Australian Christian Lobby should get its act together on Covid scam

Letter to the Editor

At ACL, Aust Christian Lobby I believe that the boss Martyn Iles is a good man, unlike his predecessor Lyle Shelton (whom I met and knew well and I had doubts about him).
But it is a good trick of Satan or the KGB or the CIA or ‘whoever’ to stack around good people staff who are of a different mindset and loyalty than their bosses, including MPs.  And I could give many examples, where I have evidence, not merely conjecture.

I note that this reply is not from Martyn Iles, who is THE boss.
But it is from a “communications officer”, who claims to make a dogmatic pronouncement of policy on behalf of Martyn Iles and the whole organisation!!

She quotes the distractionary furphy that vaccine issues should not divide the church
— therefore in the name of UNITY we are then meant, according to Niciole Goldup, to suppress truth. She even misquotes Romans 14

And so I decided to search the ACL website — there is NO mention of any policy re vaccination/coronavirus on it. 
A chat dialogue box popped up asking if I had any query, so I typed in “Does ACL have a policy or view about coronavirus vaccines: dangers vs benefits?  I am not upset if ACL does not have one, but if there is one, I would like to know about it.”

I got a reply, “we do not have any sort of literature about vaccine dangers adn benefits. 
We encourage everyone to think for themselves, and to do their own research.
Our position is that the choice to take the vaccine or not is a conscience issue
.”  i.e. in other words ACL has NO position.

It is therefore a serious breach of ethics that the ‘communications officer’ has written a claim for an ACL policy position that s. 
She has made a definitive POLICY pronouncement “We (i.e. ACL) support the vaccine rollout
i.e. in other words, she claims that ACL is all in favour of the vaccines and can see no problems or hazards!!

Also by decrying debate or questions on this issue because it is “dividing the church” she is in effect putting on a guilt trip to stifle discussion and to get people to NOT think for themselves.
– in other words ‘dont argue’ — the quote in Romans 14 obviouslymeans verse 22 “keep it to yourself” i.e. do not ask questions. 
And so she is participating in this bullying by Govts by repressing the asking of questions lest it “cause such division” in the church.

I have worked for six MPs (3 Canberra, 3 NSW) and 1990-97 was Community Relations Manager for the western region of the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority. 
In those jobs I would not DARE to make a POLICY pronouncement

The honourable response from her to my having sent vaccine information should have been “ACL has no position on the issues you raise FULL STOP”

With friends like Nicole Goldup acting in this manner, ACL and Martyn Iles do not need enemies!!  or perhaps she is one?

regards, Lex Stewart


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. truthtellertonni

    Martyn is a false prophet.
    A wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    Anyone who has a personal relationship with Jesus can see the truth.
    So many dead Christians walking around out their following these demons straight to hell.
    Ask God every day to show you the whole truth & not to be fooled by the enemy.


  2. On line churches that know whats going on:

    Ps Daniel Nalliah they are in Hallam Victoria

    Apostle Pastor Tim Sheets
    Oasis Church Middletown Ohio USA


  3. ACL’s position has been quite clearly articulated by Martyn Iles: Get on the ACL YoutTube channel and listen to some of his podcasts:
    ACL is opposed to any vaccine coercion. It should not be compulsory, nor should people’s employment be limited by whether they are vaccinated or not. Every person needs to weigh up the pros and cons of taking the vaccine and make their own decision. There are risks from taking the vaccine, and there are benefits. Each person needs to weigh up their own situation and decide whether the benefits out weigh the risks. If I get into my car, I run the risk of being killed or injured in an accident. I consider the risk small enough to happily use my car and go places. Some might consider me irresponsible, because over 100 people are killed each year on our state’s roads. It is a conscience issue: If you you really believe that before God you cant in good conscience risk getting into your car, I respect your right to make that choice. But please respect mine to use my car freely. The same goes with the vaccine: Make your choice on the basis of the evidence available to you.


  4. In reply to W D Porter – I have not found a church in Brisbane but there are some excellent online pastors – one I recommend is J D Farag.


  5. I’m beginning to think Martyn is one of the false prophets the Bible warns of in the last days. So many Bible prophecies are coming together right now. You only have to look at the Middle East. And apart from the well known verse regarding the Mark of the Beast, there is this – Rev. 18:23 – And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. (Sorceries in original Greek is pharmakeia – pharmacy in English!) Why is he ignoring it all?

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  6. Does anyone know a church in Brisbane that is awake to what’s going on?


  7. I have to say I’m surprised religious groups have been so silent on this. I thought it would be “God’s punishment to an evil world or satan ‘s got the upper hand”


  8. On the 31st July, I wrote an email addressed to Martyn Iles – the Managing Director of ACL that questioned “…the basis of your published comments on Facebook and YouTube about the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’…”. I then said, “My [attached, 6 page] document highlights the many dangers these vaccines are having on people’s health and their lives. It also describes how the nature of these vaccines compare to the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelation 13. Given that injury, harm and death is occurring to people worldwide – especially to those in the Christian community, I request that this matter be treated urgently by you. In this, please provide me with a prompt response to the matters I have raised.” Martyn has failed to respond to my email.

    On the 20th August, I again wrote to Martyn in response to his request for ACL members to pray for those in Afghanistan. In this I said, “As horrific as the situation is in Afghanistan, there are also horrific crimes being committed upon children in NSW by the NSW Government such as ripping an 8-year old girl from her father’s arms in what appears to be a forced medical intervention – possibly a COVID vaccination. Maybe you have the means to find out more details about this horrific incident on this poor child? To see this HORRIFIC video for yourself, please go to ITEM 11 at this link. There is also another incident of pepper spraying a 12-year old girl that occurred in NSW for her not wearing a mask.

    Then, I suggest you watch the video below to appreciate that the NSW Government is intending on sacrificing children to Satan by forcibly jabbing 24,000 of them at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney next week. Commence the video at the 13:20 minute mark to hear the segment about this — GRAPHIC –“. Again, I received no response from Martyn to these emails.

    The evidence presented above helps me draw the conclusion that the ACL is just another government-funded NGO that promotes government propaganda to the Christian community. If this is the case, then Martyn Iles is just another ‘Judas Iscariot’ (Matthew 26:14-16) looking for another 30-pieces of silver from whatever arm of government he can find it.

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  9. Isn’t it incredible that it is always “others” who should get their act together to solve a crisis/epidemic/tyranny? Australia has seen the “Eureka uprising 1854” and nothing has changed in the complete picture of global suppression or alternatively the imagined freedom/independence of Australia. Now, Christians are called out to “SHOULD rise up against injustice and for truth”. The same Christians that have exchanged and sold their divine God and his son for money changing practice and holy wars against all that opposes profits in monetary alliances and hidden power. Those who pretend to teach the words of Christ built financial empires and have formed nations but have failed utterly to believe what they teach or preach. The opposition of Christ and/or God has built up in strength for the “final” battle of the two worlds and to believe that a traditional child molester that has made his hidden ideology official will save the innocence of a new born child can only be disputed.
    To save what can not be saved one should not be attached to the dark illusive past. In a human future where “there are no churches where God is imprisoned and lamented like a trapped and wounded animal” all of mankind will have a future and one can only doubt that nowadays self declared money changing Christians or politicians, Australian or not, will have the foresight for the rest of the human tribe.
    Once “Christians and politicians” in all four corners of the world start to work for their own Nations with empathy and compassion for a better human world and not for bribery and their own well being, a tiny little baby step has started the greatest spirited journey humanity has ever made and “Christians” are free to become “Godians” utterly carried by the spirit of Christ and not the almighty heavy coin.


  10. Great points
    Please see this and tell me this wasn’t a planned panic..

    Click to access Aust-Nat-Action-Plan-Health-Security-2019-2023.pdf

    Mass vax, track and trace- by 2023 – when the experiment ends…
    Lucky a pandemic popped up…


  11. In my view for the last 18 months we have witnessed the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the human race so for ACL not to have a position on vaccines or the scam itself doesn’t surprise me at all , for it would certainly bring persecution , Christian groups and the Church have bowed down to tyranny and are hiding in fear and their silence has been deafening.

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  12. 104.000+ people signed:

    Petition EN3083 – All Covid-19 vaccinations should be halted immediately

    Closing on 08 September 2021 11:59 PM (AEST)


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