National strike action today as nurses, ambos and others draw line in the sand

IT was once said “you shall know a tree by its fruit” and there’s bad fruit in abundance in this, the second year of the World Economic Forum’s plandemic operation to drive humanity into a global slave state.

Cairns News salutes the many nurses, ambos and others from across the nation who will be gathering in locations across the nation today. Below are some of the first-hand accounts posted on Telegram of the atrocities taking place in hospitals as elderly people are subjected to the dangerous jabs and die while many others seen by nurses and ambos suffer all sorts of reactions.

The evil, totalitarian intent behind this operation is showing itself in the corrupted governments of Australia and elsewhere pushing this agenda of “vaccinate or else” with gene modification drugs posing as vaccines that are dangerous, not fully tested and killing and maiming tens of thousands of “unfortunates” worldwide.

The numbers of those dead and injured from this genocide is actually well over the two million mark, if statistics from the European EudraVigilance Agency are accurate. They show over 26,000 deaths post COVID vaccination and more than 2.4 million injuries.

The Original Sovereign Tribal Federation has given its blessing to today’s gatherings and will offer their unique assistance in the realm of law. They are offering the use of lanyards to designate the wearer as Human Rights Observers.

Below are the testimonies of some nurses as posted recently on Nurses Speak Out on Telegram.

Nurses Speak Out! 💉❤️‍🩹 #AU, [30.09.21 17:36]

Whistleblower #0059

Triple Zero – Ambulance Call Taker, 14yrs.



As an Ambulance calltaker in Victoria there have been numerous calls for reactions post vaccine. Some as simple as feeling faint, many strokes, heart racing, chest pain, unconscious, severe migraines and anaphylatic reactions to name just a few. The age range is widespread.

The system does not have any trackable measures to highlight the number of calls being received for adverse reactions. At the commencement of the pandemic there was a drop down remark so at a later date data could be captured as to how many calls we were receiving. There is no similar measure in place for reaction calls.

It sickens me to see so many reactions and nothing being done to highlight the risk. It also sickens me the number of operators encouraging their loved ones to have it given the nature of calls we are receiving, there are zero guarantees of their safety.

contact us:

Find Us – Telegram – Nurses Speak Out!

Nurses Speak Out! 💉❤️‍🩹 #AU, [30.09.21 17:37]

Whistleblower: #0060

Dialysis Technician – 15 years



Hi there

I work as a Dialysis Technician in NSW and I am disgusted with the current situation it is criminal.

My role is to visit patients who do dialysis at home, I have built great relationships with many of them and I love this part of my job although lately due to lockdown I barely been able to do home visits.

One of my patients who has become a close friend I found out he got pericarditis after 2nd dose of Pfizer within a couple a day’s was admitted to hospital, he met other patients in same ward with adverse reactions and mentioned he was pissed as they weren’t being reported or spoken of.

I have had AZ vaccine before I was aware of the censorship, hiding & lying about information and everything else that I’ve uncovered.


Find Us – Telegram – Nurses Speak Out!

Nurses Speak Out! 💉❤️‍🩹 #AU, [30.09.21 18:34]

Whistleblower #0061

Registered Nurse, 40yrs.

Theatre Nurse, OHS / RTW Manager

I too have just been stood down for refusing to take the jabs. 40 years nurse means nothing.

We were bullied, coerced, badgered, threatened for months to take the jab, most gave in, against their will, but out of fear of going bankrupt, losing jobs etc etc, same story everywhere.

I have dealt with colleagues families, 4 of whom suffered relatives’ deaths from AZ – two serious illnesses , 2 cases neurological permanent disability – Dr claiming of course not jab related, 2 others requiring hospitalization from the Pfizer.

Contact us:

Find us – Telegram – Nurses Speak Out!

Nurses Speak Out! 💉❤️‍🩹 #AU, [30.09.21 18:53]

Whistleblower #0062

Registered Nurse, 20yrs. Aged Care.



I’ve been stood down from my work in aged care also. Not sure what I’ll do next.. I didn’t want to lose my job but at the same time I did not want this vaccine…

In total, I worked as an RN for 20 years – both in medical,——,/ ——-, ———-, palliative care and aged care. I loved being a nurse, it’s who I am. I was taught that we should “do no harm”… but what is happening right now with the non-reporting, etc??

I know of an elderly lady in her 80’s I looked after – she was very bright and spritely and still had good quality of life in the nursing home. She was able to knit and spend time with her family (Covid restrictions permitting). After the 2nd Pfizer jab she suddenly became ill, was unable to move both her arms and could no longer knit or hold anything (Neurological damage obviously).

She later returned from hospital as they were unable to find a diagnosis and she died a few days later…. this wasn’t reported due to the vax. Obviously after reading this Telegram page I’m not alone with my concerns.. feel relief you’re all speaking up but when will this insanity end?

contact us:

Find us – Telegram – Nurses Speak Out!

Nurses Speak Out! 💉❤️‍🩹 #AU, [01.10.21 07:38]

Whistleblower #0063

Clinical Coder, Data Collection



I am a clinical coder in —-. My job is to review all medical documents from emergency presentations to admissions and surgeries performed.

My job is to allocate ICD codes to reflect the care received in the admission. Our codes are used for data collection for the Dept of health statistics and hospital funding.

It is disturbing for me to see many patients presenting to the emergency department with various symptoms and the emergency doctors querying a link to the Covid vaccine. Then to see the patient admitted to the ward and the admitting doctor not even acknowledging the significance of the vaccine.

Example: man admitted 2 weeks post AZ vaccine with diplopia, dizziness, sinus symptoms. ED doctor diagnosis is query Miller Fisher syndrome due to AZ vaccine.

Patient admitted to ward for further investigation. CT head report – evidence of neuritis of cerebral nerve. Miller Fisher syndrome. Final diagnosis by admitting doctor= sinusitis.

Discharged with steroid sinus spray. This was not reported to the TGA

Total disregard of ED doctors diagnosis. Lucky I coded AE of vax to flag it. I am seeing so many similar cases that i am keeping a diary of UR # and reasons. Disturbing what is happening.

contact us:

Find Us – Telegram – Nurses Speak Out!

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. No longer named Nurses Speak Out now Frontline workers Speakout nearly 100 most still Nurses even one Nurse asked when going to read what a Doctor has been told and witnessing hopefully sooner than later.

    Been sharing the Telegram link to people I know and in Facebook comments esp when a post going viral.


  2. Prime Ministers announce polling day when they think they have the numbers, delaying until the last day possible tells the story and that opposition who in reality support the same policies of domination are shitting themselves this time for the people have had enough and party faithful are now being unfaithful in droves …ED2


  3. Have you read this report from Cairns News? Shocking, to say the least. These nurses and other medical staff are seeing first-hand multiple COVID vaccine deaths and the Doctor’s are lying on their death certificates about the cause of death so that the true statistics of vaccine caused deaths are going unreported and not being recorded.

    Yes, Sco Mo has now trapped himself into waiting for as long as possible to delay going to the polls. I believe his reason for not going to the polls now or at any other time before May next year is because he has got the intel that China will launch an attack upon Taiwan sometime between now and before next August and is counting on the nation rallying behind him and his government and will support the Liberal / national coalition parties at the next election during a time of extreme crisis and a national emergency threat to our entire nation and security to defend ourselves against a Chinese attack. What do you think, do you think I could be correct about the true reason Sco Mo will NOT go to the polls early?


  4. Are we allowed to call this a full blown GENOCIDE yet? Head is spinning; the callousness. The strident, mindless lies just keep coming. Just cant actually believe this is really happening in our world and especially OUR country, but without doubt, it is. Its straight out murder.


  5. This link has been set to publish on Cairns News now as we researched it last night..THan you for the information Cherry

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  6. Hi Ed,
    Could you please take a look and listen to this US Attorney if you haven’t already. I listened to this video interview by Sarah this morning and he wants to share all the evidence he has with lawyers and others everywhere. This is so hopeful if it can be used here soon enough. Maybe AFL and others already are in touch with him but I’ve sent the info to them anyway.


  7. Hi Ed,
    If you haven’t seen or heard yet please take a look into this attorney in the US. He wants to get this info to as many lawyers as possible. This is a video I listened to this morning and it gives so much hope if it can be used here soon enough. You could help by sending out this video also!


  8. But as Malcolm X says, sometimes the fruit falls so far from the tree it is no longer recognisable. Like our fellow man killing people without a bat of an eye lid and the masses lining up to the slaughter so eagerly. They have all become something else


  9. Thank you Rob & Tony.

    Hanging is too good for these bastard politicians and the so called chief medical officers, perhaps they should be referred to as chief DEATH officers and our so called police mafia officers that are supporting these criminals.

    I have read countless reports from around the world from medical professionals specifying the horrendous damage done by these vaccines.

    Take action NOW Australia

    Break out the guillotines !

    Again, a HUGE thank you Rob & Tony


  10. Cairns and Atherton hospitals at 11am, maybe others?

    Stand with them


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