Virus Update

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  1. Yeah Val we can’t find this on the Qld Health site. Ed


  2. As if the current situation in ‘Straya’ couldn’t be any more tuned on its head, read this:


  3. Playskool Unveils Vaccinate Me Elmo Doll

    Gotta get that vaxx to be safe from the new ‘variant’.


  4. It would seem that ‘The Rona’ can only survive by ensuring that the consumers of lamestream media that believe the government ‘care about your health’ take a nice big bit of the next BS pie.

    I have given up speaking to people around me about this as I am absolutely dumbfounded by the level of indoctrination and zombie-like adherence by some to the compliance requirement that the gubbermint has said “is the only way out of this”

    The people I have sympathy for are those that know that this is bad for you and have been coerced into receiving this treatment.

    Having seen how closely the moronic variant’s supposed symptoms resemble those displayed by people experiencing adverse events, this appears to be JIT stitch up. I have no doubt that the fearporn spigget is going to be dialed all the way up to get the herd to line up for jab 3,4 and 5. I saw a clip yesterday of the CEO of Pfizer saying that 3 doses of their product on top of the two already administered should provide protection against the moronic variant!

    Now if anyone buys that Bullshit, I have a bridge i want to sell!


  5. Omicrom? The product of a patented global bio-engineering program which forces experimental injections into human bodies in order to enable them to manufacture and shed spike proteins of their own?

    “Omicron includes a spike protein mutation that makes it more infectious, but also includes a mutation on the spike protein that may allow it to reduce vaccine effectiveness,” Palmer says.”

    Omigod! We’ll need more spike protein inducing injections and more often if we are to keep this evil at bay. It could be even deadlier than the patented terrorist, climate change and crossing the road threats combined!


  6. You would expect MSM would jump all over this, a 71 Peer Review Journal called The Journal Circulation released a concerning article published November 16th 2021 related to Heart Issues Micarditus and Pericarditis Emphasis added.
    Abstract 10712: Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning

    The ending of the Abstract is very alarming
    We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.

    This is observed from people 21 and younger, now that TGA given Provisionally Approval for BioNTech Comirnaty is not from Pfizer as Pfizer and BioNTech are 2 different Gene Therapy Manufacturers. Comirnaty can now be given to 5 to 11 year olds. How can this be given partial Licence when Covid 19 and Variants have almost 100% Survival rate when ever any Child gets that Fraud RT-PCR test and now using Gene Sequencing. Since ZERO Long Term SAFETY Data for any age exists what will be the numbers by the time this data is known. VAERS almost 20,000 Deaths highest ever for any Vaccines and 911 combined how long will it be the highest amount of Deaths in History with America 🤔🤔🤔


  7. There is an important update 7th Dec on medical by Reiner Fuellmich German/USA lawyer.
    This worldwide con cannot be solved by a bought Judiciary, only by the people (at least from his side of the world) is his latest message.
    I’m still not sure who that would be in this Country but I’m also not convinced it would be Bosi.
    He reminds me of Australia’s version of a Q psyop.
    Q loved to give dates.
    Bosi tells people to wait. So did Q.

    If I recall, people got sucked into the whole QAnon because they were told to wait, the children would be rescued from the tunnels….in the first Melbourne lockdown many did just that without resistance for their first lockdown. With reports of explosions they could hear in the city, planes flying in…’reports’ from the Army of rescued children etc. Many in Melbourne trusted the psyop and look where they are now.

    The best defence to lies is truth and shining a light on their deeds.
    Darkness hates light.
    The second defence is to rally the good people in Law, Defence, police, media and Medicine.
    If there are not enough of those in Australia to lead the charge for change then Australia was never worth fighting for.
    The people will get what they deserve.


  8. comments here tell us all we need to know and the truth! MSM had to fail and will eventually have to undergo a certain cleansing very soon….Thank you All to comment on this…


  9. Hollywood told us all about this 20 odd years ago in a series called Stargate.
    It is the Ga’ould means of controlling the Jaffa.
    Not sure if Stargate was a prophesy, or a workshop manual.


  10. It’s all South Africa’s fault for stopping purchases of Pfizer injections and forcing viral mutation to spontaneously occur. 🙂


  11. Wake the f&%k up Australia covid is fraud there is no such thing. In communist China the majority of people KNOW that the MSM is propaganda, they don’t deny it and yet here we hang on to every f$%ken lie they tell and embrace the fear porn. Not one single virus in our history has ever been isolated in it’s pure form till they put them in all the vaccines.


  12. From the moment it was announced Omicron was said to be milder than other variants…Yet
    at the announcement of its arrival we were informed it had already 20+ mutations…
    Do not rule out that one of the mutants will be elevated to being The Most Lethal of them all…
    The injections have cause innumerable injuries, and deaths. Somehow the blame has to be pinned on A Variant – or a Mutant…


  13. If this virus fails to scare people, maybe the next virus: Omacron will do the job..something bigger and badder!


  14. REMINDER: though there is a vague list of “flu-like symptom” called “covid-19″…
    COVID-19 is a psyops campaign…
    REMINDER: No one has yet provided proof of the existence of the ‘covid’ virus for there to be viral spike proteins… The Spike Proteins being injected are not found in Nature, they’re manufactured in laboratories…

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  15. That’s about the size of it.


  16. Love the humour.!!!


  17. I still do not think most people realise that the media is not complicit in the scamdemic. The media, in fact, is in total control.

    This began in 1973 when Murdoch was formally placed in charge of the globalist propaganda network, by David Rockefeller.

    Other media events were experimental to test how effective propaganda can be. The best example of this was the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Aboriginal Deaths in custody. Everybody relied on the media’s version of the Report as being factual, but it was the exact opposite of what the Commissioners actually wrote. I have surveyed widely around Australia and have never met anyone who actually read the Report.

    From that day onwards, I knew that Murdoch, Lowy, and Garnaut were in total control of Australia.

    I wrote a book explaining how we got into this mess. The editor told me it will cost me $7000 just for editing, so there is no way Aussies will be able to learn how the takeover occurred, or how we can avoid this happening again.

    That’s life.

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  18. I am lucky, I haven;t caught anything from anyone ,,It must be because I never watch main stream media..

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  19. It’s all part o the evil plot to boost more vaccinations. There are those whose heads are so comfortably buried in sand, that they will never question, but just keep accepting every idiocy and wrong thrust upon them. The vax could be a culling of the stupid in our society, but that is cruel, some are just well-meaning idiots, getting vaxxed because it’s the ‘right thing to do’.

    Here’s something that needs to be spread far and wide, about the evil web which entangles Australia ….


  20. To the Editor  Omicron is a anagram for Moron. Just like all the sheep who have forfeited their lives to conform to the globalist culling agenda, by getting jabbed. The scamdemic on TV. hid a lot of deliberate killing off of Hitlers “useless eaters” in the old persons care factories, worldwide. Medozolam.  Not carnivorous virus at all. Came out in the British Parliament last April. Worse people than Hitler and Stalin.Used to be called murder. Wake up Australia. The part time Philosopher. 

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S7 active, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


  21. And if you should contract it, it is all in your imagination!


  22. Now with Qld vax rate at 80% struggling businesses have to employ staff to stand out front and turn away 20% of their customers, that should work well…

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  23. Now that is 100% spot on, had no MSM been involved in the fear properganda from the start of the Covid 19 Narrative and the Governments treating us as slaves with Tyrannical measures by treating Covid 19 as a Flu what it really was life would still be as was in 2019. It is the Experimental Gene Therapy Bioweapon jabs is the true Pandemic.

    Millions have no idea what’s going to happen to them when they start their Lifetime Booster Subscription Program it may be the only way to survive when having no Immune system left. Now I understand what was meant that this Experimental Jab will be the only way to get Heard Immunity because the Booster is what will give an Artificial Immune system after maybe the first or second Booster eliminates the bodies Natural Immune System.

    It will be the time will see Antibody-dependent Enhancement and AIDS will be prevalent and I honestly believe that will be a new Variant that will be a cover story just like all the Variants now that is really linked to the first 2 jabs.




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