic, one of the 10 rebel senators who are fighting the Covid mandates supported by PM Scott Morrison and his gang of premiers he calls the National Cabinet, was met at Adelaide Airport on December 2 by media and cops who had been tipped off about Antic’s apparently non-vaccinated status.

The Senator was singled out and escorted to a “medi-hotel” for 14 days quarantine, just a few kilometres from his own home. According to media reports he was granted an exemption reserved for unvaccinated travellers. Media tried to make an issue out of the situation because they were told by Scott Morrison that “Alex is double-dose vaccinated”. Did Scott Morrison’s office set him up?

Antic posted a very revealing comment on his social media page: “On 29 September 2021 I made a Freedom of Information application to SA Health (which they’ve ignored) seeking copies of the medical advice they rely on to lock us down and mandate vaccines. It was escalated to the Ombudsman’s office on the 26th of November 2021. A week later SA Health detained me in a medi hotel.”

Antic then ruffled political and media establishment feathers by appearing on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic program while locked in the hotel. Another rebel MP George Christensen created an ever greater flap when he appeared on with Alex Jones, warning Americans to “oppose these moves you’re seeing in Australia with every fibre in your body”.

Both of the Coalition politicians delivered clear and coherent warnings to the world on Australia’s descent into medical tyranny. “You’re a hero,” Bannon told the senator. Antic went on to explain to Bannon had he had been locked away in the hotel by “a health bureaucracy with unrivalled powers to do anything it can do to almost anyone”.

It was all too much for the Labor Party and their media allies who began to scream at Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce to “reign in these rebels”. How dare they appear on a “right wing conspiracy theorist’s internet show”, they whined. This is the old game of enforcing political correctness. Morrison, Agriculture Minister David Littleproud and Barnaby Joyce played along with this charade, mumbling half-baked objections about the holocaust and conspiracy theorists.

“I’ve been a person who has been very, very vocal about mandates, vaccine passports, discrimination, government overreach and bureaucratic overreach. Now all of a sudden I seem to have been singled out in what appears to be a political stunt and the only inference you can really draw from this is this has  been quite pre-meditated,” the senator told the ABC.

Antic had a negative COVID test on Wednesday and said he truthfully answered all questions under the state guidelines, including whether he was fully vaccinated. “I’ve been very clear about my medical history and my medical care is a matter for myself and my family … my wife and my three-month-child is now at home for another two weeks without me,” he said.

He told Bannon he had done some polling out of his own office, and it showed about 50 percent of the South Australians thought it was OK for people to lose their job if they refused to take the Covid vaccine.

“Now, that’s incredibly alarming to me. … People like myself have to keep talking to our colleagues about winding back these Covid powers. These are all acts of parliament… In each state, they have gifted power to effectively the public service, the bureaucracy. That has to stop, and we have to do what I’ve been describing as a liberty order, which is every single power which was gifted needs to be returned. You know what happens when the unelected get hold of power, and the government gets into your life, they never let go. America can learn a lot of lessons from what is happening in Australia.”

Antic also filled Steve Bannon in on Australia’s so-called quarantine camps.

The first signs of establishment panic arose when Christensen slammed the Covid hysteria in a speech in Parliament in August. The speech was replayed on when Christensen was interviewed. This triggered the shrivelled political prune, ALP leader Anthony Albanese, who demanded Christensen’s resignation.

The speech went viral on the internet, but Labor and a good chunk of Christensen’s own Coalition and their media sycophants simply could not handle the truth of it. Rebel MP Craig Kelly had also been chiselling away at the crumbling edifice that is mainstream Australian party politics.

Fast forward to November-December and now 10 dissident Liberal-National senators and MPs have broken with the Coalition and Morrison’s duplicity over the Covid con and mass vaccination mandates. Morrison and his team of perception-manipulating spin doctors are no doubt trying their hardest to somehow spin this in their favour. They may even try to make some political gain by appearing to align with rising populist sentiment.

But it’s all smoke and mirrors. Morrison and his gaggle of bureaucrats and ministers are too far down the rabbit hole with big pharma, the WHO, CEPI, GAVI, Klaus Schwab, Gates-Rockefeller et al to do the right thing by the Australian people.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. shannonbrooke676

    What I’m saying is because it has never been adopted by any country its merely suggestive only. So Fauci & Co can only be tried in America under American law. And I can’t see that happening any time soon. Each country has its own set of laws and regulations when it comes to “Codes of Conduct”, etc ., The Nuremberg Code doesnt apply to any country it’s merely suggestive not hard and fast. Fauci will get away with it as will Bill Gates whose an investor in the whole sordid affair. And if you look behind the Nuremberg Code and why it’s not set in stone, you will see that it was based on a lie,and false accusations. See Europa The Last Battle. And remember the Victors get to write the history. And noone has EVER asked Germany until about the late 80’s onwards what really happened in WW2.


  2. So “the uncompromising language of the Code created an image that it was designed for singularly egregious transgressions (The Nuremberg Code).”

    Great! that is exactly what we got globally now so there’s no confusion anymore, let’s move on with it.

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  3. shannonbrooke676


    The Code has not been officially accepted as law by any nation or as official ethics guidelines by any association. In fact, the Code’s reference to Hippocratic duty to the individual patient and the need to provide information was not initially favored by the American Medical Association.[14] Katz observes that the Western world initially dismissed the Nuremberg Code as a “code for barbarians, but unnecessary (or superfluous) for ordinary physicians.”[1][15] Additionally, the final judgment did not specify whether the Code should be applied to cases such as political prisoners, convicted felons, and healthy volunteers.[citation needed] The lack of clarity, the brutality of the unethical medical experiments, and the uncompromising language of the Code created an image that it was designed for singularly egregious transgressions (The Nuremberg Code).


  4. Step O'Rafferty

    In response to Frankly: I too am perplexed at that question – Who calls in the military to protect the citizens? I am only guessing that there would need to be such a massive groundswell of people opposing the treachery of the government that the military command would make a decision to side with the people and stop protecting the tyrants.
    In 1975 when Gough Whitlam was sacked power was handed to the opposition. We cannot let that happen again as we all know that Labour and Liberal are basically slaves to Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the military industrial complex, the WEF and the WHO.
    The only option I can see (I am more than willing to listen to other options) is for all parliaments in Australia to be dissolved and all parties banned, at least for an interim period of time until new elections have been held and the parliaments have been filled by independent representatives who have no affiliations with any of the corrupt parties.


  5. They’ve taken the site down. Can’t say it surprises me. Dunno how long the others will remain up for.

    It’s still on his bitchute channel and a few others. Dec 8th one about 35 mins long.

    As I said, worrying times, 😦


  6. Ceep, your link doesn’t seem to work. Can you upload another one? I really would like to see what Igan has to say about Bosi.
    Cheers mate


  7. Igan has lost it. He’s got a big following as well. He also calls Bosi out.
    Worrying times. I’m still traumatised. 😦


  8. Unfortunately, even though there are many awake to this massive crime, many are in denial. For many to actually accept that their own government, their own people are actively killing them and destroying our country – is just a bridge too far. I find it hard myself. Its surreal. I never thought I’d ever live to see such days, but now I hope to see EVERY ONE of these bastards executed for their unbelievable treachery and heartless, despicable crimes.

    Liked by 4 people

  9. So at what point is there no authority to govern both Federal and State considering there is Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Treason and inflicting unwarranted bodily harm on the Commonwealth being the people. Who calls in the Military to protect the citizens from our treacherous Government? If that is the just path.

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  10. You mentioned ‘Morrison and his gaggle of bureaucrats and ministers are too far down the rabbit hole with big pharma, the WHO, CEPI, GAVI, Klaus Schwab, Gates-Rockefeller et al to do the right thing by the Australian people’. They are not even as bad as Paleofshit and her father who uses the name Baileqi when doing business with the CCP while being the Chair of a world wide gene sequencing and storage company. Do some homework on Baileqi and find out who he is in cahoots with – you will see Obama, Gates, Fauci etc etc. The husband of ex chief health officer (QLD) Dr Jeannette Young has served as an adviser to Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer Pfizer (and other drug companies) and received travel perks and other benefits from the drug giant. Paleofshit put Young in as the Governor General BECAUSE QLD has only one parliament not two so anything that she (Paleofshit) wants made law just goes straight into production because she has made her best mate the GG. Have a look at some of the other interviews with Hazzard – they will really make you wonder about a huge number of the state clowns of parliaments. The list of corruption goes absolutely berserk with the states. In saying that – have a look at what the feds have been doing since Whitlam screwed the Australian public and particularly the ADF in the early 1970’s.

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  11. The sooner the better Peter. We know of a few starters just waiting for around another 2000 and it should start.

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  12. Thank you Cairns News for another gem of a report. The CV 19 monster mother ship, that is dispensing fear and segregation and slavery and misery and death and disability, is encountering several large icebergs. Its only a matter of time before it breaks apart.
    For anyone who missed it, here is part of the truth of matters – 7 December 2021 on YT: INTERVIEW: Dr. David Bell, renowned scientist in global health and infectious disease

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  13. Senator Antic, When was your poll taken? Maybe the ones that have taken the jab are starting to regret it, particularly when a super fit Crows reserve is hospitalized with myocarditis soon after taking the jab, despite the doctors saying he will make a full recovery this could still bite him in the bum at some later date as it has a number of elite athletes, I have an idea that could cripple the premiers in one fell swoop, give me the Ok via this forum and I will discuss it with you.

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  14. Congratulations to Senator Alex Antic. for speaking out. Every Australian should know by now, we are heading for our enslavement , and that of our fellow man. world wide. What is even more is our children’s captivity. I use that word deliberately.
    Too many people are conforming. I just spoke to a friend in Victoria.She said she had to have the jab.I asked what do you mean ” had to ” She replied, well we couldn’t go anywhere, to clubs or pubs .we can’t go for a coffee or shopping.I replied, oh, so you had a choice though ? Then I changed the subject.I believe all my friends in Vic have had the injection
    Remember when you were warned , Put nothing in your body ,you do not know what you are injecting . Mind you they still did.Never mind in Vic lock down , you could drive across town to you legal drug depot and shoot up, No worries, you could even pop into a brothel while you out.
    Strange ideas about health, morals and freedom. Come on Aussies wake up, your country needs you
    We need more people like Alex. There are more people waking up COME ON.

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  15. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    Morrison is a Crime Gang Member call them what they are!

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  16. The Nuremberg Code (1947) was accepted worldwide with 10 standards that have all been breached by everyone involved, particularly in Australia and now poisoning our kids with medical experiments. Read it for yourself:

    Click to access BMJ_No_7070_Volume_313_The_Nuremberg_Code.pdf

    It starts with…”The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” So the act of detention of anyone for quarantine is clearly coercion and therefore a War Crime. It can’t be dressed up as anything else, the same as bribing that aboriginal teenager $500 per jab as broadcasted widely on Telegram.

    For police to effectively arrest and imprisonment a dissident senator shows they have sunk Australia to the same level now as Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, China. Scomo’s deflection on China’s human rights fools no-one… he is the architect of the hoax, a smirking assassin.

    With not a peep out of our main stream media, civil rights movements, religious leaders even, we’ll just have to initiate our own system of justice, with powers of arrest and detention, trial and sentencing. Nothing less is going to cut it.

    Who is going to start it and what can we do to help?

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  17. Looks like the National Politburo has put the unvaxxed at the back of the holocaust bus.

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  18. My curiosity all along has been: how is it the governments can bestow on “public health” bureaucrats powers they dont claim for themselves , except in a REAL national emergency
    – during which there would be severe scrutiny to ensure there was no overreach ?
    Why is there no REAL parliamentary oversight of these “public health” officials ?

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  19. They’re bloody ‘rebels’ alright! Keep up the great work guys and girls. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

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  20. At least it’s only 50% of South Australians who believe it is OK for people to lose their jobs because they don’t want to be poisoned. I thought it was far worse than that. If it really is that even, who is going to send who to re-education camps?

    Liked by 2 people

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