How to detox from the Covid vaccine

Dr. Robert O. Young, CPT, MSc., D.Sc., Ph.D., Naturopathic Practitioner shares real evidence of what is in the vaccines. He also shows what happens on a cellular level within the human body when it has been compromised by taking the shots.

To see the visual evidence of ingredients that is in the vax and also what happens to the body watch this Part1 of the interview here:

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Kay the last place get reliable information from is at Quack Watch when you read what that site has done is beyond reproach!

    Who Is Steven Barrett, What Are Quackbusters?

    Steven Barrett is an unlicensed Pennsylvania psychiatrist, who,
    though he failed his psychiatric boards and has been criticized for
    his lack of expertise by several courts, still claims to often advise
    the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Food and Drug Administration
    (FDA), the FBI, State Attorneys General, HMOs, Consumer Reports,
    medical journals and state medical, chiropractic and dental boards.

    The insurance industry cites Barretts highly opinionated Quackbuster
    attacks to deny paying claims for chiropractic and other natural healthcare.
    Barrett and the Quackbusters, a vigilante group of self proclaimed
    skeptics of any medical or health modality that avoids drugs, surgery
    or radiation, attack almost all non-conventional healthcare practices
    as quackery. Ignoring all scientific research to the contrary, they
    dismiss Gulf War Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chemical
    Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and dietary supplements as
    rubbish. Double Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling is on their quack
    hit list along with many well known and respected doctors and
    scientists, including Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, and dozens of others.

    Barrett claims to give over 500 interviews a year to newspapers,
    magazines, and television shows, including CNN and the Today
    Show. He claims to have been a peer reviewer for seven medical
    journals, including the Journal of the American Medical Association,
    even though he had no license to practice medicine when he did the reviewing.

    The Quackbusters run over 70 websites. Millions of people go to them
    every year. Look up chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy or even
    vitamin C, as well as almost every other natural health topic, on the
    Internet and you (and the public) will be led to Quackbuster sites
    advising you of natural health dangers. In all these forums Barrett
    and the Quackbusters relentlessly attack the consumer right to
    informed choice. These activities continue the AMAs anti-quackery
    committees activities that were struck down by federal courts as an
    illegal restraint of trade in a landmark lawsuit brought by Illinois
    chiropractor Chester Wilk. They also help insurance companies deny
    consumer reimbursement claims.

    At the same time, Barrett flacks for products like aspartame
    (NutraSweet), which is the subject of tens of thousands of consumer
    complaints. Question (asked on Barretts web site): An email message
    is being circulated with many statements to the effect that aspartame
    is dangerous. How worried should I be? Answer (from Barrett): Not at
    all. The message is pure rubbish.

    Can read more about the rest including a Court Case that he lost and fled

    Why has Rockefeller Foundation now control all literature at every Medical School that Alternative Medicine is no longer allowed to be debated on. Not even Terrain Theory is mentioned look at Antoine Béchamp every control experiment and true scientific breakthroughs is removed from Wikipedia. Germ Theory won the war based on the Elites and Big Pharma can make Trillions and Trillons on every single person being sick and allowed to live longer. Not anymore Covid 19 has made sure of that!


  2. Hi, love the work Cairns News does but Dr Robert O Young is not a real doctor and has been charge multiple times for practicing medicine without a licence. See article below.


  3. If you keep it quiet you’re a vegan, I won’t say anything. I remember the vegan we interviewed some time ago who stated we should stop killing animals and get our meat from the butchers. ED2


  4. Chlorella Corrainder detox chelate heavy metals Anti parsites incl Wormwood Oregano Cloves Wlanut shells Bentonite clay Activated charcoal c60
    Immune system copper silver gold Vit D ( sun) Medicinal Chinese mushrooms like Chaga reishi
    Im High Raw VEGAN


  5. This Dr. rants a whole lot of BS. Kissinger never said those words. He said something similar but the fact that this Dr. confidently rattled of a so-called statement Kissinger made (even adding the quote unquote line) is a big red flag for me.


  6. Rob your friend should wait. The ‘modelling’ and warning by some Scientists since the very beginning has been that death by jab (particularly once boosters start rolling out) could occur within 2-3 years for the elderly and 10-15 years for the younger +/- autoimmunity. If pilots have taken the jab then they are at risk of blood clots in the air. Why risk flying with mandated vaccinated pilots?. There was a Scientist previously in the vaccine field who recommended suramin (as a protective) and that is found in certain pine needle teas but those trees are mainly in the USA. There have also been previous research studies on the anti parasitic benefits of concentrated oils in herbs like rosmarinus (rosemary), thymus (thyme) and Origanum (oregano) or Citrus sinensis (orange peels) used as a tea which may be effective against potential parasites like a protozoa, but hardcore detoxing from metals, nanoparticles, and risky adjuvants like saponin Matrix M (in the novomax) or cosmetic toxins like PEG and Polysorbate 80 injected….it’s not worth it. Neither may it even be possible. If anything, pray that God will give her discernment. We all need a dose of that right now.


  7. Please pray for my friend in India as she is being forced to get a second jab to come to Australia.. I don’t want her too. I am praying God protects her from all the lies, deception and if she does get this jab that any potential damage done will be overridden by God’s protection of her


  8. Godless? They are satanists – Freemasons


  9. Thanks so much.


  10. Thanks Phil for the offer, we are working on a donation process but the government bulldust required to setup is appalling..Harry


  11. Wow !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again Rob for yet again another outstanding article / video.

    You just keep hitting it way out of the park, for yet another home run !

    I really would like to send through a donation for all of your fabulous work.

    How can I do this ?

    Thanks Rob



  12. for those who may still be in doubt…Here is the pre planning of evil:


  13. Julia, Dr Richard M. Fleming PhD, MD, JD is a research scientist, a nuclear cardiologist who explains on his website and through his presentation to the world’s medical fraternity in Dallas, Texas, the effects of the so called “vaccine” on the human body, what it consists of down to the molecular level, the people who created it (as he knows who in the world is qualified to tackle each aspect of the virus) and shows how it is an “unrestricted two-stage biological weapon”; the first stage being the virus and the 2nd stage the “vaccine”. I myself, being qualified in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare, concur with him when he informs us that the ‘spike protein’ has always been used as a biological weapon, which is one of the components of the “vaccine”. He, along with Nobel Laureate Virologist Professor Luc A. Montagnier and renown neuroscientist Kevin W. McCairn, PhD, have entered in an agreement to provide expert Witness Testimony in cases that have been filed for joint submission to the International Criminal Court and which has recently been backed with a letter by three survivors of the Holocaust . Dr Fleming and his team of doctors in the US, treated 8 000 patients infected with covid19 with a %100 success rate and also reversed the effects of the DNA altering “vaccine” in patients until he was arrested by the FBI on trumped up charges and told to stop his treatment, both he and his team. His treatment was on his website as a 9-page PDF document to hand to doctors who were willing to conduct the treatment until recently where he informs us that it is now a registered patent. I have written today to Dr Fleming seeking if my distribution of the treatment is still legal and awaiting responce. This is his website with all the info we need


  14. There is something that I am sure will never get rid of and that is close to Nano size sharp edges of Stainless Steel pieces this could cause non stop internal bleeding at a cellular level.
    Not only have Synthetic Spike Proteins, Graphene Oxide, Parasites now Stainless Steel.

    It’s going to be very interesting times next Flu now Covid Season how many Billions could be ending in Hospital or have died during December 2021 to September 2022. What is Christmas going to be like even this year 2021.

    Are Hospitals really over run by those refusing the Experimental Gene Therapy inoculations or Nurses that are speaking out really understand what’s happening in the Hospitals and that there are 2 things going on. First plenty of people in Emergency, ICU or have died from the body doing its damnest to rid of the poison and failing. Second Nurses are being fired because life is more precious than complying to the Experimental jab, except those who will comply because needing to earn a wage more important than living its just my point of view though.


  15. Thank you for the confirmation. Anyone who WANTS to know already knows, but as Mark Twain said, it is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. (My paraphrase).


  16. Gabriele Gaven

    cannot express my gratitude to you All..the Hell is here in earth for this is done to perpetuade mankind with such a horrific agenda…Children shall not have to deal with this at all…


  17. Thank you so much for posting this video, which was packed with good information.


  18. I agree with Julia’s comments and I also say thank you to Cairns News for all their accurate and responsible reporting. It is a sad, sorry and criminal world we are living in. I pray there are soon charges laid for crimes against humanity but, with corrupt lawyers and judges, it will be an uphill battle for justice.


  19. Thanks!


  20. See Dr John B. (@DrJohnB2) on twitter for genuine informed decision making as well. Case study injuries, photos…and he is also on telegram.


  21. Couldn’t agree with you more. Labor, liberal, nationals and greens….ALL sold us out. So not getting my vote. And do not believe a word that comes out of their mouths. One good thing is now we know how corrupt the political and msm media systems are. The truth is getting out. Same in the States. I just wish more people would wake up. And my heart goes out to all like the small businesses etc. this Melbourne labor government has done. And mandating all workers, How insane. Bring on the 11th October Ibac hearing into the corruption with the labor party. Apologies if I am repeating myself. I hope we get an honest outcome but I am not holding my breath. I keep praying, lol, not much else I can do. Anyways, many many thank yous! Best wishes to you and yours. Jules


  22. Julia, Thank you for the comment. Vote out the ALP/LNP/GANGGREENS by selecting anyone else and this you intend to do .. well done ..ED2

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  23. Thank you for all your great work and much needed truth. For those who are awake we know the mainstream media is corrupt as, due to who owns Australia Media. So I appreciate you bringing excellent information to the people. I just pray people continue to wake up. However if you believe the governments and the media (which I do not!) they are saying our jab rates are on target. Here in Melbourne Victoria we are nearly at 80% jabbed. If this is true this is so concerning to me. And of course the rates of illness has increased. Yet no one wants to put this together. I think one way out of this is to join Australia One Party, made up of grass root awake Australians, no previous politicians, all of whom have got us into this mess. So it makes sense to me to start with a clean slate. Riccardo Bosi is that slate! He is at the helm of Australia One Party. Just had to get that in. Again thank you for all you are doing. I for one appreciate it.


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